Wood Finishes available on Furniture by Comfy 1

Custom Wood Finishes

To get a better feel for how the various finishes look on furniture, we encourage you to look at all the pictures shown of the various models and sectionals in our website, in which the wood finish is often indicated. And keep in mind that the colors seen on your monitor come across best in a dimly-lit room. Note the following:

1) Our current finishes show the wood grain more prominently than as shown above, but they are still less bold than the way you often see oak furniture. If you prefer it no bolder than above, please specify our "old-type stain."
2) We have added an extra-dark walnut, a big step darker than the Dark Walnut that you see above

First row, left to right:
- Medium Russet
(reddish, similar to the way cherry is often finished)
- Dark Russet
(deeper reddish, similar to dark-stained cherry or mahogany, especially older mahogany)
- Old Teak (
deep orangey reddish brown, blends fairly well with teak that has had a lot of exposure to sunlight)
- Dark Amber
(orangey, similar to many woods that have taken on a patina with age, including natural cherry, oak, and stained pine, as well as newer teak and natural-finished mahogany that have not darkened much.)
- Light Amber
(similar to natural red oak and lightly-stained pine)
- Blonde
(similar to natural white oak that has darkened only a little)

Second Row, left to right:
- Medium Fruitwood
(a fairly neutral medium-dark tone, with a very slight reddish tint, compatible with much walnut or walnut-stained wood)
- Dark Walnut
- Old Ivory
- Light Blonde
(similar to natural beech or hard maple)
- Golden Oak (slightly golden, and between the blonde and light fruitwood in darkness)
Light Fruitwood (a rather neutral, light-medium tone with just a hint of reddish)

Please note: The way these finishes will appear in your home may be somewhat different from what you see here, for various reasons: (1) differences in computers and differences in settings on your monitor versus ours, (2) the amount of light in a particular place in your home, (3) the kind of light in which the furniture is viewed (incandescent, fluorescent, mid-day sunlight, late-day sunlight, etc.), and (4) how the stain takes on individual pieces of wood, as applied in a hand process. In a low-light setting, furniture with any of these finishes will look darker than as seen on this website, or in bright light they would look lighter. If you are particular about the wood color, please (before ordering or when ordering) request sample(s) of whichever one(s) interest you. However, be aware that there will be some variation even between a sample you receive and the actual finished products, given that we are working with real oak wood and with hand-applied finishes. Our variation will be less than that of typical furniture, especially where different pieces of wood come together, but there will still be variation. Excellent uniformity of color can be achieved with paint (see below) but not with wood stains on real oak wood.

All Wood Stained Loveseat

For our painted finishes, we can use any color of water-based (latex) enamel or other water-based paint of your choice. As you see here, we thin it enough to allow not only good penetration into the wood but also allowing the pretty oak grain to show in a subtle way. The light has to be reflecting off the surface of the wood in a certain way for the grain to show up as clearly as it does in this picture. Our normal two coats of polyurethane go on top of the paint, for maximum durability and practicality.


Note the well-rounded edges and corners, which is the way we always do our corners and edges that are exposed to human contact from above or from outside the corner; and compare that treatment (and its safety, especially with kids) with the relatively sharp corners often found on wood furniture.


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