Custom 05 Sofa/Sectional Model: Comfortable, Durable and Renewable Seating
in Custom Lengths, Firmnesses, and Unlimited Fabric Selection

The optional smaller dimensions available in our sofas, sectional sofas, loveseats and chairs are in contrast with the bulky nature of most furniture in stores these days.  But we also offer very large sizes as well as a wide range of possible lengths in between, plus three different seat depths and three back heights. These numerous medium, large and small sofa sizes and our huge fabric selection, combined with the fact that this furniture can be easily disassembled and re-assembled (to move through any passageway), mean that our sofas often fit perfectly in rooms where typical furniture could not fit or look right. And custom sofa firmnesses, as well as custom couch dimensions, enable us to provide comfort to people who can’t find good support elsewhere. Other features include extra-durable cushioning, solid hardwood frames, and economy of re-covering,

Extra-durable (therefore eco-friendly) construction: All of the structural parts of these custom sofas are solid hardwood (mainly oak), joined by means of hardened steel screws and steel bolts, as well as glue. This represents a major difference between our furniture and most of what is now on the market: Over 70% of American furniture manufacturers (including high end ones like Ethan Allen) now make their complete frames from "engineered wood" (i.e., plywood or "strandwood"), fastened together by means of staples. (Upholstery Design and Management magazine, July and September, 2004). For most manufacturers, and therefore for almost all of the furniture you'll find in normal stores, fashionable appearance and low cost are the most important considerations; little or no importance is assigned to durability, long-term economy, or avoidance of environmental damage caused by frequent discarding and replacement of cheaply-made furniture.

As is the case with our other custom sofas, loveseats, chairs and sectionals, this furniture is easy to disassemble and re-assemble, allowing it to be brought into or out of any room in the form of flat pieces. To help make the arms suitable to serve as a backrest, the arm height is a full 25" (the arm tops on all of our exposed-wood models are lower).

For ease of re-covering, the fabric on the sofa frames is attached by means of a minimum of staples, combined with strong double-face adhesive strips (for moderate hold and for easy positioning and re-positioning before stapling), and with hook-and-loop fastenings where stapling is not possible. This makes it relatively easy to remove old fabric (if necessary) and to apply new fabric with a home staple gun. Combined with zippered cushion covers, heavy-duty frames, and extra-durable cushion filling, this means that neatly re-covering one of these custom couches is a very economical, sensible option. This contrasts with the disposable nature of almost all upholstered furniture in stores: reupholstering or renewing by means of neatly-fitted slipcovers is usually prohibitively expensive for normal sofas. Economically-priced replacement covers could normally be applied to this series of custom sofas, loveseats and chairs by any person of average dexterity, but we could also do it if you are within our service range.

The cushions shown in these pictures are filled with our standard medium-firm foam. We also offer "puffy" filling at a surcharge, for a softer feel and a cushier look, and we also offer firmer options.

This page shows only one of our several different models. If you came to this page without first going to our home page, you have missed seeing the selection of different models that we offer, as well a summary of the many features to be found in our products that aren't available elsewhere. To go to our home page, click here.







custom sofas and loveseat

If you want furniture that's just the right size, or the right firmness, or just the right fabric, to create the perfect room setting, you don't have to limit yourself to the usual, mass-produced furniture that you see in stores.

Our customer in northern Ohio (who ordered the set above) found us on the internet after failing to find the right sizes for her intended conversation grouping locally. Shown: two 79" sofas and a 67" loveseat, with a heavy-duty fabric (9609 Dove) from Charlotte Fabrics.


For our many standard sizes as well as for pricing, go to near the bottom of this page.


custom sofas and chair

Our Michigan customer was planning carefully when he came to our showroom, carrying a pad with graph paper and the layout of his proposed room setting. With our many standard and custom options, he didn't have to settle for anything but the ideal sizes, fabric and cushion filling. Shown, left to right: A window seat, custom made to his requested size; a 79" Custom 05 sofa, a special-size 91" sofa, and a 31" chair, all in our standard height, depth, and seat cushion filling, with the"puffy" filling for the back cushions, and a fabric that he found on the Robert Allen website (and selected from among a number of samples he received).


custom sofa, loveseat and chair

Among our many alternative standard sizes, the ones shown here (in a Maryland customer's home) are the following: 97" sofa, with a full 90" between the arms, the longest of our three standard three-seat sofa lengths (we can custom make them still longer); 55" loveseat, the shortest of our three loveseat lengths, compact but still allowing very adequate seating for two (48"-wide sitting space); 31" chair, the narrowest of our four standard chair widths, although we can custom make them still narrower. All of these are 31" high, our normal height, and 33" deep, our normal (middle) depth. Notice how this depth is ideal for a room of moderate width, and consider how the typical, bulky furniture in most stores (several inches deeper front-to back) would not fit well in such a space.

