Sofas and Chairs for Seniors, for those with Special Needs, and for others with Difficulty Getting Up

Our firm, non-sagging suspensions are a major improvement over the springs in typical furniture for many people, especially for older or handicapped people, those who have difficulty getting up from furniture, and those with back pain, arthritis, or hip problems.

-- It's also extremely durable, with nearly indestructible (mostly oak) frames and suspensions, and with easy-to-replace covers and cushions,

-- We offer a wide selection of liquid-repellant and stain-resistant fabrics, and what's below the cushions is easy to keep clean. Our huge fabric selection also helps assure that you can find some that have the right feel, for those with sensitive skin.

-- We offer custom options that make our seats still easier to get up from than those in our standard dimensions, including special heights, firmer cushioning, and less-deep seats,

durable practical hygienic sofa for special needs

high sofa easy to get up from

-- Since there is open space below the fronts of the frames of our exposed-wood models, it may be easier to pull a wheel chair up to a sofa for easing the transfer of the person onto the seat,

practical heavy-duty furniture for handicapped-- On our wood-arm models, the arm tops have an overhang in the hand-grip area, allowing a secure grip for helping the occupant to rise. The hand grip area is shown mostly covered by the arm padding in most of these pictures, but the arm pads are easy to push back and even to lift off , to allow a better grip. The arm pads, like our cushions, are easy to re-cover.

-- Since a handicapped person's sofa may become a bed also, at least part of the time, the suitability of our sofas for that purpose is important. The seats are 6-1/2"-thick, high-quality, medium-firm foam, resting on a very firm, padded wood base, providing an excellent sleeping surface. The back cushions can be laid aside, to create more reclining space. The seat is normally made as two or three separate cushions, but they butt together so snugly that most people can't feel any irregularity when reclining on them. Our three-seat sofa size that is most popular is 5' 11-3/4" between the fixed arms, but we have longer and shorter sizes as well. Our standard seat has a slight backward slant for best sitting comfort, but it can be made level by the customer or by us for a small additional charge. (The sofa shown above left was made 1 1/2" higher than normal, and the seat was levelled, for a customer with difficulty getting up.)

-- Our exposed-hardwood furniture is especially practical with pets, for the reasons mentioned here, and the handicapped are likely to benefit even more than most people from the well-documented physical and mental benefits of enjoying the affectionate companionship of a pet.


high chair easy to get up from


The chair and ottoman on the left were made 6" higher than normal for a handicapped customer who had special difficulty getting up. For most people this would be much too high, but for her it was the perfect thing. For more information on having the frames (and seat heights) made higher, click here.

This customer ordered a faux leather (for her matching loveseats as well as for this chair) because of its great practicality with her big pet dogs. She was amazed at how realistic many of the leather imitations are these days.




sectional sofa suitable for seniors

Our Michigan customer, when sending us this holiday picture two months after delivery, wrote, "Everyone found it really comfortable, all our guests really like it.  No problem for my mother, at 87, getting up." The sectional shown is in our standard height, and in just one of many possible size combinations, with one armless side. The adults shown here are, left to right, 5'3", 5'9" and 5'6". People up to 6'3" typically also find our standard dimensions comfortable (they sink farther back into our 8"-thick back cushions); but we do also offer higher backs at a surcharge, and we also offer a less-deep seat or a 3"-deeper seat (except on sectionals) on special order. However, our standard seat depth is less deep than the depths of most sofas in stores these days, from what we have heard from many customers.

An armless end is optional on any sofa. The elderly, infirm, or those with back trouble usually like an arm, for helping them to rise.

Our standard seat support consists of plywood resting on oak slats, with thin padding on top of that, and with fabric on top of that. This will never have the problem of sagging with use, as is likely to happen with spring suspensions. We also offer a heavy-duty webbing suspension, for people who want softer support. For more information on our cushion filling and our options regarding firmness, click here.

Our back cushions are 8" thick (and therefore can conform well to the shape of your back), but they rest against a covered plywood backing, which provides very firm basic support that will not give excessively. This backing is set at the angle (a slight backward angle) that most people find comfortable, with good lower-back and upper-back support.


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.

sectional sofa suited for elderly

Shown here is a Virginia model sectional sofa that we made for Carondolet Manor (an elder care facility) in Kansas City, Missouri, in another of our many possible sizes.

The official who ordered this had expressed concern about comfort for elderly residents when first inquiring, and 1-1/2 years after delivery he said that it was working out very well. His was a very reasonable concern, since most furniture in stores these days, from what we have heard, is so deep and so soft that short-legged and elderly are uncomfortable and have difficulty getting up.


A sectional sofa is an ideal furnishing for promoting contact between people, which increases contentment and also (according to studies) personal well-being.


Given the normal health concerns at such a facility, the fabric selected for this sectional was one of the "Crypton" line, with anti-bacterial properties as well as being water repellant and stain repellant. But many of the Crypton fabrics are also very attractive, not at all institutional-looking. We can also treat the frame below the cushions to make it repellant to liquids that might be spilled and run off the cushions. The cushions can be removed for cleaning below, and even the support panels below the cushions can be easily lifted out for more thorough cleaning, all the way to the floor. For more frequent, quick cleaning below, it's obvious how easy it is to reach below with a mop or with the wand extension of a vacuum cleaner.

practical sofa with stain repellant fabric  for special needsThe Virginia model arms, shown here, are always padded -- the padding can't be pushed back or lifted off as in the case of the padded arm wraps on the California and Florida models. However, the covers on these arms can be easily replaced, as in the case of our other arm paddings.


These sofas and chairs are especially easy to re-cover if you choose either the faux-leather back as shown on the left (this is included in the basic price, in a color that blends with your choice of wood colors on the frame), or you can choose an all-wood back at an additional charge. Or, especially if it will be against a wall, people often don't bother re-covering the back of the frame when they re-cover the cushions and arms.




SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: SOFT, LOW SOFAS CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH :“People pick the worst seat in the room—soft, low sofas -- then they have trouble getting up, and the hip fractures and they fall.” (Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, quoted in U.S. News and World Report, 5/30/88.)



We found out about the "rocking syndrome" from the parents of the 240-pound autistic teenager shown here, and we now have a special adaptation that should be requested to prevent a problem that could occur as a result of constant exposure to that particular kind of use. Also, some caregiving officials and parents have ordered their furniture with the option of having the cushions semi-attached, which keeps the cushions securely in place, removable only by somebody who is aware of how to do it.








sofa for big_heavy



Excess weight is something that often results from inactivity, and (judging by what we have heard from many customers) most furniture on the market these days does not last long when in use by heavy people or very active people. With our furniture, there is no need for concern about structural problems. For more information on this subject, please click here.




There is much overlap between the effects of a higher frame and firmer cushion filling. If you choose our semi-firm or extra-firm cushion options, you would sink down into the seat less, so you would have effectively higher support.


firm sofa support_hygienic_cleanable


Hygiene is typically a concern when choosing furnishings for the handicapped or elderly, and our furniture (especially if you order it with the right options) is extremely well suited for successfully dealing with such matters. Having a practical fabric (or even just ordering vinyl inner casings, to prevent liquids from soaking into the cushion filling) is the starting point. Making sure that the cushions are removable, for cleaning below, is the next step. And last (except for possible concerns about flooring), try to make sure that what's below the cushions can be lifted out and cleaned. In about 10 seconds, the (dark) back panel shown on the right can be pulled forward and out and the seat deck can be lifted up and out, to provide clear access all the way to the floor. The panels can be covered with vinyl (on request) and the wood surfaces sealed to prevent liquids from soaking in.


If you have questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.

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