Custom-Size Sofas & Sectional Sofas, Contemporary or Casual

We make sectionals and separate sofas and loveseats to fit almost any space. All of our sofa and sectional designs can be ordered in your choice of many different standard sizes, from very small to very large, and in special sizes down to the precise inch for a modest surcharge. The smallest length for one side of one of our sectional sofas is 55" on one side, they can be made in a range of standard lengths up to 125", and we can make special lengths as long as you want. (To see our many different standard sizes for sectional sofas, go to the third page of this section, after the last picture). Our standard lengths for separate loveseats range from 52" to 71" (with in-between sizes depending on which model), and our three-seat sofas range from 76" to 101", with longer or shorter special sizes available. And, since they come in the form of flat pieces (plus one relatively small corner section for sectional sofas), they can be carried through almost any door or passageway, and then re-assembled with bolts turned by hand. If we deliver the furniture, we would assemble it in your room.

The page below deals only with our sectional sofas. For information on our line of separate sofas, loveseats and chairs, go to our home page by clicking here.

Ability of our sectional sofas to provide maximum utilization of limited space is especially important in some cases. We offer not only many compact sizes but also unusually large sofas and sectionals (see below). The small sectional sofa here is 74" x 86" x 33" deep (we can make them still smaller, down to 55" on one side). The design shown is our Virginia model, but as seen from this rear viewpoint, our Custom 05 (fully-upholstered) model would look somewhat similar.

Our prices are moderate considering the custom workmanship required, as well as our very high standards of durability in materials and construction. When reading the prices, it's best to keep in mind the large long-term savings that result from having nearly-indestructible frames and suspensions, very durable cushioning, and covers that are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. The price of one of our sectional sofas in the size shown here, in the Custom 05 model and hundreds of quality fabrics, would be $4140 to $4715; the price either in the Virginia model sectional sofa (shown) or in our California model in this size would be $4630 to $4930 in your choice of wood finishes and hundreds of quality fabrics; in our Florida (exposed-wood) model the equivalent price range would be $4030 to $4330. A 10% discount off the basic price would apply in either case if you order six months in advance of when you need the furniture. (Our standard completion time is five to six weeks, although we reserve the right to quote longer times if we receive a surge of orders, as tends to happen especially in the later months of the year.) Delivery in the D.C. beltway-Charlottesville-Richmond area would add $65 to $110, packing and shipping to the U.S. west coast would add 18% of the base price (for Virginia model) or 25% (Custom 05 model), and delivery or shipping to other locations in the contiguous 48 U.S. states and southeastern Canada would be somewhere in between depending on distance from north-central Virginia. We do not charge sales tax on orders shipped or delivered to points outside Virginia.

More often than not, our sectional sofas are placed across from an entertainment center or home theater, in a location that well utilizes their ability to provide comfort and good support through decades of heavy use. Notice the graceful transition from the Virginia model arm, low enough for a comfortable headrest, up to the top rear of the frame, which is high enough to provide good back support. A year and a half after delivery, our Woodland, California customer reported regarding the sectional above, "It looks like new, we're very happy with it."

Prices of our sectional sofas is complicated, since there are so many different sizes and options, and every one we make is different. There are illustrative prices shown under some of the pictures in this section, but to get a price quote on the particular size and model you're considering, please give us a call or send an e-mail.

Please note: Once assembled, our sectional sofas can be easily disassembled, but they can't be separated to be used as separate sofas, loveseats or chairs.


What could be cozier for your quiet hours? Entertainment center on one wall, fireplace on the other, and a Comfy 1 sectional enabling the family to enjoy it all in comfort together.

Our exposed-wood-frame sectionals are especially worry-free for parents and pet-owners, since they are so easy and economical to re-cover (including the optional padded arm wraps), and since the frames and suspensions (as with all of our seating) are almost indestructible.

Finding a sectional that could be made the right size for this smallish room was the important consideration for these Northern Virginia customers. A few months after delivery, our customer said, "We love it."

Shown, 83" x 89" Florida model sectional with padded arm wraps, with 24" x 24" 440 Series ottoman and a nicely-textured, soft, heavy-duty fabric from Charlotte Fabrics, in our Dark Amber Teak wood finish. Base price for sectional (without ottoman or toss pillows) as shown is $4230, less $423 if you're willing to wait up to six months, plus $240 for this fabric and hundreds of other quality fabrics.

