Ordering, payment details, completion time, and receiving shipments:

Preliminaries: The customer needs to choose a fabric, wood stain (on the models with exposed wood), design, and size, and let us know if you're interested in other options, such as an optional higher back, puffy or firmer cushions, webbing suspension (for softer support), toss pillows, padded arm wraps, or an all-wood back. To go to our fabric section, see the link at the bottom of this page. For information about the other options, go back to our home page (linked at the bottom of this page), and also see the individual model pages (linked to near the top of the home page). Pricing information is shown near the ends of the separate sections that deal with our specific different models. But we will be glad to quote total pricing also (including moderate delivery or shipping charges), in response to any inquiries. Please contact us by phone or e-mail with any questions, in what is admittedly a somewhat complicated decision process.

Placing an order: Call or write in an e-mail or letter the specifics of what you're planning on purchasing, and indicate to where it should be delivered or shipped. We will do the calculations and get back to you shortly to make sure we are in agreement on the pricing. To make it an official order, we require a 10% deposit (see below for payment details). We will send you a paper copy of the order with all specifications in writing, for your confirmation and records.

Payment details and guarantee: Master Card, Visa, Discover and personal checks are accepted. The balance on the order is expected when we're ready to ship the product to you, or when you receive it (if we deliver it in our vehicle). Personal checks help hold down our costs, and are appreciated. If you’re concerned about not receiving a product that satisfies you: Note that, if you pay by credit card, and if the seller allows return (which we specifically allow in our Satisfaction Guarantee; which you can read if you click here), Section 1666e of the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act requires the seller to promptly issue a credit for the amount of the transaction upon return of the product. Even aside from any requirements, we would honor our satisfaction guarantee. If we ever failed to honor our guarantees, that could be easily publicized and quickly found out on the internet (see "We invite you to check us and our competitors out" near the bottom of our home page).

This satisfaction guarantee is a very logical thing for us to offer, since it increases the customer comfort level, keeps us "on our toes," and costs us almost nothing to honor. In fourteen plus years of offering it, the total returns have been two ottomans and a loveseat-sofa set that arrived damaged in 2001. We greatly improved our packing after the damage problem, and we refined our ottoman upholstering procedures after one of the ottoman returns. For businesses that are always open to improvement, probably no school teaches better or at lower cost than a satisfaction guarantee.

Credit card payments: Please note that you should call with credit card information, or write a note enclosed in an envelope sent via the U.S. Postal Service, rather than sending the information by e-mail, which is not secure.

Order completion time: We have usually been able to keep within a five-to-six-week period for completion of normal orders, in combination with our long-term option which allows a 10% discount. However, we are a small company and it's easy for a surge of orders to get us booked up beyond our normal completion period, in which case we would let you know that before you place an order. This is especially likely to happen as the winter holiday season approaches. If you can plan farther in advance of your needs, especially late in the year, please do so.

Receiving shipments of our furniture: If we deliver the furniture to you in our van (normally only in the central-Virginia-to-New Jersey-to-southern-Pennsylvania region), we would arrange with you a particular time of day for delivery, and we would bring it in and assemble it. Otherwise, most orders would be shipped by Fedex Ground. Boxes containing the furniture would be brought to your front door, if one person with a hand truck is able to get to your door.


If you receive our furniture via common carrier, it will require simple assembly. (It will always have been pre-assembled in our workshop and inspected). It is genuinely relatively easy to assemble, by aligning bolts with embedded nuts (as shown with the arrows here), and then turning them in by hand. They should be turned in just a turn or two at first, in all four corners, then re-check squareness, then turn them in fully, then lay in the seat decks and back cushion supports, and then the cushions.


The last problem with assembling out furniture (that we've heard about) was from a 78-year-old grandmother about 10 years ago, who needed help with two of the bolts, and subsequently we have made two separate modifications, each of which makes the bolt insertion easier. For information about assembly required, click here.

If an order comes via Fedex Ground, specific day of the week and evening or Saturday deliveries can be arranged. Their expected day of arrival has been uniformly very accurate.

Q: Will I be able to inspect the furniture while the delivery truck is still here?
: Normally only if it's delivered in our van. The delivery service has to keep the trucks and drivers moving, so they won't normally wait for you to inspect the furniture. It will be thoroughly packed, so it would take a while to get at it enough to give it much of an inspection. If a box is visibly damaged, you will be allowed to open and inspect the contents. We have had very few problems with damage in shipment. In any case we will promptly replace or repair anything that is damaged, and you have the option of returning the product for a full refund during the first seven days if you aren't happy with it (see "Payment Details and Guarantee," above).

A caution to anyone considering a purchase:
Please be aware that Comfy 1 makes and sells furniture that, from normal viewing positions, looks as good as what you see in the pictures on this website; but for the undersides and insides, our only standards are that the furniture should be structurally sound, very durable, clean, and not objectionably rough. If you judge from our price levels that our furniture should look good at places that don't show, you should not make that assumption. Our furniture is expensive compared with typical furniture in stores because it's costly to make furniture that is (1) extremely sturdy and durable, (2) customized, (3) not mass produced, and (4) made in America. (Most furniture is made in China or Vietnam these days, although the stores usually won't say that). Our exposed-wood models are made with carefully crafted and well-finished wood surfaces instead of merely covering everything with fabric. We don't go beyond the quality features that are important to most customers by also making our furniture look good and feel smooth at places that won't be seen from normal viewing positions.
(The above paragraph was added here after we received our third complaint in 15 years about appearances at unexposed places on the underside or inside of our furniture. We hope that prospective purchasers will understand the rationale of not raising the costs to everybody in order to better satisfy such a tiny percentage of customers.)

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