Furniture like ours is so expensive to make that hardly anyone would buy it if there were a normal retail markup on top of the product costs.

A substantial markup is needed to pay for a typical retail store's costs: good commercial real estate, advertising, salespeople (idle much of the time but steadily costing money), costs of shipping furniture in from distant manufacturers, plus many other expenses. To allow for margins high enough to pay for all those costs, while keeping the product in a popular price range, the cost of making the furniture itself would have to be rather low. For manufacturing costs to be that low, products must normally be (1) mass produced, (2) built to mediocre or low standards of durability, (3) in trendy styles whose high sales volume can support a big, mechanized factory, and (4) made with very few or no custom options. In other words, not at all like our furniture. With the costs of making extra-durable, highly-customized, non-mass-market furniture being as high as they are, avoiding middlemen is an important part of profitably getting the product to the customer.

But keep in mind that we ship to almost anywhere, at moderate cost.


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