Standard Dimensions plus Custom Dimensions

Our sofas, chairs, sectionals and tables are made in a wide selection of standard sizes, but all models except the FineFit(R) model can also be made to precise lengths and heights to order, as well as in the customer's choice of different seat depths.

small custom size sofa

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We offer many standard lengths, which vary somewhat according to model. Look near the ends of the sections that deal with each model, links to which you'll see on www.comfy1.com (the links are in the upper part of the page, next to images of each of those models).

The length between the arms for our three-seat sofas is about 72", 81", or 90", depending on which overall length you order; if you order the padded arm wraps with the California, Florida, New Jersey or Maryland models, that would reduce those distances between the arms by a total of 4", but only as long as the arm wraps are left in position.

Special lengths down to the precise inch can be made for a $90 charge on top of the price for the next longer standard length. For sizes longer than our longest length, add $350 plus $15 per inch to the price of the largest size.

small custom size sectional sofa

This sectional was made with one side being specially sized to fit the customers' wall. One of our many standard lengths was a good size for their other wall.






Standard OVERALL height and depth
(see at bottom of page for seating dimensions): Almost everyone between 5'1" and 6'2" tall seems to like our standard overall dimensions, with a 31" floor-to-top (of cushions) height (with 15"-high back cushions) and our 33" frame depth, together with a seat height of about 16" above the floor (30" and 36" frame depths can be ordered at surcharges). Taller people, as well as those who prefer higher back support, often like our 2"-higher back option (at $2 extra per inch of length). We also offer a 4"-higher back option, at $4 extra per inch of length, and a 6"-higher back at $6 extra per inch. These higher backs are still not high enough for a headrest for most people, but for alternatives for headrests click here . (For other considerations regarding back height options, see farther down this page.)

seat with good support

Shown at left: Standard back height, with 6'1" occupant.


Shown at right: Standard depth and standard (31") height, with headrest provided by our customer, being enjoyed by an 87-year headrest high seatold who is 5'3" tall.








The front-to-back dimension (depth) of our standard seats is about 21", plus the 2" to 5" that one sinks into the back cushions (more or less depending on the sitter's weight), and almost everyone finds that depth to be comfortable. That particular seat depth is what goes with frames that have our standard total frame depth of about 33", which is narrow compared with most sofas on the market. Note, as explained below, that the adjustability of the optional puffy back cushions allows fine-tuning of the effective sitting depth.

A 3"-less-deep (30"-deep frame) is an option that's available for the short-legged or for where space is especially limited. For more information about this option, click here. A 3"-deeper seat (36"-deep frame), for the long-legged or for those who like more room for lounging or reclining on a sofa, is available at a surcharge of 25% of the base price, available on all except (1) sectional sofas and (2) the Finefit model. A somewhat deeper seat can be gained by merely pulling the seat cushions forward an inch or two, and also by ordering the puffy cushions and removing a little filling.


Our customer shown in this picture is 4'10" tall. As you can see, she is able to get proper back support with our furniture, even in our standard seat depth (shown here). Longer-legged people would create more space for themselves within this same frame depth by (with their greater weight) sinking farther back into the 8"-thick back cushions.

Notice how the non- bulky dimensions of our furniture can fit well in a room in which space is limited (the wall behind this ample-for-two loveseat is only 7' wide). And notice how, with our essentially unlimited fabric selection, our customers can find fabrics that add great decorative interest in a space (such as this basement room) that would otherwise be difficult to make look so appealing.


A tip of our hats to our New Jersey customer for taking and sending us this picture, with the comment, "We're enjoying the chair and sofa and they fit us perfectly!" (He is 5'3".)





large custom sofaOther considerations regarding back height: About 85% of our customers choose our standard, 31" total height (with back cushions just over 15" high), and that is what you see in most of our pictures. But, where family members are well over 6 feet tall, the 2"-higher back (with a $2 per inch surcharge) provides better support (with 2" added to the height of the frame as well as to the back cushions). In the picture shown here, the two male occupants are each 6'3", so the higher option is a logical choice for this family. However, we have heard some 6"3" customers saying that they are comfortable with the standard height.

Often people prefer the lower look of the standard, 31" height, and the surcharge for the higher back is also a consideration that causes some people to avoid the higher back. For those reasons, (1) we sometimes sell a set consisting of a sofa in the 31" height together with a matching "man's chair" with the 2"-higher back, and they look perfectly compatible together; and (2) people sometimes choose an alternative way of achieving higher back support; if you choose the webbing suspension (at least for the seat where the tallest family member(s) will normally sit), the effective back support becomes higher; this is because the occupant's posterior sinks 2-3" farther downward, while the back cushion and the back of the frame stay at the same height off the floor. So the actual support comes higher up on the person's back. Also, you can achieve firmer support higher up the back, while keeping the same cushion height, if you order just the back of the frame to be higher (at half the regular charge for the higher back).

