Our Florida model: Lifetime Construction, Non-Bulky Dimensions, and Comfortable Support at Moderate Prices

non-bulky wood frame sofaAs you can see, this model is unusually light in appearance and (like our other models) also non-bulky in terms of space required in relation to the sitting or lying-down space provided. Padded arms (shown below) and arm pillows or toss pillows are optional. Aside from those options, the arm tops are well-finished solid oak, with well-rounded edges, for maximum practicality.

They can be made in your choice of many size variations, various firmness options, thousands of fabrics, and nine wood stains. The exposed wood and the wood in the internal frame is very sturdily constructed of solid oak, except (1) oak veneer plywood is used for the recessed panels on the sides, and (2) other hardwoods are sometimes used for small internal parts. As with all of our models (although less so in the case of the Custom 05 model), the covers and cushions are simple to replace, allowing extremely long, economical, eco-friendly life.

small contemporary sofa


This page shows only one of our several different models. If you came to this page without first going to our home page, you have missed seeing the selection of different models that we offer, as well as a summary of the many features to be found in our products that aren't available elsewhere. To go to our home page, click here.




The Right Size, the Right Colors, and the Right Support

From what we've heard from many customers, finding a sofa that's the right size (especially a compact size) is often impossible at normal stores. The 76" length shown here (becoming 80" with the optional padded arm wraps), with our standard 33" frame depth, is just one of our many size options. Despite the very moderate overall length, it has six feet of length between the wood arms, when the optional arm padding is lifted off (a 5-second process).

Excellent coordination of colors is something that's no problem with our essentially unlimited fabric selection, combined with a good range of wood color options.

This sofa was made 2" higher off the floor than our standard frames, and with a level seat (as opposed to the normal 3/4" backward slope), for a Maryland customer who has difficulty getting up from a normal sofa seat. For most people, even our standard height is easy to get up from compared with typical sofas, since our standard seat support does not sag or allow sinking down, unlike typical sofa suspensions. (We also offer a heavy-duty webbing suspension for customers who want softer support.)


The fabric shown here is "Foundation Eucalyptus", one of the heavy-duty stock fabrics that we have at an unusually good price. The wood finish is our Dark Amber.

The "padded arm wraps" shown on this sofa are
1) optional. (They are also optional on our other models with exposed-wood arms, not including the Virginia model.)
2) They can also be ordered to be removable, to leave only a well-finished, rounded-edge wood arm top exposed at times when that is your preference.
3) They are also easy to re-cover, by pulling the pocket-like bottom section of a replacement cover over the bottom of the padded plywood form, then wrapping the fabric firmly around the top and outside, and then closing up the concealed hook-and-loop fasteners inside the outer edges.

Before the padded arm wraps get to the point of needing replacement covers, you can extend the life of the fabric at this high-wear location by (1) switching the padded arm wraps from one end to the other (a 20-second process), which changes the front ends to back ends, and/or (2) by merely lifting the complete padded forms off the polyurethane-finished solid-oak arm tops at times when they would be subject to heavy wear.


For prices of this model, scroll farther down this page, below the last of the pictures.



If you like the optional padded arm wraps but also like to have good use of the solid oak hand-grip areas at the fronts of the arms, you can merely push the arm wraps toward the rear far enough to leave a secure grip area.

Shown here in a Texas customer's home is our 52" loveseat, becoming 56" at the outsides of the padded arm rests, with our dark walnut stain, in our standard height and depth and standard foam cushions. This fabric, "Sage 9201" from Charlotte Fabrics, is 100% nylon and is cleanable with water-based solutions, and is therefore extremely practical and durable as well as beautiful and comfortable.

Our customer's primary concern in coming to us was compact size; but as you can see, our outstanding fabric selection and choice of wood stains allowed the creation of a piece that goes very well with the rest of her decor. This is our smallest standard loveseat/sofa size, but we can make them even smaller on special order.


The set shown here in a Virginia home is in our 76" and 52" lengths, with our Dark Amber stain, with the 2"-higher back, with optional toss pillows, and in JF Fabrics' Oscar pattern, which is very heavy duty, washable, and available in 36 colors at the moderate "+5" price level.

