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Higher back and firmer support options: The sectional shown above had the 33" height option, as well as optional firmer cushioning, which the 6'4", 390-pound customer and his handicapped wife appreciated. This one was about 112" x 107."


We make these sectionals almost any size, small, large or in-between. Even the large sizes can be moved into almost any room, since they arrive in the form of mainly flat components which are easily bolted together. (Our delivery person would assemble it, if we deliver it in our van). See below for an example of a smaller one.


Furniture that's comfortable for all generations, and built to last for generations

Our Michigan customer wrote, a month after delivery, "we really like the sectional, it is so perfect, very comfortable." And later, when kindly sending this holiday picture, she wrote, "Everyone found it really comfortable, all our guests really like it.  No problem for my mother, at 87, getting up."

The sectional shown is 71" (73" including the optional arm padding) by 61" (just one of many possible size combinations), in the Florida model, with one armless side, with the standard height and seat depth, in our dark amber wood color. To help you understand how your body size and your visitors' sizes will fit on our standard height and seat depth, note that the adults shown above are, left to right, 5'3", 5'9" and 5'6". People up to 6'3" typically also find our standard dimensions comfortable (taller people sink farther back into our 8"-thick back cushions), but we do also offer higher backs at a surcharge, and we also offer a less-deep seat and/or lower back on special order.

Our customer continued, regarding this unusually small sectional, "We definitely can fit more than three people on it.  I just love this size....  People can really stretch out also." The padded arm wrap isn't padded enough to act as a headrest (when reclining) by itself, but combined with pillows it can be fine for that purpose. An armless end requires a minimum of space while allowing extra reclining length (by way of extending one's feet off the end), but the elderly usually like an arm.

And yes, this furniture is built to last for generations. We have customers coming back to us after 30 years, ordering their first sets of replacement cushions. But usually people buy replacement covers or cushions before that many years have passed.


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.


sectional sofa for narrow room

Cozy, nicely curved, and colorful (with just the right colors to go with the intended setting). What more could one want? Well, our San Francisco customer also wanted: (1) The right lengths on each side, to fit her small sun room, (2) armless on one side, to allow maximum seating in a very limited space, (3) special finishing of the wood (in our Light Fruitwood color) to minimize boldness of grain, and (4) one long seat cushion on the long side instead of the usual separate cushions. Not to mention (a) ease of re-covering, which is very unusual in general but normal for our furniture, and which is especially useful in a room with a lot of sun exposure, and (b) non-bulky depth dimensions, which are often critical in cases such as this where space is limited. Other things that are standard for our furniture but very unusual with typical sofas: heavy-duty construction and high-quality cushion filling, resulting in comfortable, non-sagging support, long-term economy, and avoidance of waste.

This fabric is from Robert Allen, in their Summer Nights pattern. This sectional has the 33" back height, and the back cushions are in our "puffy" option.



custom sectional for entertainment roomThe backs of the frames can be covered with the same fabric as on the cushions (as shown in the two following pictures) or with a neutral leather-imitation vinyl; a wood back is available for the backs of side sections but not for the corner unit. With the fabric-covered back, it can make a nice room divider. Notice how the non-bulky dimensions of our furniture allow it to be placed in the middle of even a modest-sized room, providing of lot of space for sitting or reclining, and still leaving room for your other needs. (The frames are only 33" deep, but are still amply big for most people up to 6'1" or so).


If you're designing a room that you want to be cozy, congenial, and out of the ordinary, the mass-produced furniture at local stores is not likely to fill the bill. Especially if your space isn't compatible with the standard dimensions of typical furniture, and if you want just the right fabric.

The Maryland customer who bought this sectional liked (among other things) the fact that our sectionals can't shift apart with use, unlike most others on the market; the sections are securely bolted together, once assembled.

Notice the large ottoman, and see how it can serve as a coffee table as well as a leg rest, and can serve to make one of our sofas or chairs essentially into a chaise. These can be made almost any size to order. To see our page on ottomans (as well as tables), click here.

