Quotations from Customer Letters and Emails

The original letters and email files can be seen at our showroom on request. In the interest of brevity, this compilation has been considerably abridged. In addition to the comments you see below about how great the furniture looks with replacement covers after 10 years or more, we have received many others that aren’t shown. Note that, when you see reference to Creative Comfort Co. below, that was our name until 2002.

“We purchased an 80” sofa from you in 1980. Best piece of furniture we ever owned.... This sofa and fabric have survived after 3 teenage sons, my husband and myself, 2 dogs and 1 VERY, VERY ACTIVE grandson and new granddaughter, many spills and naps. Thank you.” (Lexington, Mass. customer, October, 1999)

“We have four pieces of your furniture and it is holding up well. We chose yours because of the design but especially for the back support.” (Newton, Mass. customer, October 1999; this customer chose the 2”-higher back.)

“The promised replacement sofa cushion arrived yesterday and is a perfect fit! ...I have long thought you folks made the only sensible furniture on the market, and I have sung your praises for the years that our 4 kids and assorted pets have roughhoused all over our purchases. Our twin sons (now varsity wrestlers on the high school team) destroyed a previous sofa with their antics when they were 7 years old, but this furniture is equal to their challenges and, God willing, will last forever. Thank you.” (Reading, Mass. customer, October, 1999)

“...after about 14 years we replaced the cushion covers that withstood children and animals. They were not worn badly, but I just wanted a new look and we’ve been so happy with our new covers which were economical to replace. Even after all these years our friends still comment about how beautiful your handmade couch is.” (Newtonville, Mass. customer, November, l999)

“Receiving the Creative Comfort brochure this evening was like getting a letter from an old friend with whom I had lost touch. Five years ago, I purchased a sofa, a glass-top coffee table, and two glass-top end tables from your company. They still look brand new and have been extremely satisfactory in every regard. I especially enjoy their comfort - not too firm, not too soft - and their proportions, which are quite unlike most modern furniture that is designed for people with four-foot-long legs and two-foot-long backs! The only drawback to your furniture is that it is nearly impossible to get visitors to leave..."

“You are truly a man of your word.... We are very pleased with the sofa and loveseat we purchased from you.... your product is outstanding. ...It is not often today that we find people as honest as you in business.”

“I am writing....regarding the furniture we had purchased from you in 1985 and 1987. It has held up very well. All furniture here on campus does get heavy use. We are very pleased with your product.” (from a purchasing official at Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, Mass., May, 1994)

“The sofa has had a rough 10 years and has held up remarkably under 120-pound Newfoundlands, bouncing toddlers turned tempestuous teenagers with 250-pound merchant mariner boyfriends, 6 relocations....and most strenuous of all, functioning as the guest bed to a parade of bizarre bodies not the least difficult of which is our Viet vet who suffers from severe overweight and violent nightmares.” (Cape Porpoise, Maine customer, 1985)

“Just a brief note to tell you how pleased we are with the butcher block couch and chair we purchased from you fifteen years ago when I was a graduate student at MIT. We just put new covers on the pillows and the set looks brand new.” (Atlanta, Georgia customer, l988)

“We are just writing to let you know how much we love and enjoy our Creative Comfort Co. furniture. Over the years we purchased ...2 sofas, 1 loveseat, and 2 chairs....After sixteen years ...of wear testing by our family and pets.... we decided to update the upholstery on the cushions on our matching sofa and loveseat, the original cushion filling is still in good condition so we only needed new cushion covers. We were impressed with how easy the process was.... I was surprised that you even had our original order so you knew the exact model and size of our cushions. Most important is that the furniture is very comfortable to sit or lie on. And(Sherborn, Mass. customer, May, 2000) And another note from her in April of 2004, after purchasing another set of replacement covers for two of her pieces: “The furniture still looks brand new…. we put the new covers over the original cushion foam which has held up very well." And another note in May of 2011, after purchasing replacement covers for her other three pieces: "Enclosed is a check for all the new cushion covers you made for one of our sofas and 2 chairs. The covers are perfect and look fabulous on our furniture. It is amazing that you still have all the information, measurements and specific details about our furniture to keep making cushions for furniture we purchased from you in 1984 and 1988.... It is also amazing how well you know all your products. I appreciate your e-mailed questions to make sure every measurement for the new cushion covers corresponded exactly to our furniture’s measurements. Your attention to detail resulted in a great fit for the covers..... It was also great that even after all these years we could still use the same original foam inserts..... All (of our pieces purchased from you) look and feel as wonderful as when we first bought them. We enjoyed purchasing them many years ago for our Cape Cod style house and continue to enjoy them every day in our newer contemporary style house. We have several close friends who also purchased sofas from you and they too still love their furniture. Thank you."