Also shown: 18" x 20" ottoman, one of our several standard sizes.


Probably our most popular size is our 79" length, which is shown just below. The 79" length is about 6 feet between the insides of the arms, providing a good-sized space for stretching out as well as for comfortable sitting for three (a squeeze for four); and it provides this much usable space without adding all the bulk that is part of most furniture in stores these days. Almost everybody seems to like our standard frame depth of 33"; but we can also make them 36" deep, for the long-legged or for people who prefer a deeper, loungier seat. We can also make them 30" deep. Our sectional sofas are also available in your choice of many standard sizes, plus custom sizing down to 1" increments.

1) If you want just the right fabric and color, we can help you better than almost any other vendor, with our essentially unlimited selection. (This Washington, D.C. customer wanted a very specific shade of red, to go with his drapes.)

2) If you want the right height, we can satisfy you better than most. This sofa was made with our 6"-higher back option (we also have 4"-higher and 2"-higher options, and can also make them lower than our 31" standard height.

3) If you want the right firmness, we can probably accommodate. This customer chose our "semi-firm" option.

4) If you want the right length and depth, we can satisfy almost everybody in those regards also. This one is our shortest standard three-seat sofa, 79" long (x 33" deep), with almost a full 6 feet of length between the arms.

5) If you want bulky, very soft furniture with frames made of stapled-together "engineered wood", like the furniture in normal stores, we're sorry but we can't accomodate. But four out of five is still pretty good, isn't it?

6) One other minor thing we don't offer on this particular model, even though our fabric selection is huge: fabrics with patterns that require horizontal matching. (That exclusion doesn't apply to our other models.)


For the many standard sizes as well as for pricing, go to near the bottom of this page.

Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at .


If maximum practicality with spills is important to you, we offer some of the most liquid-proof alternatives available, either in Crypton (R) fabrics or in vinyl or urethane fabrics (a virgin vinyl fabric from Charlotte Fabrics is shown, which, like urethane fabrics, is extremely resistant to the splitting that often occurs with ordinary vinyls). The customer who ordered the 55" loveseat above also ordered liquid-resistant supports below the cushions.

We have an excellent selection of faux-leather fabrics that are hard to distinguish from real leather, except that they are much less expensive, and in many cases actually more durable. However, we can work in genuine leather also, but with certain restrictions.

The loveseat above was part of an order from one of the many human-service organizations that buy from us after having had extremely poor experience with the durability of ordinary sofas, loveseats and chairs. After a mere six months, the purchasing official at this organization (The Learning Tree, Inc. of Alabama) said that our furniture had already outlasted anything else they had ever had. To see more examples of our furniture purchased by organizations that give it very hard use, click here .



Our ottomans with tapered legs make a good combination with our Custom 05 sofas and chairs, as shown in this Eastern Maryland customer's home. Shown: 79" Custom 05 sofa and 31" chairs with 33" back heights. Medium fruitwood stain on the ottoman legs; 24" x 48" ottoman and 24" x 24" ottomans. Notice that an ottoman can be a good place for an accent fabric.


custom floral sofa

Our Boston-area customer who ordered this sofa especially wanted the smaller dimensions we offer, both to fit her room and to provide comfortable support for her body size. She was also among our many customers who have already had good experience with furniture from us for over twenty years, and who have come back to us when they needed additional furniture.

This 79" sofa was made in the 33" height and also has our optional "arm pillows". Our stock fabrics, which are available at little or no charge above the base price, include some florals that are similar in colors to the one shown.


Shown above: 67" and 79" Custom 05 sofas, in the 33" height, with puffy filling in the backs, with arm pillows, in a chenille from Charlotte Fabrics (6503 Cocoa) that is heavy duty as well as soft, and cleanable with water-based solutions.



custom small sofa loveseat

Shown here: 67" Custom 05 loveseat, with 33" height and arm pillows, in a nicely-textured fabric (Otwell 0816 Linen) from Barrow Industries, in a Northern Virginia home.

This is the largest of our three standard loveseat sizes, and it can actually seat three without undue crowding. It's 60" between the arms.


custom sofa loveseat set

Shown above: 88" sofa and 61" loveseat, with standard 31" height, standard foam cushion filling, and optional toss pillows.