Note that, although we offer a good number of washable or dry cleanable fabrics, washability or dry cleanability is unusual among upholstery fabrics (in our selection and elsewhere). And most people wouldn't want to wash or dry clean the covers anyway; cleaning with upholstery shampoo while the covers are on the cushions saves you the trouble of removing the covers and re-applying them neatly, and should be effective enough in most cases. If you want to be able to actually remove and wash or dry clean the covers, consider having us oversize the covers a little to make that easier (and you should be prepared for more wrinkles in the covers.)

The fabric shown here is also one of the many fabrics we offer that are certified as "environmentally friendly" by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, indicating that the fabric is free of harmful substances. But environmental features of the fabric are of small significance compared with the eco-friendly characteristics of the complete sofa, with ours excelling in that regard because of its outstanding durability and re-coverability, its availability in many compact, space-saving sizes, and the fact that it's made in the USA. (Most furniture these days is imported from China, with considerable accompanying toxic shipping emissions, although the origin is not normally acknowledged by the sellers).


For Relaxation ................... or ......................... Recreation

or for Relaxation AND Recreation ....

... or for almost any use for that matter. This furniture provides the comfort you want as well as the support you need for most activities, support that you usually won't find with typical mass-produced furniture from stores. Our standard cushions and support options provide better support than you'll get from normal furniture, but our central Virginia customers chose our semi-firm cushions, had the seating area made 2 1/2" higher off the floor, and had the seats leveled out a little, with activities like this in mind. But they also find it comfortable for normal relaxation as well. And the non-bulky dimensions of our sofas (33" deep x 76" and 52" in this case) allow our customers to have the seating they need while leaving ample space for their other uses.

Note to customers for whom it isn't convenient to come to our showroom: Our male customer shown here is 6' tall, to help give you an idea of the kind of back support you can expect to get with our standard-height cushions. Many people say that they feel better back support with our furniture than with other furniture on the market. But part of that is probably due to the fact that our cushioning and cushion support (8"-thick back cushions, resting against a covered plywood backing) is firmer than that on most furniture, and our standard seat depth is less than that of most furniture (but we offer 3"-deeper as well as 3"-less-deep seats at additional charges).


custom size wood frame sofa and loveseat, firm and durableThe furniture shown here, in a Northern Virginia home, is in our Golden Oak stain, and the fabric is in JF Fabrics' Coco pattern (available in 34 colors), which is extra-heavy-duty, washable, and meets the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. (See comments regarding washability, dry cleanability, and eco-friendly features next to the picture above.)

This set incorporated a special modification that the customer requested, which is to have our 4 1/2"-high front rails in place of the narrower front rails that are standard on the Florida model; the bottom corners are somewhat different with that front rail type also, which is apparent if you look closely near the right end of the picture (add $20 if you want this kind of front rail on one or more Florida pieces). This specific front rail is standard on our Virginia model, which you can see on the separate page for that model.

On the 85" and 58" lengths shown here (becoming 89" and 62" at the arm tops when the optional padded arm wraps are in place), the cushions are each 27" wide, as opposed to 24"-wide cushions on the 76" and 52" sizes shown in the earlier pictures. When ordering two or more pieces of our furniture, there is a possible advantage to ordering pieces that each have the same cushion width, since that allows a greater range of ability to rotate your cushions, for better distribution of exposure to wear and sunlight. (The other size combination that matches in cushion width consists of our 94" sofa and 64" loveseat, with 30"-wide cushions.) But probably almost half of the sets and sectional sofas that we sell are mis-matched in cushion width, since there are obviously other reasons why people want or need specific sizes: Space to be filled out on a wall, sittiing or reclining space needed for the intended occupants, what looks proportionate in relation to the dimensions of a room, cost, or even preference for asymmetry.


