Furniture that's Cozy, Comfortable, and Home-like, yet Practical, Heavy Duty, and Suited for Special Needs

heavy duty fraternity furniture

This page deals only with our furniture in applications where extra-sturdy furniture is especially needed. For pictures and information about our furniture in general, including sofas, loveseats and sectionals in which design features, custom dimensions and/or maximum comfort are more important, please see our home page (if you haven't already) by clicking here.



If you need furniture for heavy use, you don't need furniture with frames made of "engineered wood", stapled together, which is most of the furniture that's available these days.

Shown here: 31" Custom 05 chair, 55" loveseat, and 79" sofa, in a microsuede from Charlotte fabrics, part of a large order in the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity house at Lehigh University.





A Carefully-Researched Purchase
How to Make Sure that your Money and our Planet's Resources are Utilized Sensibly

heavy duty comfortable furniture for fraternity

At an early stage in their consideration of a furniture purchase, Phi Tau Coeducational Fraternity at Dartmouth College requested our sample seat for several days of testing the comfort of our furniture. Later they requested references from other fraternities that we had sold to. Then they ordered one sofa from us. Several months after receiving the first one, they confirmed an order for the 110" x 110" Virginia model sectional sofa shown here plus three additional separate sofas like the one shown on the right (in our 83" length). Aside from helping to verify that our sofas could hold up to their hard use, the initial single sofa purchase helped them decide to order our softer options (the webbing suspension, as opposed to the normal padded wood base, and the "puffy" back cushions).

The above research steps were merely the ones used by Phi Tau that we happened to notice. Other possible means of carefully considering a major purchase (any and all of which we strongly encourage) include comparing various vendors' warranties and product construction details (such as ours to be found at and ); look carefully at durations of warranties (typically only one year; and note that "life of product" to some vendors means only the life of the original fabric covers); and see exactly what is covered by the warranty -- most limit it to "defects in materials or workmanship," therefore excluding most product failure resulting from design that isn't suited to anything beyond careful home use; and see who pays for shipping the sofa to and from the repair facility, which is likely to be in California. Other appropriate research would include checking online for customers' comments about various furniture sources by looking at web-based complaint sites (for the manufacturers as well as the sellers, if the two are not the same); and also doing direct searches for the companies' names, which can bring up relevant comments in blogs.

In addition to purchasing furniture that's beautiful, customized, able to withstand very hard use, made in just the right size for the intended space and in the customer's choice of wood stains, and renewable for decades by means of economical replacement covers and cushions, our customers can also choose from among many hundreds of fabrics that are stain resistant, soft to the touch, and heavy duty, as well as in just the right color(s) to show loyalty to their college or fraternity.

An increasing number of young people these days (as well as some of us older people) prefer to direct their purchases toward things that don't promote the harmful pollution that results from bringing large products in from the other side of the world. Most competing furniture currently is made in China or Vietnam, often using materials that are first shipped from North America to Asia, then utilizing the low-cost labor there, then making a ten-thousand-mile trip back to the U.S. (See about some of the unpaid environmental and human costs resulting from the emissions produced by that whole process.) After that, the sofas and chairs (and all the non-renewable energy and other resources incorporated into them) are then typically worn out within a couple of years, before the remnants are shipped off to the ever-growing, polluting landfills. Replacing the covers or cushions on ordinary furniture is normally out of the question, because of the expense and because of the minimal quality of what's underneath. Furniture from Comfy 1 is the opposite of all of the above. Even our arm covers, as well as the zippered cushion covers, are easily replaced. Re-covering the fabric-covered back side of a frame, if you choose that kind of back and if you decide that it needs to be re-covered, takes a little more time plus the use of a home staple gun.

congenial, heavy-use sofas for fraternitiesFraternity often means congeniality, and a sectional sofa fits right into that picture. The subdued, neat-as-a-pin scene shown in the larger photo above, taken right after setting up the furniture, didn't last long. The smaller snapshot was taken minutes later by our delivery person on his way out the door. (The corner of a sectional tends to be the first-taken spot.)

(Note that delivery and setup by a person from our staff is normally available only in central-East-Coast locations, sometimes farther depending on amount of furniture going in a certain direction; but we ship to almost anywhere, with simple assembly required, by trucking company and/or ship.)

Fraternities should not get the impression from this particular case that the webbing suspensions and puffy back cushions are preferred by fraternities in general. This was the first coeducational fraternity that we have sold to, and also the first time that any fraternity has chosen anything other than our standard suspension and cushioning.

(A bit of conversation overheard by our delivery person while bringing things in: "It doesn't break." This was apparently the most important factor to the fraternity's committee that decided on the purchase, following their thorough consideration and trial. If people don't want to waste money on things that will just go to the landfills after a year or so, structural durability really ought to be important.)


