Less-Deep Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs (shorter front to back) and Lower Seats

We can make any of our furniture (sofas, loveseats, and chairs) less deep than normal. But many customers tell us that our standard sofas and chairs, even when not specially made less deep, are substantially less deep than most sofas in stores these days.

With our standard frame depth, the distance from the front of the seat to the front of the back cushions is 20" - 21". And the total depth of the frame is 33". The back cushions are 8" thick, but there is only (covered) plywood behind them, so the back support provided is firmer than on many sofas and chairs.

The sofa shown here is 30" deep. This is a 3"-less-deep version of our standard Florida model. (Please excuse the setting, which is in our Fredericksburg, Virginia workshop). The man shown sitting on it is 6'1" tall, and (like most people of tall or average height) his legs are not supported fully with this dimension. For many or most people, this would significantly detract from the comfort of the sofa or chair during extended sitting. But, especially for shorter-term sitting, it certainly is not uncomfortable. And very short-legged people are likely to find this shallower seat depth more comfortable than that of normal sofas.

However, very short people, who might prefer the less-deep seat if they were the only ones to sit on it, are often agreeable to the standard depth because they realize it's more comfortable for taller members of the household, and/or because it leaves a broader surface on which to recline. A toss pillow behind the sitter can sometimes make up for the excess seat depth satisfactorily.


For the 3"-less-deep option, add 15% to the base price of the sofa, loveseat, chair or sectional. (The less-deep frames and cushions use essentially the same materials as our standard-dimension models but require special, time-consuming labor to make everything smaller as well as extra administrative work to make sure it comes out right).

For a smaller surcharge, puffy back cushions can be ordered with some extra filling, to provide more forward support for the short-legged.

People with normal legs should think carefully before ordering the less-deep option if their purpose is to save space, since it will usually be noticeably less comfortable for them.


We can also make the frames lower in our exposed-wood sofa models, for $35 per sofa or chair frame. However, even most short-legged women, who say that their feet dangle off the floor when sitting on sofas in normal stores, say (with relief) that their feet do reach the floor when sitting on our furniture made in the standard height (the standard height to the top of our seat cushions is about 16 1/2".)


small sectional sofa


The sectional shown above is in our standard seat depth (33" frame depth), which most people will like better than the less-deep option. The adults shown here are, left to right, 5'3", 5'9" and 5'6". Our customer wrote, when sending us this holiday picture a month or so after delivery, "Everyone found it really comfortable, all our guests really like it.  No problem for my mother, at 87, getting up."


We also make any of our couches and loveseats in shorter lengths than can typically be found in stores; for more on this, click here.



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