Questions? Call 1-800-659-0436 or email us at info@comfy1.com.

pet practical wood frame sofas, custom size and fabric

The all-wood back (shown above) is optional, at a surcharge. The standard back of the frame is covered with either (1) the same fabric as on the cushions, or else (2) a faux leather that blends with the color of the wood stain. The wood stain shown here is our Medium Fruitwood. The fabrics are from Charlotte Fabrics. We offer an outstanding selection of microsuede fabrics, and a good selection of Southwestern patterns, as well as any other kind of upholstery fabric that's available, to go well in almost any setting. This customer also chose the 2"-higher back and puffy cushions.

Notice the large ottoman in front of the sofa, which can serve not only as a footrest but also as a coffee table and as an easily-movable extra place to sit. And notice the Southwestern fabric on the ottoman as well as on the toss pillows, which artistically complements other elements in the customer's decor. If you were to try to visualize this set entirely with the same fabric, you might imagine how much less interesting it would look than it does as shown here.

For prices of this model, scroll down to just above the bottom of this page.

If you have Questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, info@comfy1.com .


contemporary Florida hardwood sofas, chair and tables

Shown here: Two 76" Florida sofas, one 28" chair, one 18" x 24" end table, and one 24" x 48" coffee table, in our Light Fruitwood stain, in a Northern Virginia home. Even though this is a spacious room, the lack of bulk of our furniture (compared with most on the market) was an important feature for these customers.

Decorating thought: This couple, on the basis of past experience with brightly colored furnishings, and eventually getting bored of those colors, chose neutral colors for their basic fabrics in this set, just adding accents of color with toss pillows


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compact special size sectional sofa for small room

Small-room friendly, pet friendly, and short-person friendly (as well as tall-person friendly, large-room friendly, and much more)

This Florida sofa was made as a sectional couch (in one of many possible sizes), but our separate loveseats or sofas also come in enough different non-bulky sizes to allow you to get best use out of any smallish room with unattached pieces as well.

Pet owners love our exposed-oak frames, for good reasons. Note that the optional padded arm wraps can be easily lifted off the arms if they are subjected to scratching or soil from pets, and the covers on those are easy to change. Cats can't scratch the polyurethane-finished oak. Dogs can't get the wood sides dirty, and they don't like to chew wood that is as hard as oak. The cushion covers are all zippered for easy replacement, and some of our fabrics are washable. (For most fabrics, professional cleaning or using upholstery shampoo is the recommended method. If you plan to remove covers for cleaning, make sure the fabric is washable, and it's also advisable to ask us to make the covers a less-tight fit, for easier removal and replacement.)

Short-legged people often tell us that our furniture is the first they've found, after considerable searching in stores, in which they are comfortable. They are almost always comfortable with our standard frame depth and height, but we can make these sofas and chairs even lower or less deep also. People up through 6'3" are also normally comfortable in our standard frame depth and height (big people sink back farther into our 8"-thick back cushions, thereby creating more seat depth for themselves), but we can also make the furniture 3" deeper, as well as higher .

1-1/2 weeks after receiving the above, our customer wrote, "We love our new sectional! It is comfortable for me at 5'3" and for my husband at 5'10". It is also gorgeous. .... Not one (of our three cats) has been tempted by the wooden sides or arms.... Finally, I am so grateful that we found comfy 1 because our small and odd-shaped living room actually appears bigger and more organized with the wonderful sectional."

Shown above, 95" x 95" Florida model sectional with padded arm wraps, in the standard (31") height. For more about sectional sofas, including illustrative pricing, click here


 compact wood frame sofa for living room, custom fabric

The Boston-area customer who ordered this sofa reported a few days after receiving it, "It  looks great in our living room and it is very comfortable. We made the right choice." This Florida sofa is in the 76" length, with the Medium Fruitwood stain, and was made in a fabric that's one of 31 colors in JF's CoCo pattern, which is extra-heavy-duty, flame retardant, washable (in a specified way) and dry cleanable. (Note that neither washability nor dry cleanability is typical.)


We couldn't have said it better ourselves: compact wood frame sofa, custom dimensions

"Easy to put together.., excellent in craftsmanship, and exactly what I needed and envisioned for the space I have.  Oh, it's gorgeous.  It will give pleasure for years to come."

