(Please notice that our warranty does not contain the usual exclusions found in our competitors' warranties about “if our inspection determines...,” and only applying to “defects in materials or workmanship,” and only applying if the furniture has been in an undefined "normal home use", etc.. Our seating products are made to take hard use and even abuse, and such things do not void our warranty. Also note that the usual warranty by our competitors requires packing and shipping a couch frame to the manufacturer or to the supplier's distant warehouse, at customer's expense, before the company then decides whether they will repair it; return shipping is also at customer's expense; damage in transit, always a strong possibility, is also not the responsibility of the supplier.

Before purchasing elsewhere, you should be sure to read the other company's warranty, get a current estimate from a reputable shipping company of how much it would cost to ship the sofa to and from the supplier's designated plant -- many hundreds of dollars-- and add in your cost of properly packaging a large, damageable product for shipment (noting that UPS says there should be at least 2" of padding all the way around any product being shipped); include an allowance for damage that could well occur despite your best packaging efforts -- and bear in mind that the shipper (especially the cheaper ones) may not offer any compensation for damage. And bear in mind that, after you have gone to all that trouble and expense, it is then up to the supplier to decide whether the problem results from a defect in materials or workmanship, as opposed to general wear and tear -- in the latter case their warranty normally doesn't require them to do anything about it. And then decide for yourself whether that warranty is really worth anything to you. If you agree with us that the other company's warranty may well be effectively worthless to the customer, consider whether you want to buy from a company that calls something a "warranty" which in fact has no real value to most of its customers.

As an example of deceptiveness in typical companies' warranty presentations: Some companies say they offer a "lifetime" warranty for the sofa, and then you have to look carefully in the fine print (which they will usually not readily let you see until after you have made the purchase) to see that the "lifetime" they are referring to is that of the original fabric cover. When people speak in plain English rather than in deceptive doublespeak, they don't say "lifetime warranty" when referring to a warranty that applies only during the life of the original cover on a sofa.

OUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: For orders below $10,000: If you are not satisfied with any product purchased from us: If you receive it by delivery in our van or truck, just say you want to return it at that time, once you have had a chance to inspect it. If you receive it in cartons as delivered by UPS or trucking company, return it in the original packaging, in unsoiled condition, within seven days. We will then refund everything you paid, including all shipping charges; we will also pay the return shipping charges. If you want a component part replaced, the period for returns will be extended by the time necessary to get that part to you. For orders above $10,000: To have full applicability of the satisfaction guarantee, divide your ordering into batches valued below $10,000 each. Do not expect undersides or insides of our furniture to look neatly finished.

OUR LONG-TERM WARRANTY: We will repair or replace, at no charge, any components of the frames or suspensions of our sofas, loveseats, chairs or sectionals that have a structural problem within ten years after purchase (five years in the case of the FineFit model). We also guarantee that our cushion filling will provide good support for at least ten years after purchase. We will pay for shipping components both ways, when repairing or replacing; and we assume responsibility for any damage in transit.

We can afford to offer such a warranty, so clearly superior to that of most or all of our competitors, partly because we make the furniture well enough that we almost never hear of problems, and also because we make the furniture in the form of components that are easy to unbolt and to ship.

In the very few cases of problems that we have heard about, we have sent a new component before receiving a damaged component back, so that there was little or no period during which the product was not still usable. (Simple installation of the replacement part was done by the by the customer when not local to us.)


Tables and ottomans: These are solidly built but are not constructed so as to withstand serious abuse. Our satisfaction guarantee applies during the first ten days. Beyond that: During the first five years after purchase, if you return a defective component to us, we will repair or replace it and return it to you at no charge unless our inspection finds that the problem resulted from abuse. We would determine abuse only in obvious cases, such as where the solid oak members are broken and shattered. In the latter case, we will repair or replace (at our option) the component and pay to return it to you (in the contiguous United States) for a maximum charge of $35; and we would try to keep the charge as low as possible. (Note that the leg assemblies, which are the only components really subject to damage, are easy to unscrew, becoming flat units which can be packed up and shipped inexpensively.)

Fabric covers should not be normally be removed from the cushions for cleaning; they should be cleaned with upholstery shampoo, while the covers are on the cushions, unless the fabric has been specifically identified on the order form as "washable" (WA) or dry cleanable (P). Velvets and corduroys should only be cleaned professionally. Cushions should be rotated and turned occasionally (or frequently, depending on use; whenever you see signs of a cushion becoming mis-shapen), to distribute wear evenly.

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