For details about how our furniture is constructed so as to withstand heavy use, with pictures and specifications of materials and construction, click here.

But note: Just because our furniture can stand up to hard use, don't think that there is any sacrifice in comfort. Most people who come to our showroom say that our furniture is more comfortable than the furniture that they find in normal stores. We offer soft options in our cushioning and support, but most people say they like the firmness and the medium seat depth of our standard cushioning and suspension.


Pricing: Note that discounts are sometimes available to human services and other charitable organizations, but that can vary according to how busy we are with orders at the full price, at a particular time. As of March, 2017, discounts are not being offered. To go to the Comfy 1 home page, with links to pages for our individual models and pricing , click here.

The furniture shown above is in the waiting room of the District of Columbia Birth Center. Shown are 58" loveseats (becoming 62" including the optional padded arm wraps) and 28" chairs in the California model. Our most heavy-duty fabrics (such as the one shown) are solids or tweeds; but we also have moderately-heavy-duty fabrics in many decorative patterns. The fabrics section of this web site shows many of our heavy-duty fabrics. Swatches of any of those, as well as of many other kinds and colors of fabrics, are available on request.

The California model, shown above, is one of our two most practical models when you need to change the fabric (the Florida model is equally practical). Without the padded arm wraps, and with the optional all-wood backs, there is nothing to re-cover but the cushions, which are zippered. If you do choose the padded arm wraps, new covers can be applied to those fairly quickly, merely pulling off the old and tugging on the new, and fastening the velcro tabs. Of course we also sell complete replacement cushions, but normally the inner cushions (made of unusually high-quality filling) are good for at least fifteen years.

Our model with the completely-covered frames (the Custom 05 model) can be re-covered much more easily than typical upholstered furniture, but obviously not as easily as the ones with the exposed-wood frames.


If your fraternity or other heavy-use organization is ready for something better, and for something that will stand up to hard punishment for decades, we have what you need.

Shown here: 76" Florida model sofa, 52" loveseat, 28" chair, 24" x 48" coffee table, and two 18" x 24" end tables, in one of our extra-heavy-duty fabrics, part of an order delivered to the Theta Xi house at Virginia Tech.

(If this room looks bare for a fraternity house, and not very "lived in", it's because the renovators had just driven away when we pulled in with this furniture.)


heavy duty sofas for high school loungeWhat could be harder on furniture than one family's active kids plus their visitors? How about a hundred teenagers a day? After 2-1/2 years of exposure to this kind of activity, our furniture is doing fine, according to the director of this teen center.

Shown here: Our Custom 05 model in the 97", 61", and 34" sizes, at Passaic Valley high school in New Jersey (purchased by the New Jersey Community Development Corporation). The sofa and chair are covered with an extra-heavy-duty 100% olefin fabric that is available in a wide array of colors. All of our models are available in a range of other lengths.



Note to people seeking furniture for human services, charitable or educational organizations and also those considering large orders: We can normally offer significant discounts off the regular prices, especially if you can order well in advance of when you need the furniture.


practical durable furniture for special needs and handicapped


Notice that all exposed edges and corners of our furniture are well rounded. Also notice that the arm tops of our California models (shown here) and Florida models have overhanging edges, making them easy to grasp by somebody who needs a good grip for getting up. Also, with our firmer-than average support (in our standard cushioning), people find it easier to get up from our furniture than from typical furniture.


NOTE: The all-wood back as shown here is an option that can be ordered on any model except on sectional sofas, at a cost of $3 additional per inch of length. The standard back of the frame is covered with either the same fabric as on the cushions or with a vinyl that blends with the frame (see the picture farther down of a three-sided sectional.)


Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at .


heavy  duty sofa seat for heavy person with autismThe 240-pound teenager with autism here had the "rocking" syndrome, which we hadn't heard about until a year or two after delivering this California model sectional. At that time we found that there was a place on our frames that is vulnerable to that kind of activity on the part of a heavy, active occupant who sits in the same place all the time. The problem was taken care of with use of a repair kit we sent his parents (at no charge), but we appreciate it if customers tell us beforehand about likely exposure to that kind of behavior and order the extra reinforcement to prevent expected problems.

Ten years after their purchase, we checked with our customers, asking "if there is anything else that you think could be improved about our products,"and heard, "The sectional sofa we purchased from you is still in very good use. There have not been any other repairs needed," and they had no suggestions for improvements. The autistic young man shown was using this sofa for a total of seven years and then 30 days per year after that.