Aside from the exterior of the frame and the construction of the sides, this seating is almost identical to our other models as described elsewhere on this web site. (If you haven't already seen our home page, with details about the features of our furniture and about our especially practical exposed-wood models, we encourage you to visit that by clicking here.) Our standard features include the following: comfortable, very durable cushion filling (with firmness options), non-sagging suspensions, heavy-duty joinery, huge fabric selection, numerous size options (specifics mentioned below), ease of assembly and disassembly, etc. And this model can be made into a sectional, just like our other models.

Please note, with regard to the fact that the covers on this furniture are relatively easy to change: You should not assume that this means that the fabric is intended to be removed for cleaning. The recommended cleaning method with almost all upholstery fabrics is to use upholstery shampoo on the covers while they are still on the cushions or frames.

Even though our fabric selection is almost unlimited, please note one kind of fabric that we don't offer on this model: One in which elements of a pattern need to be matched horizontally (that applies to extremely few fabrics, anyway).

Please note that we don't offer "welt cording," the raised, corded edges often found on cushions of typical furniture. We don't offer this because (1) it's a labor-intensive step that is difficult to afford on top of our already high costs of custom workmanship and extra-durable materials and construction, and also (2) because the raised cording is very vulnerable to premature wear and therefore isn't compatible with our general emphasis on durability.


custom sectional sofa

Shown above: A ten-year-old, only slightly different version of our current Custom 05 model. (Our Massachusetts customer bought the new set pictured above, for a different room, after satisfactory experience with this sectional.) Like our separate sofas, our sectionals come in the customer's choice of many sizes (see below).


For the many standard sizes as well as for pricing, go to near the bottom of this page.


custom chair and ottoman

An educated consumer is our best customer. The Northern Virginia customer who ordered this chair and ottoman had recently taken a course in antique restoration, in which she learned how furniture needs to be made if it's to last well. She says that one major reason why she bought from us was because, knowing what she knew after that course, she couldn't stand the idea of buying the typical furniture she found in stores.


Shown: 31"-wide Custom 05 chair, made with 36" frame depth and 33" height, with 24"-square ottoman, in one of the many extra-heavy-duty fabrics shown at the fourth link of our "Fabrics" page. Chairs and ottomans can both be made in several other sizes.




Notice how, with one of our ottomans of just the right size, you can have furniture that's like a chaise but with much more flexibility, being able to use the ottoman as a completely separate seat for an extra guest or two, as a coffee table, as a place to set a laptop computer while your legs are on the floor in front, etc., in addition to using it as a leg rest.


For PRICING of this model, scroll down to just after the last photograph.

custom sofas, unbulky

Furniture that will blend with the setting, without calling attention to itself. That was the feature that most attracted these customers to our furniture, after they had shopped around extensively in the Washington, D.C. area.

They also liked the fact that the fullness of our optional "puffy" back cushions is adjustable, so that her short frame (with back pain sometimes) could get just the right support.

Shown, two 88" sofas, standard height and depth, with standard seat cushions and puffy back cushions. The fabric is one of the many neutrals, in a wide variety of textures and subdued patterns, that they found in sample books in our showroom. (There's a wide selection also to be found in websites referred to in the "Fabrics" section of this website, and also often in some local fabric stores.)





We can make our furniture in two tones such as you see here. (We placed this 55" Custom 05 loveseat in a Fredericksburg artists' workshop that occasionally receives hundreds of visitors). The aesthetic appeal of the two-fabric combination is obvious, but there are also very practical reasons for doing it this way: You may prefer a fabric for your cushions that is soft and/or especially decorative, even though it isn't one of the more durable fabrics. And since the cushion covers on this model are all zippered, it's relatively easy and economical to replace those covers when you wish (even if you just want a change of decor). For the parts of the furniture that are more exposed to damage and soil (from pets, possibly?) and which are also more difficult to re-cover, it makes sense to choose one of our very heavy-duty or soil-resistant fabrics (maybe a smooth faux leather, if cats' claws are a concern). It's a way to get the outstanding stain repellancy and pet-resistance of a vinyl fabric at very exposed places, while not subjecting yourselves to the less comfortable feel of a vinyl at locations where most of your body will be in contact with the sofa.




We didn't make the set below, but we're including it here to demonstrate another way that a two-tone combination can look in a contemporary setting.

Also, we can make some of your cushion covers in one fabric and other cushion covers in a different fabric (see below).





For the many standard sizes as well as for pricing, go to near the bottom of this page.




