Scandinavian Sofas and Southwestern, Mission or Contemporary Furniture (our Virginia Sofa and Chair model)

These sofas, loveseats and chairs go very well in contemporary living rooms, sun rooms, family rooms, second homes, and most rooms where a light, non-bulky, open look is desired. The arms on each sofa are low and well padded, and are therefore a good place to rest a pillow and your head.

Shown below: 83" Virginia sofa and 71" loveseat, with our light fruitwood finish. (See pricing at the bottom of this page.) The sofas are also made in 92" and 101" lengths in this model. The distance between the arms is 11" less than the outside measurements.) For many people, the height of our furniture is an important consideration. Our 31" height, shown here, is high enough to provide good back support for almost everybody up through 6 feet tall or so (we offer a 33" height also); and it's also high enough that (combined with our non-saggy support) people don't have trouble getting up from this furniture. But it's no higher than necessary for those purposes; therefore the view out windows won't be reduced excessively, and it won't seem bulky even in a small room.

Scandinavian Sofa Loveseat Set

Beautiful enough for a living room, durable and comfortable enough for any room
and not the ordinary, mass-produced furniture that's at normal stores

The depth of our frames (front-to-back distance) is 32 1/2" from front edge to back edge of the legs, or 33 1/2" if including the padding on the upper arms of this model. Again, most people up through 6 feet or so find very adequate seating space; and shorter people are often delighted to find this furniture, in which their backs receive good support; the seat depth is 21" to 22", plus the 2" to 5" that the sitter sinks into the 8"-thick back cushion. Also, this frame depth is compatible with the space of many smallish rooms, whereas most furniture in typical stores these days is reportedly several inches deeper. But long-legged people and those who like to lean back into a really loungey sofa may prefer the 3"-deeper seat option that is available with our Custom 05 and Floridia models. For pricing, go to the next page of this section and scroll to the bottom.

This furniture is well suited to use in homes with active kids and pets, since the fabric is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, and the oak frames are nearly indestructible. We have an excellent selection of heavy-duty, easy-to-keep-clean fabrics, as well as a wide variety of decorative fabrics. The frames of this sofa model are all solid oak wood, except for a 5/8"-thick plywood panel (reinforced with oak) at the outsides of the padded arms.

The tables shown above, in a Connecticut household, are in our 440 Series style. Tables in this design may take longer for us to make than our standard tapered-leg tables, and are 40% higher in price than our standard tables.

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See how you can furnish a room with a great deal of seating without filling the space with bulky furniture.
And consider how much less interesting and appealing this room would look with ordinary sofas.

The wood finish shown is our dark amber teak, which is not only a pleasing color but also often blends well with other furniture that our customers already have (such as the tables shown). The fabrics shown here and in the photo above have been discontinued. (Keep in mind that fabrics can be closed out at any time; sometimes customers buy an extra yard or so of fabric, to enable them to replace a cushion cover or a pair of arm covers at a later time without having to buy a complete set of covers.)

For additional information about and pictures of sectional sofas, see the later link on that subject.

(We were indeed fortunate that there was an excellent photographer in this New Mexico household, who kindly took this picture and sent it to us and reported, "We're really loving the furniture.")


Notice that the arm tops on this model are rather low, at a good height for use as a headrest (when stretching out). For the most comfortable arm-rest height, taller people may prefer one of our other models.





Scandinavian Southwestern Sofa


If you're looking for an alternative to the usual, bulky, use-it-a-few-years-and-discard-it furniture, this is the website for you.

The sofa shown is our 83" length, in the 31" height, with our medium fruitwood finish, in a northern Virginia customer's home. The fabric shown (from Kravet's Tahoe Collection) is heavy duty and relatively expensive (adding $368 to the price of a sofa) and is available only in a limted range of colors, but we have other fabrics available with similar appearance and durability at lower prices.







Yes, Virginia, there really is furniture that's both comfortable and practical.

The sectional above, in an Onset, Massachusetts household, has our puffy cushions, which are available on any model of our sofas, loveseats and chairs. Some people like this cushion option for the pillowy look, other customers like the somewhat softer feel. Still others like the fact that the firmness and plumpness of the back cushions (and therefore how far forward the back cushions support you) are adjustable by the customer, by adding or subtracting some filling via a velcro closure of the inner casing, just inside the zipper.

The wood shown above has our blonde finish. The fabric is a cotton denim from Barrow Industries, available in a good range of colors (see our fabric link with information about how to see images and request samples of many other colors and patterns). This customer, when requesting fabric samples, expressed interest in both soft feel and cleanability, for use by her active family. Cottons are not generally recommended for cleanability, but this family didn't like the feel of the synthetics. So our customer did a test by applying (to a sample of the above denim) some of the stains to which fabric would normally be exposed in her household, and found that she was able to clean it quite satisfactorily. (But she also cleaned it promptly, which is important.) And the fact that it's relatively easy and inexpensive to change the covers on this furniture means that people don't necessarily have to focus heavily on practicality when choosing a fabric.

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