Notice that our furniture is guaranteed against structural problems for ten years after purchase, even when in use at a heavy-use facility. You will probably not find any other manufacturer that offers anything even remotely close to that. We also guarantee that our cushion filling will provide good support for at least ten years after purchase. We will pay for shipping components both ways, when repairing or replacing; and we assume responsibility for any damage in transit. Note that the usual warranty by our competitors requires packing and shipping a couch frame to the manufacturer or to the supplier's distant warehouse, at customer's expense, before the company then decides whether they will repair it; return shipping is also at customer's expense; damage in transit, always a strong possiblity, is also not the responsibility of the vendor. Given the above limitiations in our competitors' warranties, the customer should think carefully about whether such warranties offer any useful protection.


We can afford to offer an exceptional, outstanding warranty partly because we make the furniture well enough that we almost never hear of problems, and for other reasons also, noted farther down this page.

In the very few cases of problems that we have heard about, we have had a good-as-new (or additionally-reinforced) replacement component on its way back to the customer within three days after receiving a damaged component back, so that there was only a brief period during which the product was not usable.


Firm enough to promote alertness, in a business-like setting,
but comfortable enough to permit relaxed exchange of ideas

heavy duty sofas for waiting rooms or conference use

These four 88" Custom 05 sofas are in a classroom at Daytop Preparatory School, in Mendham, New Jersey. The fabric is one of our heavy-duty fabrics that also has a small pattern. A few years after their purchase, a space heater placed too close to one side burned a large hole in the fabric. We made a new side cover and mailed it to them with instructions on how to attach it. They were very pleased that this matter was easily taken care of. (But customers shouldn't assume that more of the same fabric will be available later --- if anticipating damage, consider ordering an extra couple of yards) They were also happy that the sofa did not catch fire; see about fire resistance of our furniture.


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time; or leave a U.S. Postal Service address to which we can mail product literature with prices, indicating that you're looking for furniture for a heavy-use organization or for use by handicapped, if that applies in your case. To send e-mail,


heavy duty unbreakable furniture for fraternity

This furniture is in the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, and includes an 85" sofa and two 28" chairs in our California model, as well as a 24" x 48" coffee table, a 30" x 30" corner table, and an 18" x 24" end table (concealed).


We offer a very wide selection of heavy-duty fabrics, in almost very color, as well as nine wood stains. Some of our fabrics pass the industry standard for heavy-duty abrasion resistance dozens of times over.

All cushions can be turned over (except on the FineFit model) for better distribution of wear and for hiding damage. If you prefer, they can be fixed in place. Below the cushions are firm supports of oak and plywood, in a construction that showed no damage or significant sag after 28 days of 800 pounds on one seat, in a test we conducted.


heavy duty traditional sectional sofa for fraternity use

Fresh out of the boxes, plus just a little work.

The house manager at Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at Purdue University reported to us, when sending us this picture taken shortly after receiving and assembling two sectional sofas in our Virginia model, "They were very easy to assemble and seem very sturdy so far. They look fantastic, especially the nailhead trim on the arms.... they work perfectly in the room, and despite some initial resistance to purchasing new couches, everyone loves them so far." (Note that nailhead trim is a special option, not standard.)

These sectionals are in one of our good selection of very heavy-duty, tear-resistant vinyl fabrics, and in our light fruitwood stain. The particular sizes they chose (from our wide selection) were 87" x 111", one as shown and one a mirror image of this one.


If you have a small sitting area, we have a great selection of compact sizes that will enable you to get best utilization of your limited space. Our standard depth is only 33", much less than most furniture being sold, as people tell us, yet it's very comfortable for almost all men (as well as women). Below: The Custom 05 loveseat in the middle is only 55" long, yet it seats two with a several inches left over. On the right is our chair-and-a-half, in our Virginia model, which is a snug fit for two people of no more than medium size (36"-wide cushion area). Both of the next two pictures are in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house at Gettysburg College.

comfortable heavy duty chairs and loveseats for fraternity use.


And/or if you have a large area to furnish, we can also accommodate your needs.(see below). In the foreground below are two 78"/83" Virginia-model sofas. In the back right corner are two 94" Virginia sofas with specially-adapted arms where they come together, allowing the two to either be together in a sectional arrangement as shown or moved around separately. Also shown are 24" x 48" and 38" x 38" coffee tables and an 18" x 24" end table, all in our dark amber stain.

heavy duty sofas, sectional sofas and coffee tables for fraternity use



heavy-duty loveseat for fraternity


A few months after delivery of the above
Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Gettysburg, we received an order from Phi Gamma Delta at Gettysburg, part of which is shown here.

This is our Custom 05 model in the 61" length, in one of our extra-heavy-duty fabrics that are available in a great selection of solid and tweed colors.

