Durable, Practical Furniture, Suited for Heavy Use

Our sofas, loveseats and chairs are probably the most durable and practical that you'll find anywhere, for the following reasons:

Heavy Duty SofaFabric durability and practicality / ease of replacing the fabric:Heavy Duty Love Seat, liquid resistant seating
1) Our huge selection of fabrics includes a wide range of heavy-duty, extra-heavy-duty, and very cleanable fabrics, probably a greater selection than you will find from any other manufacturer.
2) All of our cushions are zippered (on all but the FineFit model) and are therefore easy to re-cover.
3) The parts of the frames that need fabric, if any (depending on design and options you choose), are easy to re-cover with a home staple gun and require only the skill that's needed to wrap a gift.
4) If you choose one of our exposed-wood models,
----a) there is polyurethane-finished oak instead of fabric at important high-wear locations,
----b) when you do eventually need to replace the fabric, much less fabric and far less work are required than on ordinary furniture,
-----c) the neatly-fitted arm covers (if you choose padded arms) are fastened with concealed velcro and/or tucked-in foam inserts,
Therefore replacement covers are easy and fairly inexpensive
to buy or make and install for this furniture.

Solid Wood Heavy Duty Furniture, boat furnitureFrame, suspension and cushion filling durability:
Our solid hardwood frames (on all but the FineFit model), oak-reinforced suspensions, and joinery are all almost indestructible
, suited for many decades of heavy use. This contrasts sharply with typical furniture in American stores these days, most of which has frames made of "engineered wood", assembled with staples. Our cushion filling is also of unusually high quality, normally lasting at least 15 years and often twice that. For furniture that is expected to receive unusually heavy use (occupants 350 pounds and heavier), additional reinforcement can be ordered. For materials and construction details of our furniture, click here.

In addition to the practicality of our wide selection of vinyl and urethane faux leather fabrics and Crypton
(R) fabrics, plus an even greater selection of woven fabrics with cleanable, synthetic fiber contents, plus polyurethane-finished wood surfaces, it is also easy to lift out the cushions to clean below, and even to lift out the suspension panels to clean all the way to the floor. And the internal components can be coated and covered to achieve liquid repellancy. For more information on cleanability and hygiene of our sofas and chairs, click here.

Heavy Duty Corner Sofa, Asian decor sofa


Our Virginia model (shown on the right) is not as practical as our other models with exposed-wood frames, in that the armtops don't have the option of being exposed-wood. But it is still much more practical than typical seating, since everything (including the arm covers) can be economically re-covered. And the frames and suspensions are, like on our other models, essentially indestructible, with the same comfortable, extra-durable cushion filling.



If you do a search for "durable sofas" or "durable furniture" or "heavy-duty sofas" on the major internet search engines, you will find that at least one of our two web sites (including cmft.com) usually comes up at or near the tops of the listings. That's partly because durability is a very important characteristic of our products, but also because durability is usually not considered important by most other manufacturers. Most furniture companies are concerned mainly about having the right look, something that feels comfortable at first, and an attractive price (promoted with ads for "No payments until 201_" , and "50% off!" etc.).

For details regarding convenient, economical replacement of covers or cushion filling on our furniture, click here.

To see information about some of our furniture that has been sold to many organizations that carefully choose extra-durable furniture for their heavy-use requirements, click here.


Many testimonials concerning the durability and practicality of our furniture can be found among the letters and emails from our customers, which you can see by clicking here. durable, practical wood-frame sofa, recycled sofa

If you are concerned about buying furniture that is very durable, you're in good company and will be better off in the long run. In his carefully-researched book, "The Millionaire Mind", Thomas J. Stanley points out that building of wealth is typically achieved to a great extent by being careful with spending, including on household purchases. He observes from his studies that "...the furniture tends to be ... well constructed with real wood ... it has something to do with how long a piece will last." (p. 294). Continuing, "High quality furniture will probably appreciate in value.... They deliberately purchase furniture today they can pass onto the younger generation tomorrow."


Shown here is a decades-old sofa made by us, in an image sent by a Pennsylvania customer just after receiving her new cushions. The sofa had been in the household of a dog breeder, and after much use and abuse by "many dogs... over the years" of a breed "that love to hang out on furniture," it had looked like it was ready to be trashed.  In response to our comment that the sofa -- just with new cushions placed on it -- "looks great" in the image, our customer said, "You're absolutely right about the condition of the couch.  I didn't have to do anything to it." (This sofa had an all-wood back, as opposed to a fabric-covered back that might have required an hour or so with a staple gun to replace the fabric on that.)


Purchasing decisions that assign high importance to durability and renewability are much better for our planet, by avoiding waste of non-renewable resources, minimizing additions to the landfills, and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. All of the above occur when cheaply-constructed furniture is repeatedly manufactured for the same users, repeatedly shipped to the same users from distant locations, and periodically shipped off to distant disposal sites after not many years of use.


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