Contemporary Sofas, Southwestern and Mission Furniture

The California model of contemporary sofas, loveseats and chairs is our most versatile, adaptable model. This furniture can go well in a family room, contemporary or Southwestern living room, classy sun room, den, home theater or business office, because of its simple lines combined with your choice of various wood finishes and a huge selection of fabrics. Extra-durable oak sofa frames, combined with ease of re-covering, make this model especially practical and economical in the long run. This is also our most pet-resistant (pet-friendly?) sofa model.

Contemporary Sofa office, California model

With or without the padded arms, this is furniture that's meant to be enjoyed and lived with, not protected from pets, kids and active users

At right: 76" California contemporary sofa, which becomes 80" if you include the overhang of the optional padded arm wraps. We also offer 85" and 94" sofas, as well as three loveseat widths and four chair widths. The distance between the arms is only 4" less than the above measurements, if no arm padding is in place, or about 8" less with the arm padding. The fabric shown above is one of our many patterned heavy-duty fabrics, some other examples of which are shown in the fabric section of this web site. The wood finish shown is our Medium Fruitwood. For pricing of this contemporary sofa design, go to the second page of this section and scroll down to just after the pictures.



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Contemporary Living Room wood Sofas, California model

If a sofa can't be re-upholstered at reasonable cost (most can't), it's landfill waste all too soon.
Over the years, is disposable furniture the right choice for your household?

When the picture above was taken, this Long Island family (including active children) had just received their first replacement cushions for the sofa on the right, 21 years after they bought it. As usual, the old frame needed no attention. (At the same time, they bought a new California model sofa, shown on the left.)

california sofa arm"Old" when describing a sofa usually means "shabby, saggy, and prohibitively expensive to renew." And that condition is often reached after just a few years of use; the value of the product is gone. But if you buy the right sofa, when it's old it will be comfortable, presentable, and yielding financial benefits -- major savings compared with the costs of repeatedly replacing normal furniture -- while the basic value continues for decades. It's a good investment, more secure than many, better for the environment and better for use of resources than most investments, and with non-taxable gains. The return is greatly enhanced by the fact that it also yields enjoyable use every day.

These customers chose our optional arm pillows, which many people refer to as bolsters. The wood finish is our Light Fruitwood, tinted a little darker to make it better match their 21-year-old furniture from us. All of our wood finishes show the graceful oak grain with less boldness than is often seen on oak furniture, making it compatible with more formal settings.

Notice the well-rounded corners and edges at all outer edges, and also the secure hand grip area that can help an occupant to get up. Also notice the absence of "welting" or "piping" (a cylindrical edge treatment found on most traditional sofa cushions). Such raised edges are usually the first thing on a cushion to become soiled and wear out. Also, avoiding that labor-intensive feature helps us to be able to offer replacement covers and cushions very economically.

The fabric shown here, a smooth, practical weave of 100% olefin, has been discontinued, as is unfortunately the case with most fabrics within a few years after purchase, but some yardage is still available as of September, 2008.






contemporary sofa loveseat set

Furniture that's comfortable for big and small people

Many short-legged as well as medium-size people say that ours is the first furniture they've found in which they're comfortable. But taller people are also comfortable even in our standard seat depth, since they are heavier and sink farther back into our 8"-thick back cushions. (We also offer a 3"-deeper seat for the long-legged, but most tall people are happy with our standard seat.)

This Tennessee customer, when first inquiring, wrote, "My husband is 6’ and I am 5’2” and so we sometimes are comfortable in different furniture styles." They later came to our showroom, ordered, and a year after receiving this set she wrote, "Fred & I like our furniture very much.  It is holding up well and is comfortable! The wood finish is beautiful and compliments our room. Thanks so much for your help."

Shown: 85" California model sofa and 58" loveseat (becoming 89" and 62" with the optional padded arm rests), in Charlotte Fabric's 9052 Jade, with our Medium Fruitwood finish, in our standard 33" frame depth and 31" height, with our all-foam cushions.

Many thanks to our Knoxville customers for taking and sending us this picture. From what we've heard, 5'2" people aren't likely to look this happy when sitting on most furniture that's sold in normal stores these days.




Contemporary Family Room wood Sofa Loveseat Set, California model

Comfortable and beautiful doesn't have to mean impractical and quickly worn.

Our Atlanta-area customer was first attracted to our furniture for its practicality with pets, but after receiving it she commented that she was especially pleased with both its appearance and its comfort. Shown above: A heavy-duty, stain-resistant fabric from JF Fabrics (this particular one has been closed out but others with similar characteristics are currently available in a very wide range of colors), with our dark walnut finish. The all-wood back, as shown, adds to the price compared with the fabric-covered back, which is standard.
Almost 1-1/2 years after delivery, our customer wrote, "I just want to say that I love the sofas and chair. They have truly proven to be pet-friendly and durable. I will definitely purchase from you again. Thanks for a great product."


Contemporary Office Chairs, California model

If you like cushiness at the arms and a medium arm height, this model should satisfy you, if you order the arms to be padded. The padding is included with the basic price for the furniture (for pricing, see at bottom of this page). If you prefer the most practical surface (polyurethane-finished solid oak) at this high-wear location, and/or the most convenient, secure hand grip, order just the finished wood arm tops, at the same price. If you like it both ways at different times, order both the padded arm wraps and and the finished wood arm tops (at a $50 additional charge), and just slip off the padding units when they aren't appropriate. And keep in mind that our padded arm wraps are far more practical than normal upholstered arms; the envelope-like fabric covers are easy to change, since they are just pulled over the padded plywood forms and then fastened down at the far edges with hook-and-loop (Velcro-type) tabs.

The chairs shown above are both in the 28" width, becoming 32" with the optional padded arm wraps. These chairs are also available in 31", 34" and 40" widths, and all are 32 12" deep, significantly less bulky than most lounge-type chairs.


Contemporary Non-Bulky Family Room Sofas, California model

Not bulky, and not squishy-soft

The Washington, D.C.-area couple who bought the set shown above were especially attracted to what our furniture isn't. Until finding us, they had searched extensively and found only furniture that was (a) too bulky to fit into this room while providing the amount of seating space they wanted, and (b) too soft. With our non-bulky dimensions, choice of several widths in each size category (including 76" sofa, 52" loveseat, and 28" chair, shown above), and frame depth of only 32-1/2", their space problem was solved. Our firmer cushioning option satisfied their other concern, although even our standard cushioning and support are firmer than average. Both of their fabrics (chosen from our swatch books) are heavy duty, and those patterns are also available in other colors. All of the furniture just above is in our 33" height; most people choose our 31" height.


California sofa/loveseat chair


If natural scenery is a major part of your decor, notice how well real oak wood and the unobtrusive simplicity of our designs can blend with such a setting.


The fabric shown here (in a central Virginia home) is from Barrow Industries. Various collections of theirs can be seen in our showroom, in many fabric stores, and on their web site. (See the "Fabrics" section of our web site to see how to get to that web site as well as to see many other fabrics online, after which you can request swatches from us of some fabrics that interest you.) The set shown here consists of a 34"-wide chair and a 64" loveseat, both in the 31" height, with the light fruitwood finish.





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