This length is our medium loveseat size, larger than our smallest size shown two pictures above this one, and smaller than the size shown in the next picture below.








heavy duty sofa for use by challenged and handicapped




If you need furniture for hard use, it probably doesn't pay to buy normal furniture

This 67" loveseat, in our Custom 05 model, is part of an initial purchase from The Learning Tree, Inc. of Alabama, a school for children with "severely challenging behavior." Just six months after receiving the initial order, when preparing to place another of three subsequent orders, the ordering official commented that the first three pieces had already held up better than any other furniture they had ever had. (And we know that the useful life of our furniture had only just begun.)


We have to admit that a potential weak spot on these frames came to light during the first year of use by this organization, as a result of unusually heavy, highly repetitive stresses that the funiture was exposed to by one of their particularly problematic residents. We promptly sent them a replacement side, which was easy for them to attach (by unbolting the damaged side -- three bolts -- and applying the replacement). We have since then reinforced the connection that failed in this instance, on all later pieces made in this model. This illustrates why we are able to offer a ten-year guarantee on the structure of our furniture, even when in heavy-use applications: (1) We make the frames very solidly to start out with (therefore we hear of problems very rarely), (2) since our frames consist of components that are bolted to each other, it is easy and relatively inexpensive for us to make and send a replacement component if there ever should be a problem, and (3) we then improve the design to eliminate any weak point that has come to light, thereby making our future warranty-honoring expenses even lower than they already were. That's how we make an excellent product even better. You'll probably find that a warranty as good as ours is unheard-of among other manufacturers

Especially if biting on the arms is a possibility, we also recommend separate arm covers to go on top of the basic fabric for extra, easily-replaceable protection at that location.

Their person who has assembled the furniture from us said that assembling the furniture was easy to do. To see how our frames are made and how the components are bolted to each other (permitting easy replacement if any component should have a problem), with pictures and specifications of materials and construction, if you haven't seen that page already, click here.

Do you have special problems? We have special solutions (so far, anyway).
Over two years after shipping this sofa to The Learning Tree, we heard from them about the problem shown here, on the fronts of two arm tops. (Remember that they had been going through new sofas in less than six months before their purchases from us.) There are normally three layers of padding where bare wood is shown in this photo. It was surprising to us, but not surprising to administrators of some organizations, the kind of damage that can be done in some cases. Remember that this is a heavy-duty vinyl fabric. We made up a repair kit consisting of padding and heavy tape to fill the arm tops back up to their normal shape, along with replacement matching arm covers that have extra-heavy backing (to prevent poking through and starting a tear) and very strong means of securing them in place. A few weeks after sending them, the feedback we've received is, "So far, things seem to be going great with the couch arms. We placed the couch back into the home 2 days after getting the new arms and we have yet to have any problems."


Furniture that's great to have in the center of your organization's activities, providing comfort and relaxation for active people without your having to worry about its giving out under hard use.

Shown above, a 133" x 133" Custom 05 sectional we made for the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands, of Omaha, NE, for their club at Carter Lake, Iowa, in one of our excellent selection of heavy-duty, tear-resistant vinyl fabrics. A tip of our hats to the official at this organization who took and sent us this picture and who said, "The sectional has been working out great and we've recommended it to our other units."


SPECIAL NEEDS, including related to incontinence, bariatrics, ease of getting up, etc.:

If any intended occupant weighs over 350 pounds or seriously abuses furniture, we should do some extra reinforcement; if an individual is 350 to 450 pounds or energetically abuses furniture, add $40 for that reinforcement for a sofa, $35 for a loveseat, or $30 for a chair. For reinforcement for over 450 pounds, or for very abusive use, add $60 for a sofa, $50 for a loveseat or $40 for a chair; if considering these, go to . One of our firmer cushioning options is also often advisable for the very heavy, unless the extra weight is well spread out; add $4 per inch of length for firmer cushions.

If any intended occupants have the syndrome of "rocking" backward and are over 160 pounds (or probably will eventually weigh over 160 pounds), please let us know so that we can provide extra reinforcement to prevent problems that could otherwise result ($25 charge per piece of furniture ).

Liquid repellancy and stain resistance: Vinyl or polyurethane covers are the most practical kind where stains or spills are a concern, and they are available in a very large selection of nice colors, mostly solids but also in some patterns, and in excellent leather imitations. And we test the ones we sell to help make sure we don't sell vinyls that are likely to split apart, as is often a problem with vinyls after a too-short life. Since some people don't like vinyls, and/or don't find them comfortable to lean against when the weather is humid, we also offer very viable alternatives:
a) We offer a good selection of Crypton® fabrics, which are attractive, woven heavy-duty fabrics that have outstanding liquid repellancy and stain resistance; but they are rather expensive, adding about $350 to the price of a three-seat exposed-wood sofa or about $600 to a Custom 05 model.