Below: This Custom 05 79" sofa and 67" loveseat, in a central Virginia home, have our "puffy" seats as well as back cushions, and are covered with a fabric that is both unusually heavy duty and very cleanable (which is normal for our heavy-duty fabrics) and also washable (which is much less often the case).



If you want furniture that will stand up to heavy use, you don't want furniture with frames made of "engineered wood", stapled together, which is most of what you'll find in stores.

Shown here: 31" Custom 05 chair, 55" loveseat, and 79" sofa, in a microsuede from Charlotte fabrics, part of a large order in a fraternity house at Lehigh University.













For sleeping surfaces: Our shortest three-seater, only 76" long, is about 1/4" less than 6 feet long between the arms. The next larger standard sizes are 9" and 18" longer than the above. For shorter people, we have loveseats in three different lengths. If you remove the back cushions, our standard seats make a 25"-wide sleeping surface. Or if you choose our optional thin back cushions, the back cushions can be left on while still allowing a relatively wide seat surface. The 3"-deeper seat option (shown here) provides additional breadth for roomier reclining.

This sofa also shows the optional "level arm cushions", which are $100 per pair plus $8 per fabric "+" level.



Matching of patterns: You can be assured of excellent matching of patterns vertically (such as stripes going front-to-back on the seat, which would be matched with the corresponding vertical stripes on the back cushions). Likewise with matching of stripes horizontally on cushions and on outsides of arms. But, because of the way we sew the covers for the arms of this model (and our Virginia model), horizontal matching at the inside seams at both ends of the arms is something that we cannot guarantee. Therefore we discourage ordering of plaids or other fabrics requiring horizontal matching on these two specific models.


Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at .

Pricing and sizes of the Custom 05 models:

When reading these prices, keep in mind the long-term savings that are gained from having furniture with heavy-duty frames and suspensions, very durable cushioning, and covers that are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. Also keep in mind that we offer a 10% discount off the base prices if you're willing to wait up to six months for completion of your order

Base prices:

Sofas: 79" - $2460; 88" - $2680; 97" - $2940.


Loveseats: 55" - $1865; 61" - $2045; 67" - $2225.


Chairs: 31" wide - $1355; 34" wide - $1435; 37" - $1495; 43" - $1645.

These prices include 10 to 15 base-priced fabrics, the 31" back height (measured floor to top, shown in almost all of the pictures above), and the 33" frame depth.

There is a huge selection of high-quality fabrics available within $175 above the base price for a sofa, or within $125 above the base price for a loveseat. When we send you samples, we will indicate pricing information for those. If you provide your own fabric, the price would be reduced by $40, $30, or $20 for a sofa, loveseat, or chair.

The 2"-higher back adds $2 per inch, a 4"-higher back adds $4 per inch, and a 6"-higher back adds. $6 per inch.
A webbing suspension, for softer support, adds $1 per inch.

For information about our standard and optional seating dimensions, heights, firmnesses, and frame depths, with information about price effects of the various options, go to . Special heights: See Special lengths: Add $150 to the price of the next longer length, or (for extra-long) add $400 plus $20 per inch to the longest standard size. For a 3"-deeper seat and frame, add 25% of the base price. For a 30" frame depth, add 15% to the base price.

Toss pillows
or arm pillows are $40 per pair, plus $0 - $20 or so for fabric.

Ottomans: For sizes and prices, scroll down the page that you get to by clicking


We do not presently charge sales tax on orders shipped or delivered to points outside Virginia (although legislation is pending that could, at any time, require us to collect other states' sales taxes; and many states expect people to remit tax to the state in the amount that would be charged on an in-state purchase.)

Delivery in the D.C. beltway-Charlottesville-Richmond-Annapolis area would add $100 to $150, packing and shipping to the U.S. west coast would add 22% of the base price, and delivery or shipping to other locations in the contiguous 48 U.S. states would be somewhere in between depending on distance.

Discounts /completion times: Our standard completion time, for orders at the list price, is five to six weeks.* If you can wait as much as six months, we deduct 10% off the base price of the furniture. But, to repeat, our standard completion time is five to six weeks. Since our sales levels fluctuate considerably and unpredictably, we offer discounts to customers who don't expect their furniture soon. This provides a backlog of orders to keep our people working during lulls in sales levels; and it allows easier handling of the full-price orders when we have a surge of them.


*Our "normal" completion time is subject to change if we receive a surge of orders, which can happen at any time (but we would make that clear when an order is placed); this tends to happen especially in the last months of the year. If you can plan farther in advance of when you really need the furniture, it's better.


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