"Enclosed is a check for all the new cushion covers you made for one of our sofas and 2 chairs. The covers are perfect and look fabulous on our furniture. It is amazing that (in 2011) you still have all the information, measurements and specific details about our furniture to keep making cushions for furniture we purchased from you in 1984 and 1988 when Comfy 1 (then known as Creative Comfort) was in West Concord and Belmont, MA. It is also amazing how well you know all your products. I appreciate your e-mailed questions to make sure every measurement for the new cushion covers corresponded exactly to our furniture’s measurements. Your attention to detail resulted in a great fit for the covers. Your website is very helpful in making fabric and fiber suggestions for cushion covers based on how the furniture will be used and in directing viewers to fabric sources to view fabric choices. ... It was also great that even after all these years we could still use the same original foam inserts and have replaced the covers on all the furniture only once. We have a total of three sofas and 2 chairs from you and all look and feel as wonderful as when we first bought them. We love and appreciate the high quality materials, attractive simple lines, and extremely durable construction. We enjoyed purchasing them many years ago for our Cape Cod style house and continue to enjoy them every day in our newer contemporary style house. We have several close friends who also purchased sofas from you and they too still love their furniture. Thank you." In an earlier note after purchasing replacement covers for her other two pieces from us, she had commented, "The new covers are wonderful and are such an easy way to update the look of the furniture...." (Inevitably, over the outstanding life of our furniture, fabric that looked right at the time of purchase may come to look out of date and/or may no longer look right in a changed decor; and as this customer pointed out, making your room look great again is easy with our furniture. To that, we can add that it's also economical and environmentally responsible to update furniture that's renewable, rather than adding to the landfills as usually happens with typical furniture.) She had also commented in an earlier note, "its simple, classic design allows us to mix it attractively with other furniture styles and accessories.... .” (We stand apart from the normal world of products with designs that change frequently to keep up with the latest trends, and which are likely to make new furnishings look out of place near other furniture in the room. Our huge fabric selection, combined with our choice of wood stains, is normally all you need to make our furniture blend in with almost any setting.)

"The furniture is beautiful.... We are impressed with solidity and construction.” (Agawam, MA customer, 10/00)

“We just got the sectional on Wednesday and put it together yesterday. IT IS GREAT! It just makes the family room I put it in. I am so pleased with the quality and it was so easy to put together......It is a little scary ordering off the Internet sight unseen but in your case your brochure and website honestly show the quality of your product. I never could have gotten exactly what I wanted from any of our local furniture stores. Thank you so much.” (Mt. Shasta, CA, March, 2001)

“I am sending you pictures of the furniture.... Doesn’t it look great? It is so comfortable to sit on, too. We couldn’t be happier.....Some friends of ours were so impressed with the furniture, they took my catalog. They, too, have narrow doors and hallways.....” (Woburn, MA, August, 2001)

(After receiving her second set of replacement cushion covers for two sofas purchased in 1975): “Once again you came through with flying colors! They came out beautiful! Thank you ever so much!” (Saugus, MA, 6/01)

“We bought our first pieces from Creative Comfort almost nine years ago. Since then we added a few more….The furniture is very well built, highly comfortable and wear well....by looking at our furniture, our extended family as well as some very good friends also acquired some of the pieces. (Princeton, NJ, 10/02)