b) We also have a very good selection of heavy-duty fabrics that are treated with Teflon(R) that are more moderately priced (about 2/3 of the normal Crypton prices) and which are also extremely liquid repellant and stain resistant. In a test we performed, after 140 hard rubs with coarse (60 grit) sandpaper (a rather severe test), the liquid repellancy and stain resistance of one of these fabrics proved to be still excellent. Compared with vinyls or Cryptons, these fabrics also allow air to pass in and out faster, avoiding the extra-firm initial feel that will typically be felt when first sitting down on vinyls or Cryptons.
c) Vinyl inner covers to go below normal cloth covers, to prevent liquids from seeping into the cushioning material inside, even if the cover fabric is very porous. This allows use of covers that are extra-heavy-duty but porous, as well as allowing softer-feeling covers, and also permits use of a much wider selection of patterns and colors when not limited to liquid-repellant fabrics. This option allows passage of air better than all-vinyl or Crypton covers. Add $12 per cushion for this option.
d) And for $10 extra per seat, we can make the support pieces below the cushions wa

Difficulty getting up? (of special concern to the elderly and those with bariatric concerns):
Many people with such difficulties say that our standard seat, with medium-firm cushioning on top of a non-sagging, padded wood base, is much easier to get up from than normal furniture. But, in addition to our firmer cushion options, we can also make the whole piece of furniture higher than normal, to a special height that can be specified, for a moderate surcharge. More information about that can be found at

Semi-attachment of cushions: If kids' or pets' taking the loose cushions off the furniture is a problem, we can fasten them down ($17 per cushion) in a way that still allows an informed adult to remove and turn them, thus still permitting good utilization of both sides of the covers and cushions, as well as still allowing changing the covers years later. But this attachment is not recommended for back cushions if somebody is likely to sit on top of the back cushions. (Yes, that has happened with at least one our customers.)


Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at .

Pricing: Note that discounts are sometimes available to human services and other charitable organizations, but that can vary according to how busy we are with orders at the full price, at a particular time. As of March, 2017, discounts are not being offered. To go to the Comfy 1 home page, with links to pages for our individual models and pricing , click here.


heavy duty sofa for fraternity

Practicality suited for hard use and liquid spills by a rowdy bunch, yet with cloth covers, on its way west

Please excuse this quickie snapshot of part of an order for the Delta Chi fraternity house at the University of Southern California, taken in our workshop just before packing it to be shipped out. Shown: 76" Florida model, with extra-heavy duty olefiin fabric (available in a wide selection of colors). The customer ordered liquid-repellant inner covers to prevent spilled beverages from seeping into the cushioning material inside. This was done with some concern that the inner covers might detract from the comfort or appearance, but the advisor who ordered it said several months later that the fraternity members hadn't even noticed anything unusual about the sofas. This appears to be a good way to get much of the practicality of vinyl covers together with most of the appearance and feel of cloth covers, as well as providing the super durability of some of the woven fabrics we offer.



Other kinds of practicality for use by the handicapped, on its way north
The New York State organization (Mary Cariola Children's Center) that ordered the above and other furniture (in our Custom 05 model) was founded to take care of handicapped children with challenges so severe that other residences couldn't be found that would admit them. They tried out our semi-attachment option for the cushions and found the results with the test piece to be "great" after two weeks. They then finalized an order for additional pieces done that same way as well as with all of the extra reinforcements for special needs.


heavy-duty vinyl-covered sofadurable, stain-resistant contract sofa, yet comfortable

Vinyl or urethane fabrics also go well with our exposed-wood models, for even greater practicality in caring for the handicapped. In addition to excellent leather imitations, they are also available with decorative patterns. The arm shown on the left is our California model.


Many vinyl fabrics can be subject to cracking, but if you make sure that it is specified to be 100% virgin vinyl (or urethane, which looks essentially the same as vinyl), our testing indicates that cracking should not be a significant problem. The arm shown on the right is our Virginia model.



If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail,


Comfort, cleanliness, and community, together with unmatched durability and practicality. This picture of a 110" x 110" Virginia model sectional sofa was taken just before packing and shipping it to Carondolet Manor (an elder care facility) in Kansas City, Missouri.


The official who ordered the above sectional had expressed concern about comfort for elderly residents when first inquiring, and 1-1/2 years after delivery he said that it was working out very well. His was a very reasonable concern, since most furniture in stores these days, from what we have heard, is so deep and so soft that short-legged and elderly are uncomfortable and have difficulty getting up. Not so with our sofas and chairs, with their medium-firm, non-sagging support and their less-deep-than-typical seats..

A sectional sofa is an ideal furnishing for promoting contact between people, which increases contentment and also (accordiing to studies) personal well-being. Obviously, if hazardous bacteria or viruses are present, contact can be a double-edged sword.

