Scandinavian-style Sofas and Southwestern, Mission or Contemporary Furniture (our Virginia Sofa and Chair model)

These sofas, loveseats and chairs go very well in contemporary living rooms, sun rooms, family rooms, second homes, and most rooms where a light, non-bulky, open look is desired. The arms on each sofa are low and well padded, and are therefore a good place to rest a pillow and your head.

Note: When shown on this page, lengths are shown in two parts, with the first dimension being the distance from outside of leg to outside of leg, and the second dimension being from outside of armtop to outside of armtop. Shown in picture below: 76"/83" Virginia sofa and 64"/71" loveseat, with our light fruitwood stain. (See pricing at the bottom of this page.) The sofas are also made in 85"/92" and 94"/101" lengths in this model. The distance between the arms is 11" less than the outside measurements.) For many people, the height of our furniture is an important consideration. Our 31" height, shown here, is high enough to provide good back support for almost everybody up through 6 feet 2 inches tall or so (we offer a 33" height also); and it's also high enough that (combined with our non-saggy support) people don't have trouble getting up from this furniture. But it's no higher than necessary for those purposes; therefore the view out windows won't be reduced excessively, and it won't seem bulky even in a small room.


Beautiful enough for a living room, durable and comfortable enough for any room
and not the ordinary, mass-produced furniture that's at normal stores


The depth of our frames (front-to-back distance) is 32 1/2" from front edge to back edge of the legs, or 33 1/2" if including the padding on the upper arms of this model. Again, most people up through 6 feet or so find very adequate seating space; and shorter people are often delighted to find this furniture, in which their backs receive good support; the seat depth is 20-21", plus the 2" to 5" that the sitter sinks into the 8"-thick back cushion. Also, this frame depth is compatible with the space of many smallish rooms, whereas most furniture in typical stores these days is reportedly several inches deeper. But long-legged people and those who like to lean back into a really loungey sofa may prefer the 3"-deeper seat option.

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This furniture is well suited to use in homes with active kids and pets, since the fabric is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, and the oak frames are nearly indestructible. We have an excellent selection of heavy-duty, easy-to-keep-clean fabrics, as well as a wide variety of decorative fabrics. The frames of this sofa model are all solid oak wood, except for a 5/8"-thick plywood panel (reinforced with oak) at the outsides of the padded arms. Note that exposed-wood arms are not an option on this model.

The tables shown above, in a Connecticut household, are in our 440 Series style. Tables in this design may take longer for us to make than our standard tapered-leg tables, and are 40% higher in price than our standard tables.


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See how you can furnish a room with a great deal of seating without filling the space with bulky furniture. And consider how much less interesting and appealing this room would look with ordinary sofas.

The wood finish shown above is our dark amber teak, which is not only a pleasing color but also often blends well with other furniture that our customers already have (such as the tables shown). The fabrics shown here and in the photo above have been discontinued. (Keep in mind that fabrics can be closed out at any time; sometimes customers buy an extra yard or so of fabric, to enable them to replace a cushion cover or a pair of arm covers at a later time without having to buy a complete set of covers.)

Many people like our sectional sofas because we can make them in many different sizes, to fit the needs of almost any customer. For additional information about and pictures of sectional sofas, see the later link on that subject.

(We were indeed fortunate that there was an excellent photographer in this New Mexico household, who kindly took this picture and sent it to us and reported, "We're really loving the furniture.")


Notice that the arm tops on this model are rather low, at a good height for use as a headrest (when stretching out). For the most comfortable arm-rest height, taller people may prefer one of our other models.


Scandinavian Southwestern Sofa


If you're looking for an alternative to the usual, bulky, use-it-a-few-years-and-discard-it furniture, we are the source for you.

The sofa shown is our 76"/83" length, in the 31" height, with our medium fruitwood finish, in a northern Virginia customer's home. The fabric shown (from Kravet's Tahoe Collection) is heavy duty and relatively expensive (adding $368 to the price of a sofa) and is available only in a limted range of colors, but we have other fabrics available with similar appearance and even greater durability at lower prices (see especially our description of the Duralee website in the "Fabrics" section of this website)..


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.


If you were to be snowed in for several days (as the owners of this house deep into the woods might be at some point), what could furnish a more inviting, cozy living space for such times than sofas and pillows by Comfy 1?

Shown above: 76"/83" Virginia model sofas with standard (31") height, with "puffy" back cushions, with extra toss pillows, and with replacement covers for our customers' window seats. (Note: We make special covers and cushions only in connection with purchases of our regular furniture.)

