Sofas, Loveseats & Chairs for Island Homes, Second Homes, and Remote or Difficult-Access Locations

We make furniture that can be easily disassembled into relatively small components for easy, economical transporting, and then re-assembled once it has arrived. We offer it in many non-bulky sizes, to allow best utilization of limited space. And three of our models have frames that include much open space below, for best airing out and cleanability.

custom sectional sofa for island home

For details about how our sofas can be easily disassembled for moving and re-assembled, click here


This sectional is in a home on Lopez Island off the coast of Washington State. We also offer a wide range of non-bulky separate sofa and chair sizes and models, allowing island home owners to furnish their spaces as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

If your home has the perfect spot, one that you can receive maximum enjoyment from if your seating is just the right size for it, you can get the right size (from us),
as well as the right firmness and the right fabric, combined with outstanding durability and practicality (including ease of re-covering).


Our many possible dimensions, especially helpful where space is limited:
We offer six different standard sofa and loveseat lengths as well as four standard chair widths, and can even make special lengths down to the precise inch for a modest surcharge. Our non-bulky arms (only 2" wide on two of our designs, if you don't choose the optional arm padding) help provide maximum seating or sleeping space while occupying minimum overall space in your island home or other remote home. We can also make them armless, or with only one arm, for even less bulk and at a lower price. Our standard frame depth (front-to-back distance) is only 33", and it can also be made to be only 30" (or 36", for a wider surface on which to recline).

Our huge fabric selection allowed the island home owner above to order this sofa in a fabric that is not only heavy duty but also the perfect color to blend with her setting.

Shown below is a set of our furniture in a home of sorts, a homeless shelter administered by U.S. Veterans on the main island of Oahu, Hawaii. Given their location, furniture from China would have been especially inexpensive; but bringing in furniture from us was affordable, since our furniture can be shipped economically, because it's transported in the form of flat components, which were easily bolted together on arrival.

furniture for island homes

heavy duty sofas

Blues and blue-greens tend to fit in especially well with our furniture when there's water in the surroundings. On the left is a scene from the shore below Diamond Head, on the island of Oahu.








sofas in remote location

Your home isn't accessible by either land or sea? No problem with our sofas, ordinarily. That was the case for these customers in Barrow, Alaska, to which the last major leg of the trip had to be by air. The shipping charge was still quite reasonable.






sofas easy to clean below

For our customers who own this second home in upstate New York, the fact that two large sofas (disassembled) plus many separate cushions could be fitted into a family-size van, with room left over, helped make it very affordable for us to deliver to this out-of-the-way location.

If you need to be concerned about moisture in upholstery, or about hiding places for insects or mice, notice that we offer frames that are open below the cushions (including one model that is more open below than the model shown here), for best airing out, for good access for cleaning, and (for another of our customers in upstate New York) for easy access for the cat to chase mice.

If you will be away for an extended period:
With our models that have exposed-wood frames, it's easy to remove most or all of the padded parts, to help keep them mildew-free. In addition, on all of our models (including the fully-upholstered model shown above), the suspensions below the cushions can be lifted out easily, for maximum airing out.





custom fit sectional

The customers who ordered this sectional live in an especially remote part of the coast of Maine, down a long, unpaved driveway, where normal delivery of a large sectional would have been very problematic. There was a minor problem in getting this one to their home, but it was manageable. If the road leading to your house can't be travelled by a normal truck (possibly depending on time of year?), be sure to let us know so we can make sure that suitable arrangements are made.

Notice how our furniture can provide the best possible utilization of limited space in a small home, in a way that would normally not be possible with mass-produced furniture.





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non-bulky sofas


Since our delivery van at that time was getting on in years, it was a bit of a challenge to deliver these two sofas to our customers' second home far and high up into the mountains of Western Virginia. (We have a newer van now.)


One thing that especially appealed to this couple about our furniture was that it didn't call attention to itself, which is a logical consideration if your home is surrounded by the beauties of nature. But one member of this couple was also very much concerned about being able to have just the right back support, by means of the adjustability of the filling in our optional "puffy" back cushions.





beach-look sofa



If your home is near the shore, or if you want something that's ideal for a sunny room, our Florida model with just the right fabric from our wide selection, in the right non-bulky size for your room, could be the perfect furnishing.




sofa in difficult-access location


If your home or cottage is accessible only by means of a long or difficult trek by foot, think how much easier it will be to get a sofa there if it can be carried in pieces. The customer whose home and couch are shown here points out that "We live at the foot of 120 steps in a cottage along Lake Erie." She also says, "We're loving the couch!" (Note that the model shown here is is not exactly like the models we make now, but the means of assembly and disassembly and the cushions are the same as on our current models.)

difficult-access home

sofa wide for sleeping on


For sleeping surfaces (if space is at a premium): Our shortest three-seater, only 76" long, is about 1/4" less than 6 feet long between the arms. The next larger standard sizes are 9" and 18" longer than the above. For shorter people, we have loveseats in three different lengths. If you remove the back cushions, our standard seats make a 25"-wide sleeping surface. The 3"-deeper seat option (shown in the fully-upholstered model here) provides additional breadth for roomier reclining.





Despite the ease of assembly and disassembly, this furniture is very strongly constructed, with frames made mostly of solid hardwood, and with heavy-duty joinery.

If you have Questions and don't want to keep going through this website to seek the answers, please call 1-800-659-0436, leaving a message and a number to call back if we aren't there at the time. To send e-mail, click here.

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