(Nice words received in an e-mail from a Los Angeles-area customer just after she had received her 76" Florida sofa, with the 33" height, Dark Amber wood stain, arm pillows, and a soft micro suede from JF Fabrics. She kindly sent us this picture a few days later.)

As is often the case with our customers, especially those in California, this couple was space-challenged, and they liked the fact that one of our sofa sizes was able to fit well into the space they had. While only 76" long overall, this size has 71-3/4" between the arms. (Our next larger standard size has 81" between the arms.) Our standard frame depth (only 33") also makes a big difference to many people with limited space

Two weeks later, our customer wrote, "Boy, we are enjoying the sofa.  Our adult daughter has a great place to crash when she comes to visit." Even though we normally make separate seat cushions rather than one full-length cushion, they press against each other neatly and make a relatively flat, medium-firm, comfortable surface for reclining on. Most people are unlikely to feel irregularity where the cushions come together, when lying on one of these sofas. If the slight backward tilt in the seats bothers you, it can be levelled out with some towels folded appropriately and placed under the rear sections of the seat cushions. If you want more elbow room, remove the back cushions, and possibly also lift out the panels behind the back cushions.

This customer was quite particular about the specific shade of blue she wanted. But after she described to us by phone what she was seeking, it wasn't hard for us to find the right one (from among the thousands in our showroom collection) to send her a sample of, along with several other possibilities. With most other furniture sources, she would have had to settle for second best, or third or fourth best.

If you're considering our different options for arm padding, notice that the "arm pillows" (shown here) as well as toss pillows (shown lower on this page), when compared with the padded arm wraps (1) take up much more room on a seat, but (2) don't add to the overall length of the sofa as our padded arm wraps do (which is an advantage when space is a constraint), and also (3) are not vulnerable to cats' claws, as padded arm wraps are. And obviously, the space that pillows take up on the seat can be dealt with by removing them when they're in the way, just as the padded arm wraps can be lifted off at times when you think they'll be subject to damage.


For prices of this model, scroll down to just above the bottom of this page.

If you have Questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, info@comfy1.com .


pet practical contemporary wood frame small sofa

Your buddies can share your favorite place, with minimal problems, if you have the right sofa.

The southern Maryland customer who ordered this loveseat has allergies, so he especially liked how easy it is to clean below, removing the dust and dust mites that are sources of allergens.

Shown: 64" Florida model with 33"height, optional arm pillows, light blonde finish, and a "Crypton" fabric from Robert Allen, from their Railroad Tracks pattern. These fabrics are not only liquid repellant, extremely stain resistant, and bacteria resistant, but they also pass the minimum standard for heavy-duty abrasion resistance several times over. (However, there are many fabrics, mostly solids and tweeds, that are even more abrasion resistant, with cleanability that's good enough for most people.) The Crypton fabrics stand out in comparison with most fabrics in their permanent liquid repellancy and stain resistance without the disadvantages and decorating limitations that most people find in vinyl fabrics. They are also said to be "breathable" (therefore pleasanter for body contact than vinyls or leather); however, the passage of air is slow, so the customer needs to be prepared for cushions that (1) feel very firm when first sitting down, and (2) are slow to regain their shape when you get up again.

Notice the alignment and matching of the pattern, which is something that you can assume will be done well in our products whenever the fabric looks like it needs that kind of treatment. There are some borderline fabrics, in which case we will consult with the customer as to whether it should be matched.


small contemporary sofa with modern paisley print fabric

This is not somebody with an ulterior motive to put on a happy face. This is just a normal Comfy 1 customer in New York City, looking the way our customers normally look after receiving their new furniture. (OK, so she's unusually photogenic, but she's still a satisfied, paying customer.). A few days after the delivery, she wrote, "...the couch is beautiful and I'm so happy with it...everything I hoped for."

Our customer is 5' 6" tall, for the benefit of viewers who want to know how their body dimensions would fit on our furniture when the standard height and depth are ordered. Our standard 31" height (shown) is high enough to provide good back support for most people up to 6'2" or so. Compared with our higher options, this back height has the advantage of still being low enough to be used also as an armrest, as shown here.

