Sofas, Loveseats & Chairs for Boats and Yachts

We make furniture that can be easily disassembled into relatively small components for easy entry through almost any boat's passageway, and then re-assembled once it's inside. (That was the case for the 83" sofa below, for some customers with a boat on the tidal Potomac.) We also offer a wide range of non-bulky chair and sofa sizes, allowing boat owners to furnish their spaces as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Custom Sofa for Boats and Yachts

With our exposed-wood frames (in four different designs), it's easy to remove most or all of the padded parts during off-season, to help keep them mildew-free. In addition, on all of our models, the suspensions below the cushions can be lifted out easily, for maximum airing out.

A week or so after delivery of the above to her boat, our customer wrote, "I love my sofa." She chose the "puffy" cushion option, compared with the all-foam cushions as shown on the loveseat and sofa below.


Our many possible dimensions are especially helpful in allowing you to optimally furnish a boat's cabin that has limited space. We offer six different standard sofa and loveseats lengths as well as four standard chair widths, and can even make special lengths down to the precise inch for a modest surcharge. Our non-bulky arms (only 2" wide on three of our designs, if you don't choose the optional arm padding) help provide maximum seating or sleeping space while occupying minimum overall space in your boat or yacht. We can also make them armless, or with only one arm, for even less bulk and at a lower price. Our standard frame depth (front-to-back distance) is only 33", and it can also be made to be only 30".

Custom Hand Made Boat Furniture





This was a special-size piece made even smaller than our smallest standard (52") loveseat length, to fit a particular space in the boat of a customer in St. Petersburg, Florida.







Even our fully-upholstered furniture can be easily disassembled and re-assembled.
On this model (the Custom 05), there is substantial enclosed storage space below the cushions, if you just lift out the cushions and the suspension panels that are beneath the cushions. On all of our other models, the open space below is just as large, but it isn't enclosed unless somebody attaches a cover or covered panels to the inside edges of the frame.

For sleeping surfaces: Our shortest three-seater, only 76" long, is about 1/4" less than 6 feet long between the arms. The next larger standard sizes are 9" and 18" longer than the above. For shorter people, we have loveseats in three different lengths. If you remove the back cushions, our standard seats make a 25"-wide sleeping surface. The 3"-deeper seat option (shown in the fully-upholstered model here) provides additional breadth for roomier reclining.


Compact chair sizes: In addition to the chair widths that are indicated as standard widths (see the separate sections in this website for each of our different models), we can also make them in any narrower width, and they might still be adequately wide for you; our narrowest quoted standard width has a 24"-wide seat, but most people could be comfortable with something narrower.

Despite the ease of assembly and disassembly, this boat furniture is very strongly constructed, with frames made mostly of solid hardwood, and with heavy-duty joinery. The legs are all solid oak, and are merely continuations of the sturdy structural components of the frame, as opposed to the screwed-on attachments that are normal for typical sofas. This allows secure fastening of the frame down to the floor, if you desire to do that.


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