"We are very pleased with the quality and construction (of a loveseat they had received recently). It was easy to assemble and looks lovely. My husband, who is not a fan of sofas, loves this one. Thank you for this beautiful addition to our home, and please thank your staff for their fine work!” (Superior, CO, September, 2001)

“Everything went together very well and the set (two sofas) looks great in the room. We would recommend your product to others. Thanks.” (Chelmsford, MA, June, 2001)

From a mother of two, after receiving her first set of replacement cushions for a sofa and two chairs almost thirty years after her original purchase, "I just love going in my living room and enjoying my furniture. I can't say that enough." (Beverly, MA 1/08)

My husband and I have been so pleased with the sofa and love seat we purchased from you thirteen years ago. After lots of hard wear, you recovered the cushions this week. They look beautiful!” (Bedford, MA, August ‘94)

“Just a note to tell you how much we like the sofa and love seat. Here is a picture of Buf-Puf (one of 6 cats) on the love seat. In three months they haven’t done any damage.” (Duxbury, MA, July, 1991)

“I’d like to take a minute to let you know of a very satisfied customer. I bought two complete sets of furniture ten years ago in Cambridge. The sets have both proven to be very durable and many people have complimented them for both their practicality and aesthetic value.” (Natick, MA, February, 1984)

“…..we wanted comfortable, supportive furniture.  We sat in every chair, loveseat and sofa around.  They were all not right, either too soft and low, too deep in the seat, too angled at the back for comfortable back support.  At Creative Comfort, the loveseats we bought were right in all the ways that the other furniture had been uncomfortable.  We still use these loveseats daily, though after 18 years, I put new covers on them…. We went through the same process this time looking for our new loveseat, sat in every chair, loveseat and sofa around, including the designer stores in Boston.  We reached the same conclusion as last time - the comfortable, attractive, simple-lined furniture that you make is what we wanted and needed.  The fabric samples that you sent helped us visualize the finished piece, and we're very happy with the resulting look.” (Lexington, MA, May 2002) (Editor’s note: The dimensions and angle of support of our seating has not changed since 1978, and our standard cushion filling is currently of at least as high quality as it was when this customer made her original purchase.)

“We purchased a entire livingroom set around...1980 ish at the West Concord store here in good old Massachusetts. ….our furniture is in desperate need of new upholstery after 20 yrs of hard use (3 moves, 3 kids, 4 dogs, etc. etc.,....life).” (Arlington, MA, February 2004)

“… the furniture looks very attractive now that we have got it assembled. I do a little amateur woodworking, so I do know something about it. Your furniture was obviously well designed and solidly built. I especially liked your use of oak in places where it didn't show. It would have been easier and cheaper to use a softwood, but nowhere near as sturdy a product. (Prescott, AZ, October, 2002)

“I think the couch is just great and I especially like its low profile, fits well under my living room windows. And for those of us who are small persons the depth (front to back ) is good too. I don’t sit with my heels swinging off the floor. In addition it is easy to get on and off.. Many older folks have problems with rising from deep furniture.” (Jemez Springs, NM, April ‘04)

“Very nifty and efficient design....I'm very happy with the look and feel….” ( Boxborough, MA, May, 2002)

“We purchased a sleep sofa from you in 1977. It has held up very well after three moves and two kids and is finally in need of new covers….(Hudson, Ma, 9/04) (Notice that she is just getting new covers after 27 years.)

“...My husband ...said the instructions were very clear, and he appreciated all the details.... We are impressed with the fine craftsmanship, intelligent design, excellent packing, detailed assembly instructions and ease of assembly. The sofa looks *perfect* in our living room….We are very very pleased!” (Narragansett, RI, Jan. 2004)

“... your furniture is excellent. It has all the appearances of handmade furniture and is very, very solid and well built. It all looks better live than in photos and I am noted for my frugality, thorough research prior to purchasing and consumer savvy. My furniture consists of Henredon, Stanley, Broyhill, Comfy 1 and other very high quality pieces … As far as I know, you sell the only pet friendly furniture on the market place today. Your sofas hold up to dogs, cats, big birds, small birds, rabbits, kids… I am 6' 3" weigh 210 and it certainly hold up to me and I am not easy on furniture. Your sofas are like the rock of Gibraltar.” (Napa, CA, Aug. 2004)

