Sofas and Chairs for Big and Tall People

All of our sofas, loveseats and chairs, including sectional sofas, are very solidly constructed and are well suited for large and heavy people. Details that will substantiate the solidness of construction of our furniture are accessible below. For information about the unusually high sofas and chairs that we can make to order, go to .

Shown above: 64" Florida-model loveseat (becoming 68" with the optional padded arm rests), 85" sofa, and 34" chair (shown partially), together with an 18" x 48" coffee table, with our firmer cushions and with one of our extra-heavy-duty fabrics. This furniture is comfortable for heavy people but also for smaller and taller people, and it's well suited to withstand stresses such as typical furniture is normally not suited for. The sizes shown are only a few of the many possible sizes in which we offer these sofas and chairs.

The seating shown is in our standard height and standard depth, and the adults shown are 5'6" and 5'7". For details about the dimensions of our furniture, go to .

This couple's home is in Northern Virginia, relatively close to our workshop/showroom, so they were able to come in to see and try out our furniture before ordering. For those who can't come to our showroom conveniently, see below for an option of a sample seat that can be sent to you at no cost to you. But we also sell regularly to people who just order without either trying our sample seat or coming to our showroom. And over the past 15 years we've heard from only four customers who weren't satisfied with the comfort: one for whom it wasn't firm enough (we weren't yet offering firmer options as of that time), two for whom it was too firm (we now offer a webbing suspension as an option for those who want it softer than it is with just our padded wood base below the high-quality cushioning), and one who didn't say anything about lack of comfort until six months after she had received her sofa.

Any of our models can be made in any of various sizes and custom options. For sizes and prices of the model shown here, go to and scroll to near the bottom of the page. For sizes and prices of the other models, go to , scroll to the small images of our other models, click on the links next to the images of the model that interests you, and scroll to near the bottom of the page. If any intended occupants weigh over 350 pounds, we should do some extra reinforcement below the seats; for 350 to 450 pounds or general abusive use, add $30 for that reinforcement for a sofa, $25 for a loveseat, or $18 for a chair. For over 500 pounds, add $60 for a sofa, $48 for a loveseat or $35 for a chair; if considering the over-500-pound option, go to For 800-to-1100 pounds combined weight of occupants on a sofa or loveseat, add $120; there may need to be a reduction in our standard 10-year warranty in such a case, also. One of our firmer cushioning options is also often advisable for the very heavy, unless the extra weight is well spread out.

A customer in Attleboro, Massachusetts wrote to us in 2014 expressing a need for a large chair that could support a large person. He is 6'5" and weighs 700 pounds.  He was not able to get the support that he needed from his existing furniture, it was very difficult for him to get up even when pushing down hard on the arms, and the seat cushion foam would crush in a short period of time.  We made a chair for him with the following specifications:   Florida model with a base length (width) of 44" (which is similar to our 40" chair but made 4" wider), with padded arm wraps, 2" higher back, 3" deeper frame, extra firm-seat foam, semi-firm back foam, and reinforced for extra-heavy weight. (See him sitting on it, below.)  Our customer wrote to us after three months' use and said, "Oddly enough, the chair has become part of my physical therapy. Because it forces me into a "proper" posture, it actually helps strengthen my back and helps treat my hip displatia." And also, "I'm happy to be a referral for your XL customers.  You guys have all been great and I'm very happy with the chair that's perfect for me!"  And later, "Merry Christmas to you and the whole team. You have truly improved my life by leaps and bounds!"

Next, we plan to make him a special lumbar pillow that will fit the interior width of chair, 40" by 16", to further help relieve lower back pain. 


For more information about the sturdiness of our furniture and about some of the many heavy-use organizations that have bought it with that in mind, go to .

For very tall or long-legged sitters: Note that our standard seat depth and back height are comfortable for the vast majority of customers, although we often sell the 2"-higher back even to people of normal size. Bear in mind that (for the tall and long-legged) we also offer 4"-higher and 6"-higher backs, as well as a 3"-deeper seat (but the deeper seat is not normally offered on sectional sofas).

Since being able to recline on a sofa is important to many people, note that our three standard sofa lengths provide between-the-arm lengths of 71 ", 80-3/4", and 89-3/4".

If any intended sitters are over 250 pounds, our semi-firm or extra-firm cushion options would be advisable (add $2 per inch of sofa/chair length for either seats or backs)

If any intended occupants weigh over 350 pounds, we should do some extra reinforcement below the seats; add $30 for that reinforcement for a sofa, $25 for a loveseat, or $18 for a chair. One of our firmer cushioning options would also be advisable.

Difficulty getting up? Many people with such difficulties say that our standard seat, with medium-firm cushioning on top of a non-sagging, padded wood base, is much easier to get up from than normal furniture. But we also offer
(1) firmer cushion options, and
(2) we can also make the whole piece of furniture higher than normal, to a special height that can be specified, for a moderate surcharge. Also notice that the arm tops of our California and Florida models have overhanging edges, making them easy to grasp by somebody who needs a good grip when getting up. We can also make the seats level, canceling out the typical ” backward slope in the seat.

A sample seat is available that we can send to you to try sitting on if it's important to you to test how our furniture feels. It would normally come by Fedex ground, the customer pays $40 (Eastern and Central time zones) or $80 (Mountain and Pacific) of the round-trip shipping cost, and that payment will be credited toward the cost of an order. It will feel the same to sit on as our regular sofas and chairs that have the wood support below the cushions, although it won't look normal. It will be open at the sides, so a very wide person could fit on it even if he's wider than the chair. We can include some blocks to raise it up, and/or samples of our firmer cushions so you can feel what it would be like if we made a sofa higher or firmer than standard.

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