The inside corner of one of our sectionals obviously isn't suited for sitting on with your back against one of the regular back cushions while your feet are on the floor, but it's great for stretching out into it with your feet up on the couch. Also, if you put a big pillow into the corner, then you can sit in the corner with your feet on the floor. We've heard some of our customers say that the corner is the family members' favorite spot on the sectional.

If ordinary furniture doesn't enable you to make the best use of your living space, ours can.
Our Long Island customers whose sectional is shown here sometimes have big parties, for which lots of seating is desirable. Ordinary, bulky, standard-size furniture didn't allow good use of this room. And the customer also realized that typical furniture would be going to the growing landfills after not many years, wasting money and resources. A web search, careful measuring of their available space, and a visit to our Virginia showroom (not far off I-95, an hour south of Washington) resulted in this perfect solution. But many customers also work out what's best entirely by e-mail, phone, and examination of our options as explained here and in our product literature.

A few days after receiving the above sectional, our customer wrote, "We love our new sofa and find it is the perfect solution to our seating and comfort problem in our small living room."

Shown above: 107" x 125" sectional sofa in our Florida model, with a very heavy-duty fabric from JF Fabrics that is also washable (most upholstery fabrics are not washable, and should instead be cleaned with upholstery shampoo or by a professional cleaning service). This sofa also has our 33" back height. The toss pillows shown were made by our customer in a fabric recommended and provided by us. (Basic price in the lengths and model shown: $5130; 33" back height in this size adds $448; a $532 discount would apply if you're able to wait six months for completion; a small selection of fabrics is included at the base price, and many hundreds of quality fabrics would be included within $400 or less above the base price, although some would go higher.)


long, large sectional sofa

Our longest standard length for one side of one of our sectional sofas is 128", but we can make them as long as you want. The only limitation is that, for sectional sofas over 142" long on a single side, there has to be a connection in the middle where separate sections of the front rail butt neatly together, where they are both securely fastened to a semi-hidden support component. (There is also a support leg in the shadows behind the middle of the front rail.) Shown: A Virginia model sectional in our Light Amber finish, 128" x 158", with 18" x 48" coffee table.





Our furniture, including sectional sofas, will fit into any room, even if the room is accessible only through a small door, narrow stairway or around a tight corner. It arrives in the form of flat pieces plus cushions plus the corner unit of the frame. The corner unit is 33" x 33" x 24", but even that smallish square can be easily separated into two separte L's by removing six screws, and can then be easily re-assembled once inside the room.


Sometimes a certain area of a house can be just the perfect place for the cozy togetherness provided by a sectional sofa, but it might be too small for ordinary sectionals. The 62" x 83" sectional sofa at the right (in a North Carolina home) is in our Maryland model, with the Medium Russet finish, and with our "arm pillows" option. Our sectionals can be even smaller than this, as short as 55" on one side, in your choice of many possible sizes .

This is our most expensive model, and in the size shown costs $5080 to $5380 in your choice of thousands of high-qualilty fabrics. A $508 discount would apply if you're willing to wait up to six months.

Often people are concerned about trying to match the finish on furniture from us with the wood tones that will be elsewhere in the room. As shown at the right, contrast (especially in a color that complements the fabric color) can be a very pleasing alternative. But usually, when people want a reasonable match, one of our ten wood finishes is OK.





Shown below: An armless sectional, which allows maximum sitting and reclining space in relation to the floor space required. Occupants (especially their feet, when reclining) can extend off the end a little, without bumping into an arm. The armless option also is less expensive compared to the models with arms.

Heavy Duty Sectional

A Chicago-area mother of two ordered this small sectional in just the right size, in a fabric from Barrow's Lynch pattern and with our Light Fruitwood finish, to go next to her kitchen.

This sectional was made 54 1/4" x 81 1/4", but many other sizes are possible. This size has a base price of $3160, allowing a 10% discount if the customer is willing to wait up to six months.

A few weeks after receiving this sectional, our customer wrote, "We love it and use it every day.  It is a very popular place!"

Turning-the-corner fabric shade change: The light-dark shift you see in the seat cushions in the corner here is not merely a matter of shadows. Many fabrics (especially ones with a nap), when turned in different directions as on cushions turning a corner, will show shading differences where the two cushions butt together. If that would bother you, it's possible to check for that before ordering a fabric.




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