Headrest Option

This headrest cushion can go on top of any of our foam-filled back cushions. (It would probably not stay in place well on a "puffy" back cushion).

headrest cushion on a Comfy 1 sofa

If you look at almost any furniture or car seat with a back high enough to lean your head against, you’ll see that the headrest area tilts forward a few inches; that is compatible with the normal curvature of most people's spines.  Our normal back cushions do not have such forward tilt at the top; therefore one of our sofas, even with the 4" or even 6"-higher back, will usually not provide head support at a location that most people would find comfortable (except possibly for a short person). A nodding-off head would be as likely to lean to one side or the other as to the rear, and in either case strain on the neck would be possible. If you want comfortable head support, please consider our headrest option, or be prepared to rest a folded towel, small floppy pillow, or something similar on the top-front of one of our high backs.


The man shown here is 6'1" tall, and the headrest cushion shown rests on one of our 2"-higher backs (which comes with the optional 33" height). For a comfortable angle of support, and in order for a taller person to sink down far enough for this to work as a good headrest, the complete setup needs to include a small pillow behind the sitter's lower back, to create a slight recline; and an ottoman can provide comfortable leg support.



sofa with headrest 2


The person shown here, peacefully demonstrating one of the most important uses of a couch or chair with a headrest, is 5'6". This headrest is attached to a 2"-higher back, but it could also provide good head/neck support for a person of this height even if on a standard-height back. Again, a soft lower-back pillow and a footstool are helpful to complete the comfortable setup.


Minor modification since these pictures were taken: the fabric flap that hangs down from the cushion now comes down about 2"farther than as shown here, and it passes fully around the top of the cushion that it fits on top of. This helps provide a good grip to hold it in place in use, in combination with special anti-slip material on its underside, plus pressure from the person's shoulders.



sofa with headrest, for elderly


If your sofa or chair will be against a wall, you may be satisfied just with a pillow that can serve as a sofa headrest while merely resting against the wall. A pillow with adjustable filling, to provide the right amount of filling to most comfortably support your neck and head, may be desirable for best comfort; our toss pillows are normally made that way. The lady shown is 5'3", on a sofa with the standard back height.





The charge for each headrest cushion (as distinguished from the toss pillow shown here) is $100, plus $4 per fabric "+" level. To make it high enough for a taller person, it would normally be best for it to go on top of our 2"-higher back cushions (our 33" back height).


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