Given the normal health concerns at such a facility, the fabric selected was one of the "Crypton" line, with anti-bacterial properties as well as being water repellant and stain repellant. But many of the Crypton fabrics are also very attractive, not at all institutional-looking. We can also treat the frame below the cushions to make it repellant to liquids that might be spilled and run off the cushions. The cushions can be removed for cleaning below, and even the support panels below the cushions can be easily lifted out for more thorough cleaning, all the way to the floor. For more frequent, quick cleaning below, it's obvious how easy it is to reach below with a mop or with the wand extension of a vacuum cleaner.

For this sectional, we also made the back cushions to be semi-attached, instead of being loose, which is standard.


Options for the backs of our sofa and chair frames: (1) Covered with the same fabric as on the cushions (as shown above), (2) an imitation-leather vinyl-covered back, in a color that blends with the frame color, as shown below, or (3) an all-wood back, which would look similar to what you see on the left except that it would be finished oak (solid oak at the top 3", with well-matched oak veneer plywood below). When it comes time to re-cover the cushions, having the back covered with the cushion fabric has the disadvantage that (if it looks much different from your new fabric, and if it isn't against the wall), you may want to re-cover that also, which takes about an hour with a staple gun and 2 1/4 yards of fabric for a three-seat sofa. The all-wood back has the disadvantage that it costs about $3 extra per inch of length. The vinyl-covered back doesn't have either disadvantage, but some people don't care for the appearance of it. (NOTE: We don't offer an all-wood back for the 32"-square corner units of sectional sofas.)


A perfect Setting for Serious Discussions, or for Friendly Lounging:

The sectional shown here (ordered with the Virginia-type front rails) was one of two made for Time to Change, Inc., an organization in the Denver area that counsels convicted felons. (Please excuse the photo taken in our workshop just before shipping this out.) The organization ordered the padded arm wraps, but those had not been applied as of the time this picture was taken. The model shown is our Florida model with the Virginia-type front rail, in our light fruitwood stain, and the fabric is one from our excellent selection of heavy-duty, extremely tear-resistant faux leather vinyls.

Potential for Something to Go Wrong: We learned from the above customer experience that people are likely to repeatedly drag an entire sectional around by one end, which can put undue strain on a front corner joint. Therefore, except for respectful home use, we will now ordinarily only sell sectionals that are made in separate sections (see

Minor damage resulted to the above sectional, but it was not difficult to repair -- when the structural parts of the frames are made of solid oak, it can be repaired, unlike the typical furniture that's made of "engineered wood." We would have been willing to pay for shipping both ways for the damaged component to be returned to us for a no-charge repair or replacement, but the facility's director opted to do an easy repair with a kit that we sent them. A couple of weeks after the repair, he wrote, "I love the product and the service. I'll be ordering more in the future. Thanks for everything." (It is likely that a statement such as the above coming from the director of an organization with often-abusive counselees, regarding both a product and the service in relation to a problem, is probably very unusual.) Update: Over two years after their original purchase, this organization ordered a third sectional just like the one pictured here, for a separate facility.


heavy duty, comfortable sofas and chairs for fire station

While your fire and rescue people are on call to risk their lives for the community, don't they deserve to relax on comfortable, nice-looking furniture that stays that way?

fire station sofas and chairsAbove and right: Our California model seating, with matching tables, at the Manassas (VA) Coles District Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad's station. When we were taking these pictures almost two years after delivery, the people there said they were quite pleased with the furniture. Very little needed to be done, mainly tightening some screws that mount the table legs, and replacing a few covers that had had holes poked by sharp tools worn by the firemen. The officer in charge commented about how our high-density cushioning maintains its support through heavy use, in contrast with the cushioning in cheaper furniture.

Since this station is located near our workshop and showroom, their officer was able to come check out our products personally before ordering. But we also sell a great deal to organizations that are very distant from us, sending out fabric swatches and wood stain samples for them to select from. This furniture is in one of our extra-heavy-duty fabrics, available in an excellent range of colors, and with our Light Fruitwood stain.

Something that didn't show up in these pictures: There were many black boot marks on the wood surfaces, which were rather noticeable on this optional fairly light wood stain. They were generally easy to remove by rubbing with some cleaning fluid (leaving our polyurethane finish on oak wood still in good condition). But you might consider the advantage of choosing one of our darker stains to help keep such marks from showing up conspicuously.

Looking at the picture of the second room, you can probably guess where the wide-screen TV is located. This squad could have found furniture that was less expensive in the initial price, but not in the long run. And that's not even considering the extra value of providing real, lasting comfort and pleasing surroundings to the personnel who are on call.


heavy-use seating practical with pets and spills

These sofas, in our Custom 05 model, are covered with a fabric from JF Fabrics that is extremely heavy duty and also very cleanable (which is usual with our heavy-duty fabrics), but this one is also washable, which is not typical. But washable fabrics are available on request, in a good selection of colors. Some of the extra-heavy-duty fabrics have a feel that some people find to be rough, and/or they have a weave that attracts cats' claws; but some are also smooth and not likely to be clawed.

