We are working on arrangements for one or more displays in the the New York-New Jersey area. We want to avoid the overhead of having our own retail stores, but are planning temporary displays. We also are looking into possible long-term (unattended) displays at various locations. Exact locations will be announced later, but we are very much interested in your suggestions as to (1) general locations for displays, and (2) specific establishments that might welcome three or four sofas, loveseats and/or chairs to furnish an area where the open-to-the-public hours would include weekends. We would pay a small amount for the exposure we would receive by leaving our furniture there. A lounge-type area in a good restaurant, the lobby of a high-rise condominium or apartment, building, or an art gallery are possible examples. The establishment would be able to choose the cover fabric(s) and wood colors. Please call Don Meulenberg (1-800-659-0436) or e-mail us (at comfy1@earthlink.net ) with any suggestions. We will appreciate your thoughts. Also let us know if you want to come to one of our future displays, temporary or otherwise.


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