You might notice that it is visible where our corner unit connects with each side section, but it is neatly fitted and relatively inconspicuous. (With a light-colored fabric it is more conspicuous than with a darker fabric.)


custom sectional sofa practical with pets

Practicality with pets, as well as our ability to make it just the right size for her room, were the most important considerations for the customer who bought the sectional on the right. She chose one of our many vinyl fabrics, for maximum practicality with her many pets. The stain shown is our Medium fruitwood. This size, as shown in our California model, is 59" x 112" x 83".

As you can see at the left side of the picture above, this customer ordered the all-wood back for the sections of the back where we offered it at that time, which did not include the back of the corner area. We do now offer the option of an all-wood back option on the entire back, but there would have to be a discontinuity on one side of the back where a back and a wood arm butt up against each other. (The customer could choose to have a continuous all-wood back on one side of an L-shaped sectional, or on the backs of the two opposing sides of a three-sided sectional.)


sofa durable for handicapped


Bryan, the active 5' 11", 240-pound teenager in this picture, liked the new sectional, and his parents especially liked the fact that this is heavy-duty furniture.

The wood stain shown here is our Light Fruitwood. It is neutral enough to be compatible with a very wide variety of different fabric colors, and it also blends well with much of the wood that is often in surrounding areas in people's homes. Notice how, with our wood finishes, you can have not only the strength and durability of oak but also a mild grain similar to what one sees on some even more expensive, decorative woods.

Also notice how it is possible, with this furniture, to choose a dark fabric without adding too much darkness to the room, since the oak frames can be lighter in color. Green has been our best-selling color, probably because it can help blend an interior with the outdoors quite well.



custom three-sided sectional couch

If your home is worth a lot to you, why not choose furniture that makes your interior all it can be?

If your furniture will be subject to extensive direct sunlight, you should normally avoid fabrics with a high cotton content, which can actually disentegrate after a couple of years of heavy sun exposure. Reds, blues, and dark colors are also especially subject to fading. (See also the note about sun exposure on our next page about sectionals.) We have some fabrics, including decorative florals, that are very resistant to sun damage. If sun exposure is a concern for you, be sure to mention that when you request swatches or start looking at fabrics in our showroom. Drapes or UV-block film on windows can help protect your fabric, but having furniture (such as ours) that is relatively easy and inexpensive to re-cover is a particularly major benefit in a room with extended exposure to direct sunlight.

Cat owners, be aware: A few months after we delivered the above sectional to customers in southeastern Ohio, we received an e-mail saying, "...the cats are chewing up the arm rests on the beautiful couch you made for us." That was despite the fact that their fabric is one of our extra-heavy-duty ones. Apparently the abrasion-resistance tests, which are the basis for the heavy-duty ratings, don't fully apply to practicality with cats. We made some arm covers in a reasonably-matched heavy-duty vinyl and sent them to this customer. Two and a half years later, she reported, "... vinyl slipcovers....have worked but while they match still look a bit odd." So then they replaced their sides(arms) with California model sides, which can be all-wood.


oouch for lakefront home

If your home has the perfect spot, we can make the perfect sectional or sofa to best enable you to enjoy it. You don't have to settle for a poor fit, or for a fabric that isn't just the right one for your setting.

The sectional shown here, in a Washington state home, is our California model with our Dark Amber wood finish. The fabric shown is one of our "Extra-heavy-duty" fabrics, available in a wide range of colors, with images to be seen in the fabric section of this website, and samples available on request.

Our customer, who is an artist, wrote shortly after receiving it, "We love the couch... It's perfect," and she also liked the hand-crafted appearance.



custom-size sectional couch

If you want lots of seating and/or reclining space, without the bulk of typical sofas, we can accommodate, making almost any size to order.

The New Jersey couple who bought the above sectional had looked long and hard for one that could fit their space, and had had no luck until they found our web site.

The fabric shown is a chenille from Charlotte fabrics, a very moderately priced line. This sectional has the 33"-high back, with the Blonde stain. Also shown: 18" x 20" ottoman with 440 Series legs.


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.


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