Nicely shaped, cushy, and just the right colors to satisfy a choosy customer. What more could one want? How about a fabric with just the right texture also, along with excellent durability and cleanability, selected from among the huge variety that we offer. The green fabric shown is one of 26 colors in JF Fabrics' 100% polyester Torino pattern, which is washable and dry cleanable; both of those are unusual characteristics in upholstery fabrics, with shampooing or professional cleaning being the normally recommended methods.

Intense activity in your household? Choose furniture with that in mind. (On the right, an enlarged segment from the picture above): You can see one reason why this couple wanted furniture that's not only beautiful and comfortable but also durable and practical. This fabric passes 201,000 double rubs on the standard abrasion test, in which 15,000 double rubs is all that's required to be classed as "heavy duty."

Compared with washing or dry cleaning (even if those are recommended), shampooing saves you the trouble of removing the (intentionally tightly-fitting) covers and replacing them. If you plan on washing your covers, even if the fabric is "washable", be sure to check first whether ravelling might be a problem.


Satisfied Chicago-area customers, after three years with an earlier order from us for another room, came back to us for the above purchase for their living room.


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Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at .


If you want the usual, embellished, mass-produced furniture, you'll find plenty of that in the stores. And the prices of the furniture in stores will be good, too, as long as you don't consider the costs of replacing it after a short life. Or the costs to the environment resulting from frequent manufacturing and replacement of disposable furniture.

Our Long Island customer, an artist, ordered the above 76"/83" Virginia sofa (with standard 31" height and our medium russet stain) mainly for reasons of its appearance, but on delivery she said that she was also very pleased with its comfort. Several days later, she wrote, "We love our new sofa. It is very comfortable and looks great. Thank you for your wonderful product and service."




Shown above: Two 76"/83" Virginia sofas and a 48" square coffee table, with our Medium Fruitwood wood stain and with the optional all-wood back. (The standard back is covered with fabric, either the same fabric as on the cushions or else a faux leather that blends with the wood frame color.) Our customer has paid attention to turning and rotating her cushions, which helps in retaining their pleasing shape.

Customers with cats don't normally choose the Virginia sofa design, because on this model there is no option of exposed-wood arms (although the arm covers, like the other covers, are replaceable). But this central Pennsylvania customer's cats are scratching-post trained. As sensible precautions, however ("they sometimes make mistakes"), she chose a micro-suede (very smooth) fabric, which after a year she says has worked out very well, and she also chose the all-wood back option, which cat owners usually choose if the sofa will be away from the wall.


Scandinavian Modern Sofas, virginia model


Light, comfortable, and cheerful, ideal to brighten even a cold, dark, New England winter night. (This picture was taken upon delivery to one of our Boston-area customers). The object in the right foreground is the arm of a matching loveseat.

Our blonde wood finish is shown; as has been the case on other occasions, this made a good match with the blonde tables and other furniture our customer already had in the room. This sofa was made with the 33" height, in the 85"/92" length (81" between the arms).



Wide Scandinavian Chair, virginia model

Shown here: 40"/47"-wide chair, the widest of our four standard chair sizes, with the medium russet finish.

The fabrics in the two pictures just above are from Kravet Fabrics. A Boston-area customer found the one the chair at a local store. The customer whose two-piece set is shown above found that fabric, part of the Laura Ashley line, on Kravet's web site, one of several to which readers are referred in the fabric section of our web site. (As always, she requested and received a number of swatches before making her selection; there is no charge for samples if you request them from us, and if you return them within three weeks).


Scandinavian Small Sofa Loveseat, virginia model


Shown at right: 64"/71" large loveseat with the medium fruitwood finish. If you want ample seating space for two (or snug seating for three) but don't want something that takes up a lot of space, this is a good size. Since it has 60" of cushion length, with arms that are good for placing a pillow and your head on, it can also serve as a place for a short person to stretch out. Our 52"/59" size (12" shorter than the one above) is 48" between the arms, which is very adequate for two people; but if you also have toss pillows at the arms with that size, two grown occupants sitting on it would have very little space between them. A 58"/65" in-between size is another one of our standard lengths.

A very good selection of fabrics is available directly from us, but there are also some fabrics on the market that you can only find if you search elsewhere. The one shown at right (and below), in a Northern Virginia household, came from the Calico Corners chain of fabric stores, and is part of their "Brandywine Express" line.


virginia sofa arm, Scandinavian Sofa Fabric

Notice that a mottled effect is normal after certain fabrics are put into use, including faux suedes, chenilles, and velvet-type fabrics (including corduroys).

Also notice that minor wrinkling at the seams is normal on these arm covers; they are made to be relatively easy to remove and replace, which limits how tightly they can be applied. (They are secured at the bottoms with velcro and foam wedges.) Wrinkles are more conspicuous with plain fabrics than with most patterned fabrics, but the ability of a particular fabric to mold to contours also has a lot to do with it.


