About the Company:
Comfy 1 (previously called Creative Comfort Co.) has been making sofas and chairs that responded to local customers' needs since our early days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where we started (at first as a part-time venture) in 1970. Customization and distinctive designs, combined with outstanding durability, came to be what really set our products apart from the mass market furniture. The company grew to include outlets in the New York area and Portland, Maine. In late l996 high costs and a many-years-long downturn in the economy in the Northeast, especially in our Boston-area home base, inspired a move to the South.

In early 2003 we moved from eastern Tennessee to a better location in the Fredericksburg area of north-central Virginia, which is now our home base. This facility is centrally located between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, about one hour from each, and 1 1/2 miles off the major north-south corridor, I-95. We are now able to conveniently make direct deliveries via our own vehicle to the sizable percentage of our customers who live between Richmond and the New York area. At the front end of our workshop, we have a showroom that is easily accessible to customers from the Washington-Richmond-Annapolis region, but customers often come from much farther to get a good look at and a feel of furniture that can become an important part of their households for decades to come.

But we also sell over half of our total volume to people who don't come to our showroom, who can tell from our descriptions and pictures that we offer features and quality that they want but which aren't available locally. Despite our satisfaction guarantee, we have had almost no returns since 2001 (the only returns since 2001 were two ottomans). The one major return (in 2001) was of a damaged shipment. We then improved our packing and soon zeroed in on shipping companies that handled our boxes carefully, All three returns were followed by prompt full refunds. We've had only three minor problems with shipping damage since then (involving damage to all-wood sofa backs in all three cases) and made sure that all three customers ended up happy. Shipping of all-wood sofa backs is a special problem, but we have made still more improvements in packing to address that problem.

Donald P. Meulenberg


The founder and owner, Don Meulenberg, continues to manage the company and to deal with customers.


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