Sofas that Can Fit Through Small or Narrow Entries or Passageways

Entry into almost any room: All of our models are extremely sturdy but are also easy to disassemble for moving, as well as to re-assemble. Even large sectionals can be gotten into essentially any room, including rooms accessible only by narrow doors, stairways, hallways or around tight corners. They are shipped or delivered to you in the form of components, which we assemble if we deliver them. (We personally deliver almost all orders from customers located between Virginia in the south and the New York City suburbs in the north, sometimes to the Boston area, and west to Southeastern Pennsylvania. Large orders or multiple orders going to the same area sometimes take us well beyond that range.)

We have sold many sofa sets, including sectional sofas, to people who wanted to furnish a room that was accessible only by means of an entry that was too small to allow passage of typical couches. There has never been a problem getting our furniture into the room.

furniture for narrow passages













The Northern Virginia customers who ordered this Virginia-model sofa and loveseat for this cozy basement den said that they would not have been able to get normal sofas down the stairway into this room. With our furniture, it was no problem at all.


If we don't deliver to your area, the furniture would be shipped via FedEx Ground, in disassembled form. (It will always have been pre-assembled in our workshop and inspected). If you receive it via common carrier, simple assembly is required, with the aid of simple instructions with pictures.. Since pictures were added to our assembly instructions many years ago, we haven't heard of any customers having significant difficullty assembling our furniture.


Ease of assembly from flat components, and likewise ease of disassembly, applies to all of our designs, with the exception that a sectional sofa includes a corner unit that is about 33" square by 24", although even that is easy to disassemble into two L's.


Below you can see how our frames go together and come apart.

Exploded view Custom Sofa


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