The fabric-covered back is our standard back. We can also make an all-wood back at a surcharge.


Long Scandinavian Sofa, Virginia model

At right: One of our longer standard size sofas, with the 85"/92" length. Again, with this model, see how you can have a great deal of space in which to sit and/or stretch out without adding bulky appearance to your room. And, since it arrives in the form of flat components (as our other models do also), there's no problem getting even a big, long sofa into your room.

Also notice how the simple, graceful lines of this sofa blend well with furnishings inspired by Mission, Arts & Crafts, Shaker or Southwestern styles. And see how a brightly colorful and/or luxurious cover on one of our sofas can enhance and add a welcoming warmth to a room's decor. Such an effect is made possible by our huge fabric selection, offering a much wider range of individual expression than is available with most furniture. (The fabric shown is a velvet from Kravet, and the wood finish is our dark russet.)

Our optional extra-long lengths are especially well suited for serving multiple purposes, including (1) as a room divider that separates spaces while allowing family members to remain in contact, (2) ample stretching-out or sleeping length, and (3) with the longest size, even allowing one member of a couple to lie on the sofa while the spouse or partner is sitting right next to the reclining person.

Our upstate New York customer, who kindly took this picture and sent it to us, expressed pleasure with our matching of the pattern and wrote, "The sofa looks great and is very comfortable." We have to agree.


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.


custom Scandinavian couch chairs

If the chair at the right rear (above) looks unusually small, that's not an optical illusion. The lady of this Indiana household was very short, and the chair was made specially for her dimensions (a 3"-less-deep seat is a standard option at a moderate surcharge, but other depths can be made at a steep surcharge). In addition to the chairs and the 83" sofa, also shown are a 24" x 48" coffee table, an 18" x 24" end table, and a 24"-square ottoman, all with the dark amber teak finish and a fabric (from Fabricut) that the customer found locally.


Scandinavian Living Room Sofa

Notice how our huge fabric selection allows you to beautifully coordinate your furniture with almost any artwork or other important element in your decor. The wood finish shown is our light fruitwood. Our Rhode Island customer reported, when sending this picture of her sofa a year after receiving it, "Our sofa is doing great! We absolutely love it, and it is a beautiful addition to our home."




Above: one of our four-seat sofa sizes, 112"/119" long, in our medium fruitwood stain. It may seem that very long lengths such as this would be difficult to get into a room that doesn't have a wide entry, but that isn't necessarily true, since the frame arrives in the form of separate (flat or small) components that are easy to bolt together: two sides, a long back, a long front rail, and flat pieces that make up the suspension below the cushions. (See



On left: A Missouri farmhouse with two of our Virginia sofas, with our Light Amber finish, showing how well this model fits in with a country decor.









Shown here: 76"/83" Virginia sofa with one of our economically-priced stock fabrics, with our Old Ivory finish, in a Georgia house.





Scandinavian Modern Loveseat


Shown on right: close-up of a Virginia model side with the Dark Russet stain. This stain is intended to resemble dark cherry or mahogany in color, and hence might be thought of as a color to be used generally in more formal settings. But it is also a warm, saturated color that nicely frames even a very contemporary, casual fabric.






The arms on the Virginia model (unlike the arms of our other exposed-wood models) do not have have the option of a presentable wood arm top below the cover. But these are nevertheless much more practical than the arms of normal sofas and sectionals, since one of these arm covers, like the cushion covers, is fairly easy and inexpensive to replace.


Q: Why should we pay more for this than for normal furniture?

A: These products will usually be less expensive than ordinary furniture in the long run, especially if they are given heavy use, because they don't wear out like typical furniture. With solid oak at locations where ordinary sofas typically wear out first, and with our wide selection of heavy-duty fabrics, our furniture will usually look good long after ordinary furniture has become shabby. When our furniture eventually needs new covers or cushions, replacing them is relatively easy and inexpensive. Also, the very extensive customization and hand craftsmanship that goes into this furniture simply can't be available at discount store prices. For more details on this subject and on the costs of our small-scale custom manufacturing,
click here.

Matching of patterns: You can be assured of excellent matching of patterns vertically (such as stripes going front-to-back on the seat, which would be matched with the corresponding vertical stripes on the back cushions). Likewise with matching of stripes horizontally on cushions and on outsides of arms. But, because of the way we sew the covers for the arms of this model (and our Custom 05 model), horizontal matching at the inside seams at both ends of the arms is something that we cannot guarantee. Therefore we strongly discourage ordering of plaids or other fabrics requiring horizontal matching on these specific models.