“We did receive our couch on time and it is beautiful! My husband said it was very easy to set up…..We love the fabric and color of wood we chose. ….hopefully we will be able to get a matching love seat type thing. You make a very beautiful product, just what we were looking for.” (St. Joseph, MI, July, 2002)

“What an excellent product you make. In Massachusetts I bought a sofa and loveseat in 1990… and they have endured a generation of assorted cats, a divorce and two moves all in perfect condition. (Edgewater, FL., 3/03)

(From a senior citizen): “We are very happy with our sofa and have had many compliments on our furniture from our friends. Best of all, my husband and I can get up from the sofa much easier as it is firm. It looks lovely in our living-room with our cherry furniture.” (She has our medium russet finish on a Virginia model sofa.) (Kirkwood, NY, 2/05)

"I received the sofa this a.m. and assembled it.  Easy to put together (honestly, I could not believe it took only 6 eye bolts), excellent in craftsmanship, and exactly what I needed and envisioned for the space I have.  Oh, it's gorgeous.  It will give pleasure for years to come.  Thanks so much.  Well worth the wait!" (She had chosen our six-month option, with the 10% discount) (Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 5/08)

"The sofas have held up in perfect condition for 18 years, with just one replacement of fabric for the cushions. Everything your website says about quality, value, and endurance is absolutely correct." (Linwood, NJ, 6/08)

"We are so appreciative of the couch and loveseat we've received from Comfy 1! In the past, we struggled to find durable furniture that could withstand regular use from a young man we support who has a developmental disability. Prior to purchasing your furniture, we wasted time and money by regularly replacing furniture that would not hold up. When we initially decided to take the leap and purchase this set, we weren't sure that anyone could construct durable furniture that could last. Not only have we been pleasantly surprised by how long we've had both pieces, but the fact that they still look good and need so little maintenance is really wonderful. Now that approximately eight years have passed since our original purchase, we continue to be pleased and surprised with the great support and customer service we receive. You've made it so simple to order some replacement pieces (editor's note: a better term would be "replacement components"), the couch once again looks and works like new.Thank you so much for everything you've done, I will certainly recommend Comfy 1 to other care providers." (From the executive director of an organization, Imagine Supported Living Services, in Capitola, California, that cares for the mentally-handicapped, 8/08).

"I can't tell you how much good use I've gotten from my butcher block sofa ... bought back in 1978. It has weathered two children, three cats, and two dogs quite admirably and has fit into every living room I\ve had, many of them quite different from one another. It has been enjoyed by each life partner I've had, also quite different from one another! Thank you for making such wonderful furniture." (Florence, MA 7/08) (Our customer wrote the above when writing to order her first set of replacement covers; her cushion filling was still OK after 30 years.)

Our Massachusetts customer, quoted above, kindly sent us this picture of her sofa with its first set of replacement covers after thirty years.

But not every customer should expect all of their cushions to still be doing well after 30 years. A lot depends on how heavily the furniture is used. One customer who bought two sofas from us, one of which was placed in the family's heavy-use location, needed replacement filling sooner than the above customer, but hers was still a far better experience than could be expected with typical furniture. When e-mailing us about rejuvenating her sofa, she reported, "The green plaid sleep sofa in the family room has finally bit the dust in terms of the seat cushions after 27-28 years of continuous use." (Concord, MA July, 2011)



From a Georgia customer:
"We received everything and it went together very easy.  It looks great and feels wonderful. " and two months later: "
It's a great product and we've been very pleased - no more achy backs!  Most people who've seen it are intrigued by the concept of putting it together yourself, that it is so simple to do, and that the piece is soooooo super easy to clean & maintain.  While it fits my 5'0" frame just fine, my 5'11" sister-in-law was also comfortable on it." (Chamblee, GA, 8/08 and 10/08, after receiving an 85" Florida sofa and 58" loveseat, with the standard depth and height. Note that we've heard from 6'3" men that they are also comfortable in the standard depth and height.)



