Living Room Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Sectionals and Matching Tables

small living room sofa loveseat

We offer upholstered furniture in numerous sizes, including unusually compact, unusually large, and many sizes in between, to enable an excellent fit in almost any living room. The non-bulky sizes, combined with our unusual firmness options, also allow our living room furniture to provide comfort and good support to many people who aren't comfortable with sofas and chairs to be found in normal stores these days.

Shown here: Our Custom 05 small sofa or large loveseat (67"), one of many possible sizes.


small traditional living room loveseat


Since we make this furniture in several different models and in a huge selection of beautiful fabrics (and with a choice of wood stains on the models with exposed wood), it can complement the decor of almost any living room.


This furniture provides appearance you can take pride in as well as excellent durability and comfort. It's an especially welcome alternative for those who like something less bulky and more supportive than what is found in most days.stores these days.


contemporary living room sofa, loveseat


Our fabric selection almost certainly includes some that are well suited for your decor. We offer a wide range of standard sizes, from very compact to very large, as well as custom sizes, to fit almost any possible space.

Shown here: 83" sofa and 71" loveseat in our Virginia model, just two of many available sizes. For more pictures, pricing and details on this model, click here.


We ship or deliver all over the U.S.A.

modern living room sofas & loveseat


All of this combines with extra-durable cushioning, solid hardwood frames, and economy of replacing the fabric covers, together with prices that are moderate, especially considering the long-term savings.




The durability and long-term economy of our seating contrasts with the nature of most sofas being sold these days, which usually have cheaply-made frames that are prohibitively expensive to re-cover.


Living room sofa

Above: Our Virginia model, with more curvature than most of our other models, might allow better compatibility with other furnishings in your living room.


off-white living room sofas


All of our models, including fully-upholstered ones, are made so as to be relatively easy and inexpensive to re-cover, resulting in major long-term savings. All cushions are separate and zippered. Fabric on frames is either attached with velcro or is stapled on while the components are separated, which is easy to do.

All of our frames are basically of solid hardwood, with heavy-duty joinery. More details on this and other features are available by going to our main page (via the link at the bottom at this page).


These are only a few of many sizes and design variations that we offer in sofas, sectionals, loveseats and chairs that go well in modern or contemporary living rooms. Shown here: 88" sofa and 61" loveseat, with our standard (31") height, and with optional toss pillows, in our Custom 05 model. For more pictures, pricing and more details on this model, click here. .


living room sofa set


Our exposed-wood models are especially practical and heavy-duty, although they are also somewhat higher-priced in most fabrics.

We offer a good choice of wood finish colors, to blend well with other wood in your home.

Shown here: Our California model. This design, along with the Florida model, is especially popular with people who own pets, especially cats, because of the damage-resistance and cleanability of the well-finished oak arms. For more pictures, pricing and details on this model, click here.

Living rooms with a great deal of exposure to sunlight can benefit especially from furniture with less fabric to be damaged by sunlight, and furniture on which it is easy to replace the covers.

This furniture, including sectional sofas, can be disassembled into components that are easy to carry through almost any passageway, and then bolted back together again, for entry even into living rooms that are diffucult to access with typical, bulky furniture.


living room sofa set

Shown above: Two of our several standard sizes in a sofa and chair, together with a special custom sized sofa and window seat. (We do window seats only in combination with an order for furniture.)

"Great rooms" as well as living rooms are ideal places for sofas, loveseats and chairs that can blend well into various decors and can also stand up through decades of hard wear in locations that get heavy family use.


living room sofa, loveseat, chair


Our excellent range of possible sizes enables best utilization of limited space, which is very important in many cases. Shown above: Our longest standard three-seat sofa size together with our shortest standard two-seater, and a chair. (The table shown was not by us.)



If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.

cat-resistant living room sofa

The 76" Florida model sofa shown above in a Boston-area home is in our standard (31") height and Medium Fruitwood stain, with one of our wide selection of extra-heavy-duty fabrics. Cat owners normally choose not to order the optional padded arm wraps.


Pet owners, as well as people who love wood, are more likely to choose the optional all-wood back, when the back of the furniture will be away from the wall. Shown above: loveseat (in one of three standard sizes) and sofa in our Florida model, in the Medium Fruitwood stain and with the 2"-higher back. Also a large ottoman, which serves not only as a footrest but also as a coffee table and as occasional extra seating. The standard appearance from the rear is with a fabric-covered back, as shown below.

living room loveseat, chair




Living rooms or great rooms in homes that are nestled in natural surroundings are particularly well suited to our furniture. Shown here, again: our California model, in the 64" loveseat and a wide chair size.

Notice the padded arms, which are available on any of our models that have exposed-wood arms. Like the zippered cushions and the detachable frame components, the padded arms are fairly easy and inexpensive to re-cover.



The simple lines of this furniture, combined with your choice of many sizes, wood colors and an immense fabric selection, can provide a perfect fit with living rooms in widely-varying decors.




If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.

pet-friendly living room sofa

Shown above: Our Florida model sofa, in just one of several standard lengths, in non-bulky dimensions, allowing an excellent fit almost anywhere. This one was specially-made higher than normal, and is in our Dark Amber stain.


cat-resistant living room sofa and chair

Shown above, our armless sofa model and two Florida chairs, in two of our many standard sizes that allowed excellent utilization of the limited space in this customer's living room. Notice how the non-bulky arms of the chairs allow placing comfortable seats for two in a smallish area while still leaving room for passage between them to the next room. Practicality with cats was important for these customers also.


green living room sofa

Shown here: Our Virginia model, in one of three three-seat sofa sizes, and in one of thousands of fabrics, to go perfectly in any setting.

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