Our Chairs, including Wide, Over-sized Chairs, for Heavy Use

Shown below is an oversize chair in our 40" base width (47" at the outsides of the flaired-out armtops), in our Virginia model. We also make heavy-duty chairs in our Florida, California, and New Jersey designs, in this size and also in 28", 31", and 34" base widths (a few inches wider in the Custom 05 model). Any of these can be made with higher backs and in different heights off the floor as well as with any of our other options, including a huge fabric selection, and in a variety of wood stains, as shown on our home page. The stain shown below is our medium russet.

Oversized ChairThis over-size chair is far wider than almost anybody needs for normal seating for one person, but it can serve other purposes as well: (1) a cozy chair for two -- two adults who don't mind (or enjoy) being in contact with each other (see picture below), or for two agreeable small children, or for an adult and a child, or an adult and a pet, (2) a place where a child can sit and have a play area on the same surface, or (3) a loungey chair in which somebody can turn, stretch out and really relax (with extra pillows against one back corner?). Note that, if you want to put pillows at a back corner for leaning against, the arms of the California model and Maryland model are higher and harder than the Virginia model's arms, and thus could provide more upright support when you lean against them.

This extra-wide chair option is found in our price lists under the heading of 40" chair, referring to the width at the outsides of the wood legs. The width of the cushions is 36". The actual overall width at the tops of the arms is 47" with the Virginia model arms (shown), or 40" or 44" on the other two models, depending on whether or not you choose the arm padding.

The Virginia model shown here is one of our more expensive models -- for details about this model and for pricing (near the bottom of the page) go to www.comfy1.com/scandinavian sofa. htm .


oversize chair Maryland

If the "barely enough for two" size of a seat means that two people will touch each other, well ....

that might not be so bad. According to an article in AARP magazine (Jan.-Feb. 2006, p. 46), "a growing body of research confirms... caring touch is remarkably good not only for the body but for the mind and spirit as well. It reduces stress in the most primal of ways, communicating far more deeply than words a sense of concern, comfort, and connection." The article goes on to connect the resulting stress reduction with causing reduction of disease.

As you see, this 40" oversized chair width is adequate for two people who are congenial with each other, even when the optional padded arm wraps are taking up some of the space on one of our models with wood arm tops. There would be two or three additional inches of sittable width (a total of 36") between the arms, (a) if no padded arm wraps were in place, or (b) with any Virginia model chair with this same base width (as shown in the top picture, in which the arm padding only flairs outward).

Our hats are off to one of our customers in Maine for taking and sending these pictures, and to her very cooperative youngsters for helping demonstrate two of the various uses to which this chair can be put. She writes, "We really like the chair.....(it) came on time and went together easily. My husband is very happy with it (it's "his" chair) and the kids like to curl up there."



Shown here, California model chairs in 28" width, with 31"-high back. All of our designs can be made in this width, or in three other standard widths, or in special widths to order. Notice that any of our models with flat, exposed-wood sides (i.e all except the Virginia model) can be ordered with or without the optional padded arm wraps. (The padded arm wraps can also be ordered to be removable.) For details on this model, and pricing (near the bottom of the page) go to www.comfy1.com/contemporary_sofas.htm.




Our Custom 05 model also can be made with any of our height, depth and firmness options. For details and pricing on this model, go to www.comfy1.com/custom_sofa.htm .Our ottomans can be made in any of various sizes and in custom heights. For detail and pricing of this model, go to www.comfy1.com/tablot.htm .








A 6"-higher back (shown here, on a Florida-model chair) is just one of the many variations we offer on our chairs and sofas. However, we seldom sell this particular height, because (as you can see below when a 6'1" person sits on it), it's higher than needed for supporting the shoulders of most people, but not high enough for a headrest except for a shorter person. (We sell more of the 4"-higher and especially the 2"-higher backs, but the standard height is high enough for most people for general sitting; a higher back is often preferred when people want something that's especially relaxing.)


For more information about the Florida model, with prices shown near the bottom of the page, go to www.comfy1.com/florida_sofas.htm.













Shown below: Rear view of a California model chair in the 40" width (44" including the optional padded arm wraps), with some of the creatures who often occupy the rest of the space on one of these chairs, after a large part of the space is taken up by a person.

wide chair California

For prices, go to the web pages for the individual models (see the links above). We don't sell as many chairs as we do sofas, mainly because one of our chairs is a rather expensive place for only one person to sit. In our construction, by far the most costly parts of our furniture to make are the sides and the special joinery for connecting the sides to the front and back rails. And a chair has just as much of this high-cost construction as a sofa. (This construction is important, because it's largely responsible for our furniture's being nearly indestructible, it makes our seating relatively easy and inexpensive to re-cover, and it's necessary for enabling our furniture to be brought into some rooms that are inaccessible to normal furniture.) In the case of our widest chairs, however, this relatively high price does buy a seat for more than just one person.

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