Durable, Practical, Child-Friendly Furniture
These sofas, loveseats and chairs are very heavy-duty and suitable for any heavy use, including by growing kids and active teenagers, for reasons that are covered elsewhere in this web site (nearly-indestructible frames, high-quality cushion filling, ease of replacing the covers, wide selection of heavy-duty fabrics, etc.). Because of kids' inclination to climb on chair and sofa arms, parents often order the polyurethane-finished all-wood arm top option. But they also often feel comfortable buying the optional padded arm wraps, or even a more upholstered model, since the arm covers (like the other covers) are fairly easy to replace. Some people find our extra-heavy-duty fabrics to be unpleasant to the touch, so they often choose our moderately-heavy-duty fabrics that are softer, or even one of our many cotton fabrics, since it is so relatively easy and inexpensive to replace the covers on our exposed-wood models. If children's asthma or allergies are concerns, our furniture (especially the exposed-wood models) has special advantages that are explained in another section of this website.

kid-friently sofas

In a "rec" room (or any room that gets hard use), you need something they can't wreck. Shown here:: "Upon delivery" and "During use" pictures of a sectional in a basement recreation room in Long Island. These pictures were taken shortly after delivery in 1999. Five years later (and after much more growth by the kids) our customer reported, "The couch has held up quite well. Many kids have sat and slept on it. It is used daily."




kid-friendly/kid-resistant sofasWhat could be harder on furniture than one family's active kids plus their visitors? How about a hundred teenagers a day? After almost 1-1/2 years of exposure to this kind of activity, our furniture is doing fine, according to the director of this teen center.

Shown here: Our Custom 05 model in the 97", 61", and 34" sizes, in the teen center at Passaic Valley High School in New Jersey. The sofa and chair are covered with an extra-heavy-duty 100% olefin fabric that is available in a wide array of colors. All of our models are available in a range of other lengths.


When considering a purchase, think seriously about the heavy use your furniture is likely to be exposed to in the future, as your kids grow bigger and have parties. And then think about the fact that most furniture in stores these days has frames made of "engineered wood", assembled with staples (Upholstering Design & Management magazine, July and September, 2004). Then review the many ways in which our furniture stands apart from ordinary furniture, including the points covered in the section on "materials and construction details" earlier in this website, which you can see if you click here. And also read some of the many quotations from letters and emails from our customers who have had our furniture for decades, and who say how great their furniture looks after a new set of covers, which you can see if you click here. You may also be interested in our page about the many organizations that need furniture for hard use and that have bought our furniture, which you can see at www.comfy1.com/heavy-duty_furniture.htm .

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