Lengths and Pricing of the Virginia models:
Lengths: When shown on this page, lengths are shown in two parts, with the first dimension being the distance from outside of leg to outside of leg, and the second dimension being from outside of armtop to outside of armtop. The distance between the arms is always 4" less than the smaller dimension quoted

Pricing: When reading these prices, please keep in mind the major long-term savings that result from owning this furniture, because of its outstanding durability and the economy of replacing the covers and/or cushions. Also keep in mind that our Florida model is just as practical and durable as the Virginia model, has similarities in appearance, and is $600 less expensive for what is basically the same size piece of furniture. In addition, a 10% discount off the base price is available if you're willing to wait up to 6 months. (If you are inquiring for a charitable organization, call or send e-mail and mention the nature of your needs, for special pricing.)

Base prices: (Note: The distance between the arms is always 4" less than the smaller dimension quoted.)

Three-seat sofas: 76"/83" - $3250; .. 85"/92" - $3480; .. 94"/101" - $3740.

Loveseats: 52"/59" long - $2865; .. 58"/65" - $2975; .. 64"/71" - $3095.

Chairs: 28"/35" wide - $1995; .. 31"/38" wide - $2105; .. 34"/41" - $2225; .. 40"/47" - $2375.

Four-seat sofas:
100"/107" - $4200;... 112"/119" - $4470;... 124"/131" - $4780

These prices include 10 to 15 base-priced fabrics, a fabric-covered back of the frame, the 31" back height (measured floor to top, shown in almost all of the pictures above), the 33" frame depth, and any of our standard wood finishes.

There is a huge selection of high-quality fabrics available within $250 above the base price for a sofa, or within $175 above the base price for a loveseat. When we send you samples, we will indicate pricing information for those. If you provide your own fabric, the price would be reduced by $40, $30, or $20 for a sofa, loveseat, or chair.
The 2"-higher back adds $2 per inch of base length, a 4"-higher back adds $4 per inch, and a 6"-higher back adds. $6 per inch.
A webbing suspension, for softer support, adds $2 per inch of base length..

For information about our standard and optional seating dimensions, heights, firmnesses, and frame depths, with information about price effects of the various options, go to . Special heights: See Special lengths: Add $90 to the price of the next longer length. For a 3"-deeper seat and frame, add 25% of the base price. For a 30" frame depth, add 15% to the base price.

An all-wood back adds $4 per inch of length. Note: If you want the added practicality of an all-wood back but don't like the additional cost, keep in mind that we offer a matching leather-imitation vinyl-covered back at no surcharge; the faux leathers these days are often hard to distinguish from real leather.

Toss pillows or arm pillows are $40 per pair, plus $0 - $28 or so for fabric.

Options for extra arm covers to go on top of the regular arm cover: See at bottom of page.*

We do not presently charge sales tax on orders shipped or delivered to points outside Virginia (although legislation is pending that could, at any time, require us to collect other states' sales taxes; and many states expect people to voluntarily remit tax to the state in the amount that would be charged on an in-state purchase.)

Delivery in the D.C. beltway-Charlottesville-Richmond-Annapolis area would add $100 to $150, packing and shipping to the U.S. west coast would add 22% of the base price, and delivery or shipping to other locations in the contiguous 48 U.S. states would be somewhere in between depending on distance.

Questions? Please call 1-800-659-0436 and leave a message if we aren't there, or e-mail us at .

Discounts /completion times: Our standard completion time, for orders at the list price, is five to six weeks.* If you can wait as much as six months, we deduct 10% off the base price of the furniture. But, to repeat, our standard completion time is five to six weeks. Since our sales levels fluctuate considerably and unpredictably, we offer discounts to customers who don't expect their furniture soon. This provides a backlog of orders to keep our people working during lulls in sales levels; and it allows easier handling of the full-price orders when we have a surge of them.

*Our "normal" completion time is subject to change if we receive a surge of orders, which can happen at any time (but we would make that clear when an order is placed); this tends to happen especially in the last months of the year. If you can plan farther in advance of when you really need the furniture, it's better.

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** "Extra" arm covers, to go on top of the regular arm covers (the regular arm covers are made in your selected fabric and are always included at no additional charge) as follows: Loosely fitting arm covers, covering the arm to within 4" of the back end and extending about 4" down each long side and around the front end, with a neatly-tailored, curved seam at the top front, hemmed on all edges, able to look reasonably neat if you anchor the outside back corner with a "twist pin" (provided) or possibly a safety pin: $15/pair (no matching of patterns at that price), plus $5 per fabric "+" level for either one or two pairs. or