Don't think of the 2"-higher back height as something that can by itself serve as a headrest unless the person is very short (the young lady on the right in this picture is 5'7").

Another point with regard to the photo above: The number of seat cushions doesn't necessarily limit the number of occupants. Five may be a quick, once-a-year squeeze for the 85" three-seat sofa as shown, but four could last a while, especially if one or two occupants aren't full-grown. On our 64" loveseat, which has a full 60" of seat width, three can fit without a squeeze.. (Our customer who bought the sofa in the picture above sent an e-mail with the subject "so happy" and mentioned that "the cushions have comfied up just as you said and my husband comments on their nice sittability frequently.")

very large custom sofa


The 4"-higher back (with a $4 per inch surcharge) could come closer to being high enough for a headrest for some people, especially if combined with the webbing suspension, as was the case for the sofa shown here. The shortest person on this sofa is 5' 9" tall.







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If you have a window that you don't want to have partly blocked by a sofa: We can make the back cushions any amount lower than 15" for a $30 charge per complete order (however, note that a back cushion height less than 15" might not provide good support for a 6-foot tall person). But keep in mind that the sofa height that we refer to is at the very top of the back cushions, several inches forward from the back of the frame. Looking downward from a normal vantage point (higher than 31"), a 31"-high top of a cushion (well forward from the window) would not even partially block a view unless the window sill is less than 29" above the floor.


custom low sofa

high custom sofa








The sofa above left was made 3" lower than standard, for a couple from India who were accustomed to sitting close to the floor. We can make the whole frame lower (any amount up to 5 1/2" lower), in our exposed-wood models only, for charges as follows: $90 for the first frame and $25 for each additional frame in the same design. If you want just a low back, our standard 31" total height (from floor to tops of back cushions) may be low enough, but we can make the back still lower on order.

We can also make the whole frame higher. The sectional on the right above was made 3" higher off the floor than our standard height, in combination with the 2"-higher back, for a 6' 7", 370-pound man (his wife, fortunately, was also long-legged). See below for more about having the frame and seat made higher, to order.


Standard seating dimensions

The standard back height from the top of the back cushion to the top of the seat is 15", and the standard overall height is 31". On the chair shown here, the back cushion is 15" high, and the overall height (because of the 6" longer legs ordered for this chair) is 37" from the top of the back cushion to the floor. We also offer a 2"-higher back (adding $2 per inch of width) and a 4" higher back (adding $4/inch), as well as a headrest option (adding $100 per headrest, but often combining the headrest with a 2"-higher back) or even a 6"-higher back for a very tall person.


The standard depth of the seat ("A", to front of back cushion) is 20" - 21". The sitter would also create more sitting depth by sinking 2" to 3" into the back cushion (or farther for a heavy person). We also offer a 3"-deeper seat (except on sectional sofas), adding 25% to the base price, and a 3"-less-deep seat (adding 15% normally, but sometimes at no charge). For greater sitting depth for long-legged people without going to the 3"-deeper option, we also offer "puffy" back cushions, with much softer filling in the middle area where you rest against them, which would therefore provide effectively up to 2" more sitting depth. (They can be made to give more or less forward support by adding or subtracting some filling in the cavity in the middle.)

By just removing the back cushions, a wider seat ("B", for more spacious stretching out, on a sofa) can be created. That width is 25" or so with our standard depth, or 28"+ with our 3"-deeper seat. If you want to roll over or turn on your side, you need to re-position yourself to stay reasonably centered, but it is comfortable once you're positioned.

Don't confuse the overall frame depth ("C") with A or B. The standard C is 33", but can be made 36" (except on sectionals) or 30".

The standard height from the floor to the top of the seat cushion is about 16 1/2", sloping down to about 15 1/2" at the rear of the seat. The sitter would sink down into this more than into a desk chair or dining chair, but would sink down much less than when sitting in a typical sofa or lounge chair, if our (standard) firm base is chosen. Based on our testing, a person of 210 pounds would sink down only about 2-1/2" when sitting on one of our standard seat cushions, and would sink into one of our semi-firm seats only about 1-1/2"; in both cases that was with the cushions resting on our standard (padded wood) base.

For specific details about our cushioning, click here.

The frame and seat shown above are 6" higher than standard, made to a customer's order. We can make them any height off the floor. Click on the following link for more information about our higher sofa and chair options.


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