We have a good selection of "Crypton" fabrics and others treated with Teflon that also have excellent cleanability, and which are available in a good selection of patterns. The Cryptons are very heavy duty, but not as outstandingly so as many of the coarser-textured, solid or tweed fabrics and fabrics without the special repellancies.

To see more about the pet-practical benefits of our furniture, including with cats as well as dogs, please go to .


1035 pounds of people trying out one of our 85" sofas

To try to assess the damage-resistance of our sofas, we gathered together the heaviest members of our work force plus the (impatient, restless) son of one of the adults. In addition to exposure to the antsy 330-lb. teenager, extra stress was simulated by the 210-lb. man in the maroon sweater with the blurry hands, shown completing a backward fall onto the sofa, which he did many times. 7 to 8 minutes of this had no effect on the sofa, so we called the test to a close.



As the renovations are drawing to a close, nothing could help complete the picture better than sofas from Comfy 1. (But don't wait until that time before placing your order.) Shown here are two Virginia model sofas just delivered to the Theta Chi house at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, ordered in one of our extra-heavy-duty fabrics, with vinyl inner covers to protect against spills. If you look closely at the front of the seat on the far left, you'll see some of the minor wrinkles that are an inevitable part of having the vinyl inner covers. Something else that is inevitable is slower passage of air in and out of those cushions when sitting down and getting up, which gives them a firmer initial feel than cushions without the inner casings.




At right: Our California model sofas in the drivers' lounge at the Montgomery County (MD) RideOn bus depot, after about five years of 24/7/365 use, with 300-lb drivers among the many steady users. We must acknowledge that a little straightening up was done before shooting this picture. (In addition to loose, reversible cushions as shown, we also offer cushioning that is fixed in place.)

Notice that the cushions, after all the years of hard use, are still in good condition, as a result of the high-quality polyurethane foam filling we use, without the usual polyester fiber that packs down with use. And there are no springs to sag.



location for contract sofas


We ship our furniture almost anywhere. We have sent sofas as far north as Barrow, Alaska (inside the Arctic Circle) and as far west as Waianae, Hawaii. The furniture shown below is part of a large order from United States Veterans Initiative, Inc. for their homeless shelter on Oahu.

U.S. Vets was obviously concerned about durability and practicality when considering their purchase, but they also wanted furniture that would help create a comfortable, inviting residence. (The pleasant climate and the obvious toleration of long-term camping on certain public lands in Oahu no doubt make it a challenge to get the homeless to come indoors.) The fabrics that they chose were from our extra-heavy-duty woven fabrics collection, but they were able to exercise great selectivity in the particular two colors they decided on, given the very wide selection that we offer.

Most overseas shipments these days come to North America. However...
If customers anywhere in the world seek sofas that are better for the long term, they should import them
from the USA
(from Comfy 1).

Given the location of this organization's facility (in Hawaii), the price advantage of Asian imports must have been especially great. But these customers' knowledge of typical quality problems with such imports would have been unusually good also. A few months after delivery, the ordering official wrote to us, "the furniture is great." These sofas are in our Custom 05 model.

Increasingly, people are realizing that repeated purchases of ordinary sofas end up costing more in the long run, compared with buying well-made furniture. That's not even counting the costs to our planet of purchasing cheaply-made couches: all those resources and so much energy consumed, and so much carbon emitted, for making and shipping large products that typically go to the landfills after a few years.


durable contract sofas, loveseats


Business and pleasure don't have to be opposites:
Most of our customers are outside of our middle-U.S-east-coast range for direct delivery and assembly by one of our personnel, so we typically send our furniture by trucking company and/or ship, which is fine because the assembly process is easy for our customers. But if our customers are in or near an area that's especially nice to visit, and want to receive the furniture at a time of year that's good for sightseeing, and/or if it's a large enough order, our direct delivery zone can sometimes widen substantially. During the snow-record-setting (for Virginia) winter of 2009-10, the balmy climate and beautiful scenery of Oahu, combined with the 15-sofa size of the purchase, were sufficient to convince us to send a person to personally deliver and assemble this order.


heavy duty practical furniture for handicapped

The 85" California model sofa and 54" loveseat here are in a residence managed by Supportive Concepts for Families, of Lewistown, PA, and are covered with one of our extra-heavy-duty tweeds. Almost three years after receiving this order, they called back to order a set for a second residence, mentioning that the earlier furniture had held up well under heavy use.