Short-legged women often say that our furniture is the first they've found in which they are comfortable, when they sit on one of our sofas with the standard (33") depth, as shown. But long-legged people are normally also comfortable in our standard depth, since they are heavier and sink farther back into our 8"-thick back cushions. And bear in mind that we also offer a 3"-less deep option and a deeper-sitting option, for the very short and the very long-legged.

As is the case for many New Yorkers, the relatively compact dimensions of our furniture were important for this customer (this is our 76" length, with the standard 33" depth). She also liked the practicality of our exposed-oak frames for resisting cats' claws. The fabric is one of the many interesting prints available from Duralee Fabrics (their website is referred to in the fabrics section of our website), the wood stain is our Light Fruitwood, and she chose the optional arm pillows.

Decorating tip: See how, with our essentially unlimited selection of fabrics, our customers can achieve a pleasing coordination of colors in their decors, whether picking up colors from surrounding lampshades, artwork, rugs, drapes, favorite pillows, or from natural scenery outside a picture window. Enabling pets' hairs to blend in is also often an important consideration.


long, high contemporary sofa

If you have a BIG room (or a small room) or big people (or short people), we can make furniture the right size for your needs. Sofa shown: An extra-large custom size in our Florida model, 112" long, with a back height 4" higher than standard, a frame 2" higher off the floor than standard and a 3"-deeper seat and frame. Our New Jersey customer bought this fabric at a Calico Corners store; and the wood stain is our Dark Amber. The front rail is wider than the standard (shown on the 76" sofa above), to provide the extra strength needed over this long span. Also shown, an ottoman in a special size.

Our ottomans can be used separately, for resting a food/drink tray on, or for a laptop computer, etc., as well as being usable in a closed-up, chaise position.


comfortable exttra large durable sofa

Having the right furniture can help provide lots of congenial comfort to you and your guests. When sending the photo on the left, our customer wrote, "We are so pleased!" It sure looks that way.

This picture also helps give an idea of the scale of the specific dimensions of the sofa shown, including the 4"-higher back. The shortest person on the sofa is 5'9". This back height comes close to being high enough for a headrest for some people if it's combined with the webbing suspension (as in the sofa shown), since the webbing suspension allows the occupant's back to sink a few inches farther down than is the case with our standard seat support.

In addition to lots of seating space, couples often like an extra-long sofa (including our 94" standard length) because it allows one person to stretch out on the sofa while the partner is sitting right beside him or her.


small Florida contemporary loveseat

Or Small. Our smallest standard-size loveseat is 52" (56" including the optional padded arm wraps). The Florida customer who ordered this loveseat for his boat wanted a special size even smaller than that, as shown here, which we're happy to do (add $90 to the price of the next larger size in the custom version). The fabric is a faux leather provided by the customer, and the wood stain is our Old Teak.


comfortable contemporary light wood frame loveseat

Or lots of sizes in between

Shown here: 64" Florida loveseat, with the Light Blonde finish, standard height and seat depth, puffy back cushions, one of the "Sunbrella" line of fabrics (which are especially resistant to sun damage), and without the optional padded arm wraps.


armless wood frame sofas and chairs

Notice that the lines of the Florida model are very compatible with the lines of our other designs, and combining one or more of our Florida model chairs (on the left, in this picture) with one of our other sofa designs (or even another manufacturer's sofa) could produce a very pleasing result. And many customers have been glad to find that our chairs (as well as sofas) are much less bulky than other available furniture that's as comfortable as ours.

If you have Questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, info@comfy1.com .

custom height extra high chair and ottoman

Shown here: An extra-high chair and matching 24" square ottoman, part of a larger order in the home of a customer in Memphis, Tennessee. She needs the extra height, as well as firmer cushions, since she has difficultry getting up from normal furniture. She chose a heavy-duty vinyl fabric from Charlotte Fabrics for her order, since she has two big dogs. She was amazed at how realistic many of the faux leathers are these days.


