Sunroom Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Sectionals and Matching Tables


sunroom sofa

We make furniture that is ideally suited to any room that receives a great deal of sunlight. These sofas, sectionals, loveseats and chairs provide excellent durability and comfort as well as outstanding practicality with sun exposure, since (1) there is more wood and less fabric on this furniture, (2) we offer a good selection of fabrics that are unusually resistant to sun damage, and (3) it is relatively easy and economical to replace the covers on this furniture.




The padding on the arms is optional. For even greater practicality, choose one of our solid-oak arm options, and/or all-wood back of the frame. Our Virginia model is shown here, in our 76"/83" length.


sunroom loveseat or small sofa


We offer a huge selection of fabrics, including many that are designed for practicality with sun exposure, as well as almost all other kinds of fabrics. Our customers sometimes choose less practical fabrics for sunny rooms, since they know that it's so affordable and convenient to replace the covers.

We offer a wide range of standard sizes, from very compact to very large, as well as custom sizes, to fit almost any possible space.



We also offer a good choice of wood finish colors, to blend well with other wood in your room, or to give the bright, casual look you might be seeking.


As seen in this sunroom of Chicago-area customers, our sectional sofas can sometimes provide just the right touch of togetherness and congeniality. And our armless model provides the most open, airy look of any of our models, which goes especially well in a sunroom.


sun-resistant sofa

These are only a few of many sizes and design variations that we offer in sofas, sectionals and chairs that are ideally suited for sunny rooms.

Our Florida model, shown, is the design that has the slenderest frame of our five different models, and it's also the least expensive. Padded arm wraps are optional on this model.

This model can also be ordered to be made only 30" deep, for rooms in which space is at a real premium, but this is not an option to be chosen lightly, since the lesser depth is less comfortable for most people.

It can be finished in a selection of darker colors as well as in the light blonde (shown), and any of our other models can also be finished blonde or with the "antique ivory" color shown on the sofa at the top of this page, or any can also be enamelled white.

The fabric shown above is one of the "Sunbrella" line of fabrics that are especially well suited for withstanding long exposure to sunlight. There are many other similarly-practical fabrics in a wide range of other patterns and solid colors.


sunroom sectional sofa



Our ability to make sofas and sectionals in almost any size was a key consideration for these customers.









The customers who bought the set below especially liked the fact that our furniture comes in less-bulky dimensions than most seating. That is a crucial consideration for many sunny rooms.

modern sunroom furniture












Our fully-upholstered model is not as practical for sunrooms as the exposed-wood models, but with the right fabric it can hold up fairly well, especially if the sun is not directly on the fabric for hours a day. Our Custom 05 model is shown below.

contemporary large sunroom sofas




Since space is often very limited in sunrooms, our armless option (which can go at either end or at both ends of a sofa) can help in providing adequate room for seating and/or stretching-out while using a very minimum of space. The armless sides can go on any of our many sizes of sofas, loveseats and chairs.










green sunroom sectional sofa

In our usual way, we made this sectional to be a perfect fit for this Virginia customer's sunroom.

After it was in place, our customer commented, "We should have done this a long time ago."



To go to the Comfy 1 home page and much more information on our various designs, quality features, sectional sofas, and PRICES (shown in the individual linked pages for each design), click here. Also on that page is a link to our fabric section, which includes information about a wide selection of fabrics that are especially sun-resistant, including the Sunbrella line.