Our frames are made of components that can be replaced, by simply unbolting the damaged parts and then bolting the replacement components into place.


An e-mail from the executive director of an organization, Imagine Supported Living Services, in Capitola, California, that cares for the mentally-handicapped, August, 2008: "We are so appreciative of the couch and loveseat we've received from Comfy 1! In the past, we struggled to find durable furniture that could withstand regular use from a young man we support who has a developmental disability. Prior to purchasing your furniture, we wasted time and money by regularly replacing furniture that would not hold up. When we initially decided to take the leap and purchase this set, we weren't sure that anyone could construct durable furniture that could last. Not only have we been pleasantly surprised by how long we've had both pieces, but the fact that they still look good and need so little maintenance is really wonderful. Now that approximately eight years have passed since our original purchase, we continue to be pleased and surprised with the great support and customer service we receive. You've made it so simple to order some replacement pieces (editor's note: a better term would be "replacement components"), the couch once again looks and works like new. Thank you so much for everything you've done, I will certainly recommend Comfy 1 to other care providers."

If you are ordering furniture for a residence for juvenile delinquents or possibly-violent convicts, please be sure to discuss with us the possible use of bolts other than our standard eyebolts for assembling the frames. One administrator of such a facility specified bolts that would be extremely difficult to remove from the frames for possible use as makeshift weapons.

To see details of how this furniture is made, with pictures and specifications of materials and construction, click here.

To see some of the heavy-duty fabrics and other fabrics that are available with our furniture, go to .

If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time; or leave a message with a U.S. Postal Service address to which we can mail product literature with pricing, indicating that you're calling from a heavy-use organization, if that applies in your case. To send e-mail, .


To return to the Comfy 1 home page, with links to pages for our individual models and pricing , click here. Note that discounts are sometimes available to human services and other charitable organizations, but that can vary according to how busy we are with orders at the full price, at a particular time. As of March, 2017, discounts are not being offered.


A summary of questions to be considered when thinking about ordering furniture from us:
Q: Which model?
A: The models with fully-exposed-wood sides (Florida and California), which can take the removable padded arm wraps, are the most practical for replacing the fabric covers. Of those two, the California model is $300 more expensive, and not significantly more durable for most purposes. But the optional arm padding on those models is easy to lift off, which you may or may not like. On the Virginia model (which is also $300 more expensive than the Florida model), re-covering the arms is either a little more difficult or else $40 more expensive for a sofa (if you choose our special easy-replacement arm covers). And the fixed arm padding on that model may be more desirable for some applications. The Custom 05 (fully-upholstered) model is the most expensive to re-cover completely, but the high-wear locations (cushion covers and arm tops) are easy and relatively inexpensi
ve to re-cover.

If ease of getting up is a concern, the models with exposed-wood arm tops may be the most practical, since they have a hand-grip area that offers an especially secure grip. But if head-banging is a concern, you probably would want to avoid the models with exposed wood arm tops. The Virginia model's arms are about 2" lower than the arms of the other models, which may be less comfortable for an arm rest height than the arms of the other models, and less easy to push up from for a taller person.

Special needs to consider: (a) sitter's weight over 350 pounds? If so, reinforcement is needed, and probably firmer cushions; (b) "rocking" problem of persons with autism? -- reinforcement needed; (c) spill-resistance needed, or incontinence a problem? We offer Crypton woven fabrics (which are anti-microbial as well as liquide repellant), Teflon-treated fabrics (liquid repellant and very cleanable), and a wide selection of nice-looking, very tear-resistant vinyl fabrics (liquid repellant and especially cleanable). If you want one of our toughest, most heavy-duty fabrics, those are very cleanable, but liquids can pass through them; however, you can order vinyl inner casings that can go inside the outer covers to protect the foam filling from spills; (d) ease of getting up a concern? Consider having the frames made higher, however even our standard seat height (16 1/2") and standard firmness are easier to get up from than most furniture; (e) need the loose cushions to be attached? (add $17 each).

Comparing our furniture with that from other sources: Think about long-term costs. Compare various vendors' warranties and product construction details (such as ours to be found at and ); look carefully at durations of warranties (typically only one year; and note that "life of product" to some vendors means only the life of the original fabric covers); and see exactly what is covered by the warranty -- most limit it to "defects in materials or workmanship," therefore excluding most simple product failure when used heavily; and/or the warranty applies only to home use; and see who pays for shipping the sofa to and from the repair facility. Other appropriate research would include checking online for customers' comments about various furniture sources by looking at web-based complaint sites (for the manufacturers as well as the sellers, if the two are not the same); and also do direct searches for the companies' names, which can bring up relevant comments in blogs. Also, many customers prefer furniture that is made in the U.S., as opposed to furniture made in China, with considerable toxic pollution included in the process of bringing it here.

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