40 years old, and probably a future as a valued inheritance
not the usual trip to the landfill after a few years, as is typical for most sofas these days


We received this picture and e-mailed note from from a customer's son in November of 2014:

"Here's a picture of the Creative Comfort (that was Comfy 1's name in those days) sofa my parents bought from your Cambridge store in 1974-75... 40 years old and still going strong.
My mother Carolyn will never part with it..."

We then asked for any details he cared to offer about the sofa's history, to which he replied:

"Two kids, Probably a half dozen dogs, six houses (Ohio, NY, Mass x 4) and just one set of replacement covers."

As you can see, our designs have changed somewhat since those days -- the "butcher block" look was in vogue at that time, and solid oak was more affordable to use in large quantities. But the durability and long-term economy of our furniture and the customer satisfaction haven't changed.


A North Carolina customer who said that she has "sciatica and lower back pain plus rheumatoid arthritis" wrote, "In the past twelve years we have purchased four sofas.  I have personally gone to every store in South Charlotte trying out sofas.  Everything on the market seemed to be something that you would sink down into and that is a no-no for me." After receiving her new sofa from us, she wrote, "The sofa is all that I expected it would be.  The quality of workmanship is impressive....   I will highly recommend Comfy 1 whenever possible.    Thank you again as I have enjoyed doing business with you." A few months later, she decided that she would like to sit 2" higher (because of her difficulty getting up), and wrote to us about it. We worked up and sent her some adaptations to achieve higher support with only minimal effect on the sofa's appearance, and her response included, "All I can say is "nicely done".  I am so impressed with how seriously you listen and how far you go to help your customers." (Charlotte, NC, 8/08 and 2/09)

"The sectional arrived Friday on schedule. My son came over on Saturday and we put it together in about an hour. It went together easily and it looks great! We're very pleased. I don't see how it could be much nicer....I was particularly impressed by the thought that must have gone into making it easy to assemble...." (Bedord, MA, 9/08)

"We continue to enjoy our .....(replacement) covers in our not so new home .... and continue to receive compliments on the choice of color and fabric.  People assume that we bought new furniture when we moved to Concord." (referring, in 2008, to covers purchased in 2005 for furniture received in 1984 by a couple with children growing up.) (Concord, MA, 9/08)

"The love seat and I are becoming good friends. I enjoy watching TV from the love seat while reclining on it. And I have dozed off on occasion to wake up later feeling good with no lower back pain unlike my former sofa. (Editor's note: This customer chose the 4" higher back and the extra-firm cushioning option.) This is a great piece of furniture." (Newark, DE, November, 2008)

"When the couch is bolted together, it's just as solid as if it had been built as one piece, both in appearance and in function. (My husband) can mindlessly flop all he wants, and we've never had to re-tighten anything.The fabric (a micro-suede) is as durable as expected and amazingly cat-proof..... Occasional cushion flipping and rearranging keeps the couches looking brand new." She also referred to our "stellar customer service." (Comments by a central-Pennsylvania customer a year or so after delivery. She had received her order via trucking company, requiring simple bolting together. Customers farther east, as far north as the New York suburbs, would normally receive delivery in our van, with setup included, but sometimes our direct deliveries go to central PA and much farther.)

"First, let me state how thrilled I am to learn that you are still in business.  We purchased a sofa from you in the early 90’s I believe, or perhaps in the late 80’s.  I would like to have our cushions redone.....By the way, the durability of the sofa, cushions, and fabric is amazing and the construction is quite clever." (Lynnfield, MA, April 11, 2010)

Our standard foam cushion filling is now still of at least the same quality as we have used since the middle 1970’s, which very few of our customers have replaced after less than fifteen years, and which typically brought the comments you read above. But do not get the impression that the cushions are maintenance-free. They should be rotated and turned occasionally (or frequently, depending on use; turn and rotate them promptly when you see signs of a cushion becoming mis-shapen; retirees, please note.)

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