Distinctive, Solid, Modern Sofas and Chairs-- or Arts & Crafts -- or Timeless

Our Maryland series of modern sofas, loveseats, chairs and sectionals have our most unusual design; but, as you can see in later pictures, these sofas and chairs go well not only with modern but also with decors of earlier periods, in which solidity and simplicity take precedence over embellishment. In a modern living room, family room or second home, the distinctive yet simple lines of this furniture can be the perfect thing. This sofa model is solid oak wood except for the covered panels that partially fill the openings in the sides, which are 3/4" plywood.

modern sofa and loveseat



Shown here: 76" Maryland sofa and 52" loveseat, with 48" square table, in a modern living room setting in Eastern Massachusetts. Many table sizes are available. Sofas are also available in 85" and 94" lengths, and loveseats are also offered in 58" and 64" lengths. For prices, look near the bottom of the second page of this section.

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A Modern Sofa Design that Doesn't go out of Style or Wear Out in a Few Years


Decades later: The picture above right was taken shortly after delivery in 1984. In 2006 these customers bought their first replacement cushions for this set, providing a whole new look, in a distinctive, specialty fabric that they found through a web search (on the Barrow site, referred to in the fabric section of this website.) They sent us pictures and a note saying, "I checked a bill on a single chair we had reupholstered about 15 years ago; the cost was about the same amount as all the new cushions and covers we just bought for the sofa and loveseat ($1100)....we're very happy with the new cushions & covers. Thanks very much."

Where else could you find furniture that not only has a clean modern sofa design (of a kind that will still look and feel good decades later) but also will be an excellent investment, providing major long-term savings? Savings result from, among other things, the fact that the frames and suspensions are essentially indestructible, and the frames do not have fabric covers wearing out; therefore there is no need for expensive, skilled reupholstering or else repeated purchases of new furniture. Compared with the experience of these customers (which is rather typical among our customers, judging by feedback we receive regularly when people come back to us for replacement covers and cushions), consider how much your household would have spent on replacement disposable furniture during more than two decades.




Modern Sofa

Shown at right: Maryland sofa with the optional padded arm wraps, in an Atlanta condominium. You can use one of our sofas as the centerpiece of your room, with confidence that it will be comfortable and decorative as well as extra-durable. Notice the coordination of colors, made possible by our huge fabric selection and our choice of wood finishes. (The yellow pillows were not made by us; on our pillows we don't offer "welting", the raised cording often seen going around the edges of pillows.)

Be aware that the padded arm wrap units merely grip the finished wood arms and tuck in beside the seat, and they can be easily slipped off the arms. And the covers on the padded arm wraps, like the zippered cushion covers, are easy and relatively inexpensive to replace.




Modern Sofas Don't have to be Stark, Bulky, or Lacking in Good, Comfortable Support



Modern Sofa Fabric



Notice the graceful but subdued wood grain, free of the excessive boldness often associated with oak. Also notice the flush joinery on the side, achieved through careful, accurate, time-consuming workmanship. (There are two precisely-fitted 1/2" x 1 3/4" dowels plus glue inside each of these corners.) On top of it all is a coat of satin polyurethane, providing the low lustre you see, following a previous coat of semi-gloss polyurethane (for even greater hardness). The finish shown here is our medium russet.

Notice the nicely-rounded outer edges of the wood. (All outer edges and corners on the other models are also rounded in the same way, except for tables with the optional Roman ogee edges). Note also the side panel in the middle of the opening on the side, only on this model. When changing covers on the cushions, you would normally change the covers on these panels as well, which is not difficult to do.






Modern Living Room Sofas



In the modest-sized room at the right, our customer wanted to include both a comfortable seating area and a separate walkway. With ordinary sofas, that would have been difficult, because of their typical bulk. With our 33" frame depth and narrow arms, it was no problem. Ordinary 85" sofas would also have been difficult to get up the stairway leading to this apartment. With our sofas arriving in the form of components, it was just a matter of walking upstairs a number of times with armloads of parts and cushions and then bolting them together.








Shown at left: 94" sofa and 58" loveseat, with our 33" height option (purchased by a tall couple). The pillows leaning against two of the arms are examples of our "arm pillows", which are available at the same price as our toss pillows.

Notice how, when choosing a wood finish for our furniture, a contrasting color often looks better than trying to match surrounding wood.

We don't sell book cases or shelf units, such as the one that helps the sofa above serve as a room divider; but we do offer long, narrow, high tables that can serve much the same purpose.

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