Lodge, Log Home, or Cabin Furniture: Sofas, Chairs, Sectionals and Tables that are Suited for Heavy Use and Casual Relaxation

We make furniture that is not only inviting, comfortable and relaxing but also suited for heavy use. These sofas, sectionals, loveseats and chairs provide excellent durability and comfort as well as the practicality of being able to easily and economically replace the covers or cushions. We offer an excellent selection of fabrics that are pleasant to feel, abrasion resistant, and available in a wide selection of rustic and other specialty patterns.

lodge home/log home sectional sofa



We offer them in six different designs and a wide range of standard sizes, but we can make them special sizes as well, down to the precise inch of length. Padding to fit neatly over the armtops is optional.

Model shown: Maryland model, with fabric-covered side panels. (Solid oak side panels are optional at same price.)


lodge home sofas and lounge chair

With our exposed-wood frames, made in your choice of ten different wood stains, five of our models are ideally suited for rooms in which the natural beauty of real wood is an important part of the decor. And if a room is to get a good deal of direct sunlight, the ease of replacing covers on our cushions is an important feature. We also offer a wide range of sun-resistant fabrics. (Model shown above: our Florida model, with fabric-covered backs. All-wood backs can be ordered.)

Often even a large room benefits from furniture that doesn't have the bulky dimensions that are characteristic of most furniture in stores these days.


custom log home sofa


With our huge selection of all different kinds of fabrics, all of our models are ideally suited to go in log homes or rustic cottages.


The owner of this cottage was especially attracted to the fact that we could make a sectional just the right size for the limited space in this room.

And, especially since this is a rental unit, it was also advantageous that this furniture is nearly indestructible and relatively easy and inexpensive to re-cover.

(This is our Virginia model.)


large lodge sofa

This sofa was an extra-long special length, and was also ordered with a 4"-higher back, together with a large ottoman. The padding on the arms is optional and can be ordered to be removable, leaving only a super-practical, polyurethane-finished solid-oak arm top.


An all-wood back can be ordered on any model and size, but with limitations on sectional sofas.


custom sectional cabin sofa

We offer a wide range of standard sizes, from very compact to very large, as well as custom sizes, to fit almost any possible space. There is also a good choice of wood stains, to blend well with other wood in your room.

Our ability to make sofas and sectionals in almost any size was a key consideration for these customers. (This sectional and the sofa below are in our Virginia model.)









light, airy hand-crafted cabin sofa

These are only a few of many design variations and sizes that we offer in sofas, sectionals and chairs that are ideally suited for use in a lodge setting.


lodge home loveseat and sofa






This sofa-loveseat set and the sectional below are in our Maryland model. We are selling this model only rarely currently, since it is very expensive to make. The model that we sell more of these days, which is similar to the Maryland model and also very compatible with lodge-type settings, and less expensive (but still more expensive than our other designs), is our New Jersey model. Both models can be seen at www.comfy1.com/exclusive_handcrafted_sofas.htm .


Shown below is the fabric-covered back. The backs of any of our models can be made all-wood as an option at a surcharge, with the exception that we do not offer the all-wood back as an option for the corner units of sectional sofas. We also offer a leather-look vinyl cover for the backs of the frames, which people sometimes order for the back of the corner unit to go with all-wood backs for the side sections.

rustic home sectional sofa

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