Why is this furniture worth more than ordinary furniture? These products will usually be less expensive than ordinary furniture in the long run, especially if they are given heavy use, because they don't wear out like typical furniture. With solid oak at locations where ordinary sofas usually wear out first, and with our wide selection of heavy-duty fabrics, our furniture will usually look good long after ordinary furniture has become shabby. When our furniture eventually needs new covers or cushions, replacing them is relatively easy and inexpensive. Also, the extensive customization, hand craftsmanship and American labor costs that go into this furniture simply can't be available at mass market prices; that is especially true these days when most furniture is imported from China. For more details on this subject and on the costs of our small-scale custom manufacturing, click here.


Lengths and Pricing : (If you are inquiring for a charitable organization, call or send e-mail and mention the nature of your needs, for special pricing.)

Base prices include our standard 33" frame depth, 10-15 fabrics, a fabric-covered back, the 31" total height, any of our standard wood finish colors, and either well-finished wood arm tops or padded arm wraps. 10% discounts are available: See below.


Base prices:

Three-Seat sofas : 76" - $2650; 85" - $2880; 94" - $3140. Keep in mind that a pair of padded arm wraps, if you choose them, adds 4" at the armtop level to any of the overall lengths quoted here.

Loveseats: 52" long - $2165; 58" - $2275; 64" - $2405. (+ 4" for optional padded arm wraps)

Chairs: 28" wide - $1395; 31" wide - $1475; 34" - $1575; 40" - $1755. (+ 4" for optional padded arm wraps)

Four-seat sofas: 100" - $3480; 112" -$3880; 124" - $4220

These prices include 10 to 15 base-priced fabrics, a fabric-covered back of the frame, either a padded arm top or a finished oak arm top, the 31" back height (measured floor to top, shown in almost all of the pictures above), the 33" frame depth, and any of our standard wood finishes. If you want both a finished wood arm top and the padded arm wrap on top of that, add $60.

Sectional sofa sizes and illustrative prices: click here

There is a huge selection of high-quality fabrics available within $220 above the base price for a sofa, or within $170 above the base price for a loveseat. When we send you samples, we will indicate pricing information for those. If you provide your own fabric, the price would be reduced by $40, $30, or $20 for a sofa, loveseat, or chair.

The 2"-higher back adds $2 per inch, a 4"-higher back adds $4 per inch, and a 6"-higher back adds. $6 per inch.
A webbing suspension, for softer support, adds $1 per inch.

(For detailed information about our standard and optional heights, cushion types (including "puffy"), firmnesses, seating dimensions and frame depths, with information about price effects of the various options, click here ).

An all-wood back adds $4 per inch of length.
Toss pillows
or arm pillows are $40 per pair, plus $0 - $20 or so for fabric.

Non-standard dimensions: Special lengths: Add $150 to the price of the next longer length, or (for extra-long) add $400 plus $20 per inch to the longest standard size. For a 3"-deeper seat and frame, add 25% of the base price. For a 30" frame depth, click here. For having the entire frame made higher or lower, go to www.comfy1.com/high_sofas_chairs.htm.

We do not presently charge sales tax on orders shipped or delivered to points outside Virginia (although legislation is pending that could, at any time, require us to collect other states' sales taxes; and many states expect people to remit tax to the state in the amount that would be charged on an in-state purchase.)


Delivery in the D.C. beltway-Charlottesville-Richmond-Annapolis area would add $100 to $150, packing and shipping to the U.S. west coast would add 22% of the base price, and delivery or shipping to other locations in the contiguous 48 U.S. states would be somewhere in between depending on distance.

Discounts /completion times: Our standard completion time, for orders at the list price, is five to six weeks.* If you can wait as much as six months, we deduct 10% off the base price of the furniture. But, to repeat, our standard completion time is five to six weeks. Since our sales levels fluctuate considerably and unpredictably, we offer discounts to customers who don't expect their furniture soon. This provides a backlog of orders to keep our people working during lulls in sales levels; and it allows easier handling of the full-price orders when we have a surge of them.

Questions? Call 1-800-659-0436 or email us at info@comfy1.com.


* Our "normal" completion time is subject to change if we receive a surge of orders, which can happen at any time (but we would make that clear when an order is placed); this tends to happen especially in the last months of the year. If you can plan farther in advance of when you really need the furniture, it's better.

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