Storage Options under our Sofas


All of our models have a substantial amount of space below. The cushions can be lifted off the frame, and then the suspension panels (less than 2"-thick) can be lifted out, providing access to considerable potential storage space. That space is automatically enclosed and hidden if you order one of our fully-upholstered (Custom 05) models (shown here).






On our exposed-wood models, curtains can be attached to the inside bottom edges of the frame, to conceal whatever is below the couch. In addition to storing things loose or in low boxes, you could also use plastic storage bins of the kind that are available inexpensively at Walmart or in home goods stores. (Depending on sofa model and height of your storage bins, you might need to have the rail heights raised, or put thick glides at the bottoms of the legs.)

If your sofa is on a boat or RV, the stored contents would probably slide around if the vehicle rolls very much, in which case you may prefer to attach plywood panels covered with fabric to the inside edges of the frame, instead of simple drapes.



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